Book 16 Chapter 87 - Expressionless Devil King

Embroidered flame runes covered the backs of these Divine Adjudicators. This was the symbol of Purgatory Mountain’s elders. Moreover, these Divine Adjudicators’ faces were all a bit dried out, a bit pallid in color. This was even more so a sign that they received the devil king’s ‘eternal life’.

That was why all of the chanting Divine Adjudicators all knelt down in reverence upon seeing them walk out.

The sounds of metal moving could be heard.

There were scorching streams that flowed everywhere along with the heavy footsteps.

These Divine Adjudicators kneeling in reverence quickly discovered metal puppets and giant Flame Titans walking out from behind the black drapery. They walked in front of these Divine Adjudicators.

Sounds of gasping sounded across this entire Dragon Snake Mountain Range’s wilderness.

These voices instead came mostly from Zhang Ping’s army. The ones who gasped were all previously Yunqin or Great Mang cultivators.

Apart from...

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