Book 16 Chapter 77 - War of Beliefs

“So the giant lizard army actually already reached this type of scale...”

While seeing the giant lizard riders that gradually filled their line of sight, Gu Xinyin’s smile gradually receded. He didn’t pay Xu Shengmo’s angry expression any attention either, instead looking at Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others who came over, asking seriously, “How did you all survive?”

When he saw these people who he originally believed to have died, Gu Xinyin’s emotions naturally became extremely complicated. Meanwhile, for Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others, Gu Xinyin’s appearance naturally carried entirely different significance as well.

Gao Yanan showed Gu Xinyin a serious bow. She didn’t immediately reply to Gu Xinyin’s question, instead asking quietly, “How is he?”

Gu Xinyin looked at her calm expression. He was instead the one whose shoulders tightened. He said quietly in a serious manner, “He has gone to Great Mang’s Thousand Devil Nest.”

“This is Huang Houxiao.” Gao Yanan nodded. She turned slightly so that Gu Xinyin could see...

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