Book 16 Chapter 83 - Farewell Cowardness and Eastern Advance

Within Filial Piety Town, a town that was a day’s journey from Central Continent City, a nobleman’s servant and an ordinary elder were arguing.

This elder had a jujube tree in front of his residence, while the nobleman’s residence was precisely down the same street. When the palanquin moved about, this jujube tree got in the way. That was why this nobleman wanted this tree cut down. However, this tree was personally planted by this elder’s son, and this son had sacrificed his life in Yunqin’s army. This tree possessed significant sentimental value for this elder, so he firmly opposed this.

More and more neighbors gathered around, all of them feeling like the nobleman wasn’t being reasonable. The amount of space this jujube tree occupied wasn’t that much, and it didn’t really block the palanquin from moving through. Cutting down this tree would only make the street seem a bit wider.

The nobleman was precisely in the palanquin behind that servant.

He was a slender, fair-skinned middle-aged man dressed in expensive clothes. At his waist hung a bamboo scabbard longsword. The sword’s handle was like green jade,...

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