Book 3 Chapter 23 - Academy’s Pride and Attitude

Li Wu’s words still didn’t reveal too much, the gloomy stone temple also hiding the changes in expression on Li Wu’s face. However, Lin Xi instead still keenly sensed the severity of his words, feeling like this Internal Study Department senior who had already graduated was definitely not someone normal… Moreover, Li Wu’s tone only carried a heaviness, not a trace of unhappiness. Thus, Lin Xi knew that this Internal Study senior was a heroic figure truly deserving of respect, and right now, he might be in a predicament.

For Vice Principal Xia, Lin Xi was still a child who needed to be cherished, someone who still had to continue down this path filled with high hopes. He could take on a suitable amount of pressure, but he definitely wouldn’t allow this new student to come into contact with too much darkness. That was why the amount of things Lin Xi knew wasn’t too much, and he naturally didn’t know that a day ago, the carriages that set out from Central Continent’s Imperial City already made their way through Four Seasons Plains, arriving at the foot of Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.

At this time, Yan Shaoqing, Government Sector’s number two figure, Feng Qianhan, Justice Sector’s great commander, and Ye Shaofeng, the up and coming young representative of Central Continent Guards, were currently drinking tea in a palace within Green Luan Academy.

This hall was extremely large, the dozen giant vermillion pillars supporting this main hall extremely thick. The green stone bricks covering the ground were like a limitless river, the width and height comparable to a three or four story palace elsewhere, yet in this great hall, there were only a few chairs, making it seem exceptionally spacious.

The tea was made from the pure glaciers of Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, the tea leaves coming from some small leaf cliff tea plants that grew naturally on some of the academy’s precipices. The tea was sweet, beautiful, and clear, together with the figures of some snowy mountains outside the window that carried a bit of a mysterious aura, it made one feel as if this tea and the scenery were naturally and intimately related, as if they expounded upon some type of life philosophy.

Government Sector’s number two figure, Yan Shaoqing had an extremely handsome appearance. If Lin Xi were to see him, he would definitely feel like he looked a bit like the past Zheng Shaoqiu, but this middle-aged man also had a bit of a refined aura of antiquity unique to this world.

On his head was a green government official cap, the square emerald embedded within and the white mandarin duck gazing upon the moon diagram on his green official uniform even more so clearly stating his identity.

His official uniform and imperial boots were a bit stained, but he didn’t seem to notice this at all, this type of calmness making the dirtiness on him instead be overlooked by others, making others instead feel that he was extremely tidy.

Feng Qianhan wore a Great Commander Bright Moon Armor that was woven out of Bright Moon Crystal and black gold threads. Moreover, the half palm-sized crystals covered the surface of his armor and the stitching inside, the extremely powerful black gold threads impossible to see from the outside. Together with the Bright Moon Crystal’s unique white brilliance and the finely carved crescent moon runes, this made the already entirely white Feng Qianhan look like an icy war god dressed in a layer of frost.

He, who had the greatest seniority and experienced countless battles, naturally carried a type of terrifying presence and military ruthlessness was originally the one with the worst temper out of the three here, his temperament the most explosive, but right now, even though his brows were furrowed, the way he sipped his tea was still extremely patient.

The only one who had already lost his patience was the youngest of the three, Ye Shaofeng.

This place wasn’t Central Continent’s Imperial City, he didn’t have the duty of guarding the city, so he could dress casually, yet he still wore a set of White Tiger Armor, the white leather armor wrapping tightly around his sturdy body, drawing out rock-like icy-cold lines. Tiger pattern like runes wrapped around the armor, converging at his head. A war helm that was identical to the head of a tiger covered a larger half of his head, only revealing his young, prestigious, and angered face.

He picked up the teacup, lowered it, and then picked it up again, only to lower it once more. After repeating this several times, he finally couldn’t endure it anymore. He stared into the limits of the green brick floor, at a black-robed lecturer standing next to the door, saying with a sunken voice, “Just when will Vice Principal Xia come?!”

The black-robed lecturer standing by the door had an appearance that looked to be around thirty-six or seven, his figure slim. His hair was bound with a hemp rope, looking a bit dried yellow. Apart from the black robes covering his body, his appearance was just like that of an ordinary villager, extremely ordinary.

When he heard Ye Shaofeng ask this with a sunken voice, this black-robed lecturer’s eyelids didn’t even jump, shaking his head in a manner that wasn’t too rushed or too slow, saying, “I do not know.”

“You don’t know?” This black-robed lecturer’s calm attitude made Ye Shaofeng’s expression immediately turn even more icy-cold. He looked at this black-robed lecturer, saying with a cold voice, “Isn’t your Green Luan Academy just putting on a bit too much airs? We already waited a day of time, just how much longer do you wish for us to wait? You have to understand that it isn’t us who wish to see your academy’s people, what we represent is the decree of the current emperor!”

