Book 16 Chapter 75 - World Battle

The people of the world watched as the world was flooded. Roads were swept through, farmland was submerged. As the rain continued, everyone couldn’t help but wonder if this rain would never end.

But this wasn’t what many high level cultivators were worried about.

It was because even though they didn’t know why this unprecedented torrential rain happened, they were able use their powerful perceptions to sense that the water content in the air was definitely lessening. That was why this rain was still going to come to a stop in the end.

While Zhang Ping fully expressed his loathing and callousness towards this word, the Imperial Princess left the carriage and walked into Central Continent City. She entered the throne room and gathered the cabinet, starting to clean up the chaotic royal court.

The Imperial Princess’ appearance triggered great alarm.

The officials who didn’t know what was happening thought that the Imperial...

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