Book 16 Chapter 81 - Interesting

A carriage entered Central Continent’s southern outskirts workshop.

Many imperial bodyguards with longswords gathered around this carriage. The closer they got to the workshop’s depths, the more hostility these guards were filled with, but the more they didn’t dare to display their hostility. Their heads were deeply hung, their finger joints turning a bit pale from the force they were clenched with.

The carriage stopped. The Imperial Princess walked out from inside, walked through the heavy layers of curtains and appeared in front of Zhang Ping’s throne.

Zhang Ping already changed into a clean set of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch black robes. He sat on that cold and gloomy soul weapon throne. Even though he absorbed all of those black bugs, his body was instead just as slim as before. His skin also revealed a bit of violet golden luster through its paleness.

The Imperial Princess stood in front of him with her head lowered.

Her lowered head wasn’t out of servitude, but humiliation.

Zhang Ping looked at her coldly, and then expressionlessly said, “I will bring my believers to Dragon Snake Mountain Range and then subdue Great Desolate...

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