Book 16 Chapter 73 - Following Clues

Rain began to fall in the endless sea of sand. Sanskrit Temple experienced rainfall, all of Tangcang experienced rainfall.

Countless water droplets poured down from the sky, pouring down on that large buddha head and washing away the sand and dirt. Countless Tangcang people walked out of their homes to show gratitude towards the heavens for this blessing.

In Sanskrit Temple, as the rain trickled down the large buddha’s faces, it looked as if this large buddha was weeping in compassion.

Zhen Pilu and Yun Hai were currently walking by the edge of Quicksand City’s river to investigate the situation with the canals under this type of downpour. They still didn’t know what happened in the endless sea of sand, but Tangcang Ancient Country has always been a country that had a shortage of water. This type of torrential downpour had never happened in Tangcang Country, let alone in the endless ocean of sand that never experienced any rainfall.

That was why Zhen Pilu and Yun Hai’s eyes were also full of radiance. They also firmly believed that this was a type of omen.

In the distant Great Mang, in the similarly arid Purgatory Mountain, it also began to rain.

Even Sky Devil Prison Plains began to rain.

Sky Devil Prison Plains occasionally experienced some geysers, but the flames, lava and hot smoke would immediately disperse the bit of water content that would appear. That was why Sky Devil Prison Plains were just like the endless sea of sand, never experiencing any rainfall.

Large amounts of icy raindrops were an absolute disaster for Sky Devil Prison Plains.

Sky Devil Prison Plain’s scalding hot ground and mountain rock cracked apart when the hot and cold clashed, sending fragments flying everywhere. Many bridge-like volcanic rock and mountain ridges revealed cracks, even breaking down into chunks.

When the ice-cold water entered the fiery hot lava, it wouldn’t produce a blast of white mist, but rather formed lava bubbles that swelled and then popped. They released explosive sounds like miniature bombs.

This was only the beginning.

An even greater disaster was that as more raindrops fell, some of the rock surface became cold and hard. These hard rock surfaces would then start accumulating water, this water traveling through the cracks. The water gradually increased in temperature, and then rushed into the lava flow, even entering some volcanic cracks, entering these volcanoes’ depths.

The large amounts of steam caused the lava to rush about crazily, even causing some volcanoes to erupt.

It was as if judgment day arrived. Many volcanoes released huge pillars of smoke. Lava gushed high up into the sky and then scattered down endlessly.

The volcanic ash that filled the sky turned into a black rain. This black rain were conical chunks of hardened lava.

It was just like a meteor shower, like an aerial bombardment. Volcanic rock fell everywhere.

For Purgatory Mountain’s Divine Adjudicators and slaves, this disaster was even more real.

Most of the Divine Adjudicators who survived that incomparable battle and the newly recruited Divine Adjudicators drove large amounts of Purgatory Mountain slaves into this doomsday-like Sky Devil Prison Plains.

Many red robed Divine Adjudicators and slaves died in the lava, they died under the suddenly erupting geysers, under the scorching steam and poisonous air.

Those who survived continued to press forward. Most of them had no idea why they would enter this type of Sky Devil Prison Plains without any regard for the casualties. Only after they saw the red robed Divine Adjudicators who received them, did they realize that there were always some Divine Adjudicators Zhang Ping trusted roaming about in these Sky Devil Prison Plains depths.

Their current task was precisely to urgently send out some things, as well as to do what they can to protect some places from being destroyed by this calamity.

Normally, Sky Devil Prison Plains was just like Frozen God Domain, similarly vast beyond belief. Even though they knew that there might be the secrets of the devil king here, even though they knew that there were Divine Adjudicators here, those hundred or so newly arrived Divine Adjudicators felt like they were a small boat in a raging sea. They didn’t know where they would end up in Sky Devil Prison Plains, they had no idea where they were.

However, because the transport of certain goods and protection over a certain area was too urgent, the number of Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators and slaves was ten times more than before. The miserable screams of their members before their deaths and the corpses that couldn’t be completely destroyed carved out a path that could be followed.

A pair of eyes was staring at a certain red robed Divine Adjudicator troop.

These eyes belonged to Mu Shanzi.

His clothes had long been covered in filth. Together with the black rain that poured down from above, he looked just like another ordinary chunk of rock here.

After following these Divine Adjudicators that suffered severe casualties, he finally saw an inconceivable scene.

He saw that under this disaster, many of these Divine Adjudicators were urging the slaves to complete a project.

A several layered rock dam was being built, many deep grooves even dug out around it. All of this was to allow the rain to flow past this rock dam and into the surrounding valley.

He saw a huge face within the lava and valley.

Many of the red robed Divine Adjudicators were standing precisely on that giant human face. They were working hard to fish something out, and then urging men to send it back out.

Mu Shanzi didn’t know that this was precisely where Zhang Ping obtained the inheritance of the past devil king. However, as he was overwhelmed with shock and secretly spied for a long time, he finally became certain that these red robed Divine Adjudicators were only worried that a certain resource beneath that giant face would be cut off. They were doing their best to salvage something. Then, he thought of Lin Xi, thought of a certain possibility.

Mu Shanzi wasn’t the only youngster from Green Luan Academy in Sky Devil Prison Plains.

Wen Xuanyu was also still alive.

The reason why he was still alive wasn’t because his luck was great, that he never encountered any true dangers in Sky Devil Prison Plains, but rather because he already spent a long time within a certain dormant volcano.

In a place like Sky Devil Prison Plains, if you stayed in a single safe place without moving, as long as there was enough food and drinking water, then there obviously wouldn’t be too high of a chance of dying.

The dormant volcano he was in had firethorn plants growing on it, these firethorn plants having many red fruits. These fruits that were a bit sour, but could be eaten, allowed him to hold on for many days.

On the other side of a valley flowing with lava was a volcano of even lower elevation than the one he was currently in.

Inside this volcano were also many strange fruits, and it wasn’t only a single type like the one he was in.

But there was no way a source of food would be enough for him to stay here for so long.

What made him stop here for so long was that there was a massive figure always towering in front of the opposing volcano.

Flame Titan!

This type of giant humanoid beast who possessed astonishing strength was shrouded in mysteries, regardless of whether it was their lifespans or why they obeyed Zhang Ping.

If he could learn some of these mysteries, then he might be able to turn them against Zhang Ping. That was why when he noticed that strange fluorescence by the volcano, noticed the existence of that Flame Titan that night, he continued to stay here all this time, observing this Flame Titan’s behavior.

This continuous rainstorm also left Wen Xuanyu in complete shock.

He didn’t know why Sky Devil Prison Plains would change so greatly, but what was even more shocking was that this Flame Titan seemed to find the rainwater unbearable. He left that volcanic crater and instead headed to an active volcano in the distance that was surging with smoke.

Under the continuous erosion of the rainwater, that volcanic crater’s dirt was also washed again and again.

However, he noticed that this volcano was different from the volcano he was at. The dirt was actually only a layer thin.

The dirt and plants that were swept away immediately revealed a white, dead tree like color.

Then, he saw that those were all types of dried bones!

His breathing immediately stopped.

Then, he understood why there were countless specks of fluorescence that night in that volcano.

He then saw just how massive those bones were. Moreover, within those endless dried bones were even several platforms made from black and red rock.

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