Book 16 Chapter 78 - Sword as Arrow

Lin Xi approached Purgatory Mountain. He silently walked towards those smoke shrouded volcanoes.

There were countless active and dormant volcanoes, within them standing many palaces. This was definitely a different scene that he wouldn’t be able to see in his past world.

His sight was already extremely astonishing now. Even from such a great distance, he was able to see many slaves who were almost entirely naked by the border of Purgatory Mountain. They crawled up and down the mountain paths, coming in and out of some mines and workshops like ants. Red robed Divine Adjudicators used iron chains to whip and drive them to do work.

Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators were already extremely few in number. However, there were so many slaves, so many that even his hands were shaking slightly.

In just these few breaths of time where he remained silent, he already saw several areas on the mountain path where the slaves couldn’t continue on. They fell and could not get back up. Then, the red robed Divine Adjudicators would fling out their iron chains and willfully throw them into the lava pits or abandoned mines where there were even more corpses.

Even though there...

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