Book 16 Chapter 72 - Sand Falls, Buddha Emerges

The violent rainstorm continued. Nangong Weiyang quickly recovered from her initial shock.

She looked at the levitating Lin Xi. Even without sensing Lin Xi’s aura, she was already certain that Lin Xi’s cultivation realm far exceeded that of the past Purgatory Mountain Patriarch in front of Thousand Leaf Pass.

Every cultivator knew that only only those who had already traveled far along the Sacred Master path could levitate in the air through their own soul force.

This was something she expected. That was why she only gave Lin Xi a look, and then she nodded in Green Luan Palace’s direction. “Why did this happen?”

Lin Xi landed, saying with a complicated expression, “That thing has disappeared. Green Luan Palace is no more as well.”

Nangong Weiyang’s breathing stopped momentarily. She then asked a similar question, “Why did that happen?”

“It might be because of me that made that energy lose balance.” Lin Xi became silent for a moment, and then he said, “This type of thing is like a black hole in space. It is hard to understand why stars appear and disappear to begin with.”

Nangong Weiyang raised her head.

She didn’t know what black holes were, but she knew stars. She raised her head, but she could only see a violent downpour. She couldn’t see the stars in the sky above, but she agreed with what Lin Xi said. Who knew why stars took form and why they disappeared?

That thing completely disappeared. It was as if the door into another world was now completely shut. The legend of the ‘Divine General’ now ceased to be in this world. But since Lin Xi already decided to bid his past world farewell, Nangong Weiyang wouldn’t feel like the closing of this door was something bad.

“Seems like we’ll need to make a boat.”

Gu Xinyin’s voice sounded.

Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang lowered their heads to look beneath them.

The ice surface that was full of holes was already starting to drown under the water. The accumulated water already reached above their feet.

Many of the glaciers in their line of sight began to collapse. Most of the ice in Frozen God Domain was covered in dust, making them a dirty ash blue color. But after all of the ice and snow melted into water, the water instead seemed clean, becoming an azure blue.

Lin Xi became a bit more serious as well. He nodded and said, “It’ll probably be easier to return to Heaven Ascension Mountain Range if we add a sail.”

The power created by the clashing vital energy in the extreme north was shocking. It even temporarily changed the entire climate of Frozen God Domain.

Extremely humid winds blew in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.

Within a certain Heaven Ascension Mountain Range snowy valley, the young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator Qi Lianmo and his subordinates raised their heads. They saw the fine snow that was drifting through the air become water droplets.

In the beginning, Qi Lianmo, this Divine Adjudicator Zhang Ping appreciated, didn’t find this too strange.

Lin Xi and the others had already disappeared into Frozen God Domain for too long. It was already summer.

Almost every cultivator in this world already firmly believed that not many people could survive for this long in an extremely harsh environment like Frozen God Domain. This was really the case as well. Without Principal Zhang’s guidance, without that warm lake where they could recover their strength, no Sacred Experts in this world could last this long in Frozen God Domain.

That was why even though he still carried out Zhang Ping’s orders faithfully, waiting in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, just like most cultivators in this world, Qi Lianmo felt like Lin Xi already died in Frozen God Domain a long time ago.

The summer climate was a bit warmer. In his opinion, the fine snow becoming fine rain was completely normal.

However, his feeling of unease only grew.

The air seemed to become more and more moist.

From the initial hazy watery mist, it became a drizzle. Eventually, it turned into a torrential rainstorm.

The torrential rainstorm continued for many days without any sign of stopping.

They obviously needed to move out of this valley they originally used to shield against the wind and cold. Qi Lianmo and his dozens of subordinates relocated to a higher cliff.

As the violent rainstorm continued, Qi Lianmo’s expression didn’t change much. He still looked indifferent and dignified in the eyes of his subordinates. But inside, fear and shock were growing steadily.

He looked towards Four Seasons Plains. All of Four Seasons Plains was also enveloped under a continuous snowstorm. What left him most shocked was that the snowy peaks at the highest points of Heaven Ascension Mountain Range also melted, the snowline retreating upwards.

Many places covered in white snow already revealed the color of rock.

Every day, river-like torrents swept through Heaven Ascension Mountain Range’s valleys and rushed towards Four Seasons Plains.

Regardless of whether it was the visual impact of this flood’s momentum or the fact that there were even more torrential sounds from far in the distance, it made his hands covered under his robes tremble endlessly.

Even the eternally unmelting ice and snow in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range began to melt… this was definitely not something normal at all.

The flood swept through most roads in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.

Several rivers formed between Four Seasons Plains and Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, forming lakes of varying sizes.

Meanwhile, some grass that never would have appeared in this type of place covered what used to be a wasteland of permafrost.