When he heard these words, Yan Shaqing instead smiled inwardly, knowing that there really was a generation gap between Central Continent’s young guards and the rest of them. Moreover, after residing in Imperial City for a long time, even though he knew that Green Luan Academy was worth respecting, he still naturally lacked a share of respect, which was why he didn’t truly understand why Green Luan Academy was so proud, or for what reason they could remain proud. These words, in Green Luan Academy, really seemed a bit laughable, but he also understood that the reason Zhou Shoufu arranged for Ye Shaofeng to come to Green Luan Academy was precisely to let this vigorous new wave pick up the respect they ought to have, moreover let this new wave understand the academy’s true pride and strength. Thus, he remained clear-headed the entire time, only listening with interest, not speaking a word.

Feng Qianhan’s thoughts were even more simple. This type of stupid and overbearing youngster deserved to be taught a lesson, so he instead only released a heavy snort, adding to Ye Shaofeng’s anger.

“Those are your own affairs.” Just like Yan Shaoqing predicted, this villager-like, extremely ordinary black-robed lecturer didn’t bat an eyelid, still speaking in a way that wasn’t too fast or too slow.

“What did you say?!”

Ye Shaofeng’s body suddenly shook, his expression immediately turning pale. He already used the emperor’s name, yet the other party instead remained completely unmoved, not even paying the emperor’s decree any attention?

“Could it be that you don’t even place the current emperor in your eyes?” He stared straight at this black-robed lecturer, just unable to understand where the other party’s arrogance and pride came from.

The dry yellow-haired, ordinary faced black-robed lecturer raised his head slightly. He gave Ye Shaofeng a look, his eyes completely filled with indifference and mockery. “Even if the emperor himself personally came, whether or not an audience is to be granted is completely up to Vice Principal Xia’s decision, could it be that you wish to make this decision? That is why whether or not he wishes to meet with you all, it is up to him. Meanwhile, whether or not you all wish to wait, this is precisely your own matter.”

Ye Shaofeng was first shocked, and then he became furious. He suddenly stood up, his gaze like blades as he stared at this black-robed lecturer. “You truly are daring! Don’t tell me that your intention is that not even the current emperor is as respected as Vice Principal Xia?!”

“How you all think is up to you, it has nothing to do with me.” Once again, the black-robed lecturer didn’t even bat an eyelid, speaking in a manner which was neither servile nor overbearing.

After a slight pause, the black-robed lecturer still didn’t give Ye Shaofeng a single look. “Moreover, you are only a Central Continent guard leader, you can go back and order around your people in Central Continent’s guards, but you are not someone from the academy, you cannot order me to do anything. Just like right now, my job is simply to wait here, if I am unwilling, I can completely choose to not say anything to you.”

When they heard the black-robed lecturer’s words, Yan Shaoqing and Feng Qianhan both inwardly sighed. The two of them understood that to begin with giving them a cold shoulder here, was precisely an attitude the academy expressed extremely clearly. Moreover now, it seemed like the academy’s attitude was much more forceful than they had even anticipated. This meant that they would likely have to wait many more days.

Moreover, what left them feeling the most helpless was that they knew that the first reply the academy would give them would definitely be a refusal, but for the sake of receiving this reply from the academy, they still waited, and then they had to wait again for the following mediation.

However, Ye Shaofeng didn’t understand this, he still believed that since they came with Yunqin Emperor’s decree, then green Luan Academy had to immediately receive it… that was why right now, when he heard the black-robed lecturer’s words, he immediately erupted into a great rage, fiercely taking a step out. While looking at this black-robed lecturer who he found incredibly presumptuous, he said with a stern voice, “Then if I wish to fight with you right now, will that be something between me and you?”

“This will indeed be something between the two of us.” The black-robed lecturer was momentarily distracted, and then immediately afterwards, he looked straight at Ye Shaofeng, asking with a calm and indifferent voice, “However, I am only a Statecraft Department lecturer, my strength among all of the lecturers in Green Luan Academy close to the bottom. Do you truly wish to fight with me?”

Ye Shaofeng instead laughed out of extreme anger. “In this academy, even if you really aren’t a match, there is no way I would truly seriously injure you. Moreover, even if it is a senseless battle, it will still be much more comfortable than waiting here.”

This extremely ordinary looking black-robed lecturer shook his head, a hint of an expression of mockery appearing at the corners of his lips. He also felt it was beneath him to say any more, only waving his sleeves, making a ‘come at me’ gesture.

