Book 16 Chapter 74 - Laughable or Beautiful World

This violent rainstorm swept through the entire world.

Central Continent City also experienced a torrential rain.

An intense dispute was currently happening within a certain remote alley in this city.

A pale skinned fatty dressed in luxurious black silk robes had a hand over his nose, in disgust towards the sewage smell coming from the street gutters.

The one in conflict with him was a slim, red robed man.

Under this great rain, a religion that worshipped the devil king began to spread news of doomsday. They said that this rain was precisely a punishment cast over the people due to their disrespect towards the devil king. They preached that all people were full of evil, that only if they worshipped the devil king, would they receive the devil king’s protection and be permitted to survive.

This silk black robed white skinned fatty was precisely one of this religion’s preachers. Meanwhile, that red robed man who argued fiercely against him came from a different religion.

This religion believed that no one could save one but themselves, that only by getting rid of the evil within one’s...

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