The connection between Qi Lianmo and some other Purgatory Mountain camps in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range was also temporarily cut short. Even scavenging for food became extremely difficult, provisions becoming scarce.

The dozens of followers were all here to serve Qi Lianmo, so he naturally didn’t lack food. However, under day after day of increasing psychological pressure, his complexion became a dry yellow color, his cheek bones also protruding a bit as he lost weight.

After finishing his tent, Qi Lianmo came outside to look at the sky. As he watched these neverending raindrops descend, it became hard for him to control his emotions.

Why in the world was this rain still falling?!

Just how much longer is it going to fall?

He began to think back to his previous life in Purgatory Mountain, how all of the disciples longed for rain. After a rare rain in Purgatory Mountain, there wouldn’t be so much dust, the air would also become a bit more fresh. Some of the pungent smell would also disappear.

But only now did he realize that when it rained this much, it could also place one on the brink of collapse.

Qi Lianmo already couldn’t stand this, to the extent where he wanted to tear the rain tarp to shreds. Suddenly, the Flame Titan in the tent next to his released a low roar. The heat its body released seemed to have set the entire tent on fire, burning up the droplets of rain that landed on it and creating blasts of white steam.

Qi Lianmo stood up in disbelief.

The moment he stood up, that tent outside the Flame Titan’s body also truly began to burn. It ignited like a paper lantern, revealing the Flame Titan’s stalwart figure.

The Flame Titan’s massive body instantly moved through the rain tarp and charged crazily up the cliff.

Qi Lianmo raised his head. His breathing instantly stopped.

On that huge rock several dozen steps away from this Flame Titan, calmly stood four black robed figures.

The four of them all held umbrellas.

The umbrellas were extremely crude like sails, but they could shield them from the rain.

The Flame Titan’s strength was above that of a normal Sacred Expert. There already weren’t that many people left in this world who had the power to kill a Flame Titan alone. However, Qi Lianmo saw that while facing this mini volcano like Flame Titan, only one out of the four raised their head to give this Flame Titan a look.

With just a single look, countless energies that Qi Lianmo didn’t feel belonged to this world separated from his body.

The Flame Titan’s roars instantly stopped.

The tremendous power crushed its body until it suddenly stopped moving. The flames and steam coming out of its body rushed out behind it in a long line, as if a candle’s flame suddenly faced a crazy gale and was about to go out.

The raindrops between that person and the Flame Titan suddenly disappeared, all of them battering the Flame Titan’s body.

Every single raindrop released the sound of a pillar smashing into the ground.

It was as if countless massive pillars rammed into a wall.

The Flame Titan’s massive body shot backwards at once. It crashed into the ground with a rumbling noise, crushing many tents behind Qi Lianmo.

Qi Lianmo received some of Zhang Ping’s teachings, but against this type of power that far exceeded the Sacred Expert level, he couldn’t even gather the fighting spirit to face this opponent.

Only after a gasp that once again brought air into his lungs, his body coughing continuously from the indisposed feeling, did he clearly see those four’s appearance.

When he saw the face of the one who defeated that Flame Titan without even moving a muscle, his body began to shudder uncontrollably.

The white clothed monk Xuan Yuan wandered within an endless sea of sand.

His eyes were already like wilted flowers, lacking water content.

He was just like an insignificant speck compared to the endless world of sand around him.

However, the expression on his face remained resolute, his firm will was truly moving.

This was his cultivation, as well as where the hope of Sanskrit Temple lied.

Only by finding the source of Sanskrit Temple, only by deciphering the earliest methods, would they have a chance of carrying out the most fundamental transformation.

He could already sense that he was approaching the aura he sought. He just lacked one final opportunity.

Right at this time, he suddenly sensed a lot of moisture in this extremely dry world.

His wilted eyes suddenly shone. His body quickly sucked in the moisture, even making it form a vortex around him.

His skin recovered its luster, his eyes became full and bright again.

He saw that the moisture became stronger and stronger. The skies above the endless sea of sand gradually dimmed, becoming covered by dark clouds for the first time.

A great rain poured down.

This endless sea of sand welcomed its first rain after hundreds of thousands of years.

The rainwater swept through the sand. The sand became damp. Water mixed with sand began to flow about.

As the streams flowed, some areas caved in. Some of the sand dunes were washed away.

Xuan Yuan stood in place without moving.

His body sunk downwards. However, the sand that ensnared him was also washed away by the water.

The ocean of sand before him was changing.

Splendid buddha radiance revealed itself from within the sludge.

As if a sunken boat finally returned to the surface, a massive buddha head appeared from this sea of sand.

This white clothed monk revealed a gentle and kind smile.

The opportunity he had been seeking and waiting for finally appeared.

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