Book 16 Chapter 91 - The Body of the Devil King

The myriad of swords formed a sea. Lin Xi’s neverending swords were powerful beyond the limits of any Sacred Expert in this age.

Zhang Ping moved through these flying swords that covered everything. Countless sharp striking noises immediately sounded on his armor when the vital energy scattered that green rune barrier.

Under the flurry of blades, his armor seemed like it had been eroded under the passage of time. It quickly began to corrode and produce cracks.

Whenever a flying sword cut into his armor, it would produce a spark of blinding radiance. Moreover, an impact that could make even sacred level cultivators cough out blood would pass through his body.

He continuously exhausted his soul force to withstand this type of power. He couldn’t wantonly transfer the world’s vital energies like Lin Xi. His eyes were still filled with hatred, yet his face was extremely calm. He still had absolutely confidence in victory.

“If you couldn’t even break through this set of armor before I kill you, then everything you said previously would have been truly laughable.”

He said this while looking...

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