Book 16 Chapter 92 - Enter Hell Together With the Devil King

Zhang Ping’s body seemed to have become an amalgamation of black bugs. These black bugs would quickly regenerate even if they were blasted to pieces.

Compared to the ‘eternal life’ Zhang Ping granted those Purgatory Mountain elders, Zhang Ping’s body seemed more like an imperishable and everlasting body.

The true power of a devil king mostly came from his body.

Zhang Ping’s body was precisely another trap he set up for Lin Xi.

But when Lin Xi’s sea of extreme cold poured into his body, freezing all of these black bugs within him, Zhang Ping realized that Lin Xi already prepared for this trap ahead of time.

He also knew where Lin Xi obtained his insights from.

The past Ni Henian used his own body to hold extreme cold vital energy. This was how he planned to deal with Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s flames.

Meanwhile, the amount of icy cold vital energy absorbed by Lin Xi’s body while he moved through Frozen God Domain was definitely several times that of Ni Henian.

The cold in Frozen God Domain poured out from his body. His skin was immediately covered in a layer of snow-white frost,...

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