Book 16 Chapter 88 - It Is You Who Has Always Wanted to Defeat Me

The Divine Elephant Army began to move.

All of the soldiers who followed the Divine Elephant Army also began to move.

But all of the soldiers discovered that not even the footsteps of the great army were as heavy as that of a hundred or so divine elephants.

Everyone sensed the difference with the Divine Elephant Army as soon as the first footsteps were taken.

The footsteps of Tangcang’s Divine White Elephants were already powerful enough, but today, they were even more shocking.

The ground continued to shake.

Many cultivators’ eyelids unknowingly moved up and down with the shaking of the ground beneath their feet.

As the sounds of many giant mallets striking the ground sounded, ear-splitting rupturing noises sounded on these divine elephants’ bodies.

The rupturing noise came from the thick armor covering these giant divine elephants!

Under countless pairs of horrified eyes, the thick armor forged by Purgatory Mountain’s craftsmen actually broke apart from the internal force!

With every step, broken pieces of armor fell...

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