Ye Shaofeng’s body bent slightly, first giving this black-robed lecturer a greeting, and then he didn’t say anything else either. The runes on his White Tiger Armor all released dazzling white light, and then his figure rushed out like a brightly colored fierce tiger in the great hall, instantly arriving in front of the black-robed lecturer. There was no technique at all, only an overbearing kick descended from above, trampling down towards this black-robed lecturer’s head.

Yunqin was an empire that revered military skill, worshipped the courageous. That was why after the initial display of etiquette, as soon as the battle began, taking down the enemy became the objective.

Meanwhile, the other party’s previous attitude already completely infuriated him. That was why as soon as Ye Shaofeng took action, he didn’t hold back at all. Under his stomp, a crazy gale erupted, making the clothes on the black-robed lecturer’s body flutter intensely.

This stomp could be said to be ferocious to the extreme. Moreover, the moment Ye Shaofeng’s foot stomped down, his other leg already bent slightly, ready to deliver a kick at any time, completely ready to deal with any follow up movements from the black-robed lecturer.

However, his pupils instead immediately contracted. It was because when facing this extremely ferocious stomp, this black-robed lecturer didn’t have any intentions of dodging. He only raised his head in the crazy wind, slightly narrowing his eyes.


The black-robed lecturer’s body curved slightly, and then he suddenly straightened his body. He actually used his own right shoulder to forcibly take on Ye Shaofeng’s trample that was enough to crush stone and break armor!

Yellow light and white light erupted from his shoulder. Following a tremendous noise, his body sunk under the tremendous force, the green bricks under his feet completely shattered, both of his feet entering the green brick rubble. His face also immediately became a bit more pale, but at the same time, even greater pride and ridicule appeared on his face. Both his hands actually grabbed the foot Ye Shaofeng stepped down on his body with, and then took hold of it firmly. Then, with a ferocious turn of his body, his legs rushed into the air. Like a rabbit that was grabbed by a falcon, he used all of his strength, both his feet kicking outwards, smashing into the sole of Ye Shaofeng’s other foot!

When one foot stomped down on the black-robed lecturer’s shoulder, Ye Shaofeng’s other foot was already kicking towards the black-robed lecturer’s face. The difference between his cultivation and the black-robed lecturer’s didn’t seem to be that great, one foot already wounded this black-robed lecturer. However, when the black-robed lecturer’s feet rushed out, pressing against the soles of his feet, his expression instantly became extremely pale as well, feeling bone fracturing noises sounding from the groin area of that leg, that entire leg almost losing feeling.

Meanwhile, in Yan Shaoqing and Feng Qianhan’s eyes, Ye Shaofeng’s attack was originally a tiger stomping down, but at this moment, it instead became the black-robed lecturer viciously tearing apart his body.

Under a tremendous noise, Ye Shaofeng backed up, landing on the ground, the intense pain from the sole of his feet and groin making it completely impossible for him to stand back up. However, the black-robed lecturer wasn’t sent flying. The moment his legs stamped viciously against the soles of Ye Shaofeng’s feet, his hands already seemed to have become eagle claws, tearing viciously at the foot Ye Shaofeng aimed at his face.

While bearing this tearing force, he instead threw himself over with his entire body, rolling over, still sticking to Ye Shaofeng’s body.

His right shoulder was already hanging down, the strike just now also already worsening his arm’s condition, losing fighting strength. However, his left hand’s forefinger and middle finger were instead already straight like a blade, jabbing into Ye Shaofeng’s throat.

“Please be lenient!”

When they saw this scene, the expressions of Yan Shaoqing and Feng Qianhan who originally only intended to watch this scene play out with amusement changed greatly, crying out in alarm.

They clearly understood that every single lecturer in the academy had their own arrogance, all of them having powerful strength the outside world didn’t understand. However, they still never expected this black-robed lecturer’s actions to be fierce to this degree.

The black-robed lecturer’s two fingers pressed against Ye Shaofeng’s throat, and then his entire body curled backwards, rolling back in a rather unattractive manner. Only after rolling more than ten times along the ground like a sphere, did he get back up.

Meanwhile, Ye Shaofeng’s body was completely rigid as he laid on the ground. On his throat were two faint red fingerprints. In his throat, there was a thick bloodiness that was surging.

This black-robed lecturer’s cultivation wasn’t all that astonishing, about the same as Ye Shaofeng’s, both of them had high stage Soul Master cultivation.

When Soul Masters of similar levels fought,  it should be extremely difficult to break through their defenses before either side’s soul force was exhausted too heavily. However, just like Xu Shengmo told Lin Xi and all of the other new students in the first class, the human body had many weak points. Even when both sides were Soul Masters , the throat was precisely one of these weak points, unable to stop the jab of two solid fingers.

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