Book 16 Chapter 93 - If You Could Live Again

This was the first time Zhang Ping felt the taste of fear ever since he became the true devil king.

He refused to believe that anyone in this world could face death this peacefully, that there was someone willing to sacrifice themselves to destroy him.

His reincarnation, together with his pride and confidence, they were all shattered by Xuan Yuan.

He didn’t dare to continue fighting.

He turned around to run.

He frantically breathed in the surrounding air, taking oxygen into his lungs. This created shrill noises in the air.

His knees bent. All of his strength was poured into his feet.

His body suddenly disappeared from the sky.

If one’s speed was fast to the point where it exceeded the limits of everyone’s eyes and perception, then it would seem like he disappeared.

Moreover, when one’s speed reached a level no power could reach, then as long as he could maintain this type of speed, then there was no way any power could land on his body.

Zhang Ping was...

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