Book 16 Chapter 89 - Life Is Precisely a Mirror

The army that was ravaged by the giant lizards already lost all of their bravery. They fled in the wastelands in disorder.

The vicious giant lizard army didn’t chase after them either. When Lin Xi spoke, the battlefield already truly began to quiet down.

Zhang Ping looked Lin Xi. His emotionless eyes were filled with hatred. “Why wouldn’t I be able to defeat you?” He looked at Lin Xi and said.

“In our Green Luan Academy’s training valley, I defeated many people, but I was also defeated many times. When we left the training valley, we could try to win against even more formidable figures in the academy, we could even try to defeat Senior Gu Xinyin. This type of victory and defeat is something we are happy to experience.” Lin Xi calmly looked at Zhang Ping and said, “But what about the winning you are talking about? Not even you yourself will feel much joy.”

“A victory founded on the affection between friends?” Zhang Ping’s killing intent gradually increased as he said with a bit of mockery, “You are a Divine General. The entire academy stands by your side. How could I defeat...

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