Book 16 Chapter 71 - North’s Rainstorm

In the earliest instructions Principal Zhang gave Lin Xi, he called those large sword-like fiend beasts in the warm lake Sword Spirits.

In his opinion, these white fiend beasts who didn’t possess much intelligence, who would live in harmony with cultivators after discovering that they wouldn’t threaten their homeland, were quite the interesting creatures. In the time he spent between warm lake and Green Luan Palace, he even found these Sword Spirits rather adorable.

Just like before, these Sword Spirits packed this place. Before entering the warm lake and eating, these fiend beasts who didn’t possess much intelligence first gave Lin Xi and the others a look out of habit.

Even though there were no eyes to be seen on their bodies, the skin covering their entire bodies could perceive like eyes.

They quickly realized that Lin Xi and the others’ figures already disappeared from the warm lake’s surroundings.

Apart from them, there were no other signs of activity in this entire warm lake.

They immediately entered the purest state of joy. Even higher splashes were made when they jumped into the warm lake.

At the same time, in a certain Frozen God Domain region that was already far away from the warm lake, there was a bridge of light that was currently shining.

The bridge of light was made between Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi.

This extremely pure and brilliant light was naturally what the cultivation world knew as Radiance. Only, this radiance wasn’t released by Lin Xi. Endless pure wisps of light poured out from Nangong Weiyang’s body and into Lin Xi’s.

The bright wisps of light gradually faded. The bridge of light disappeared. In the end, only the two of them were left.


Because of the excessive brilliance, Nangong Weiyang who instead looked a bit darker thought for a bit, and then she said this to Lin Xi.

Lin Xi widened his eyes in shock.

He couldn’t help but walk up to Nangong Weiyang and reach out a hand to touch Nangong Weiyang’s forehead.

Nangong Weiyang didn’t evade Lin Xi’s hands. If she only simply separated the things of this world into things she liked and loathed, Lin Xi’s action didn’t draw her disgust. She only looked at Lin Xi whose hand retracted and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Did you get sick…” Lin Xi said in a bit of a distressed manner, “Even if there was still a need for thanks between us, it was clearly your Radiance that helped me recover. The one who should be saying thank you is me, so what are you thanking me for?”

Nangong Weiyang’s expression didn’t change much. She calmly said, “Radiance, this method isn’t all that hard to learn, it’s just that it doesn’t feel that good to use. You’ve treated my injuries countless times before. Of course there’s no need for me to say thanks since you’ve saved me so many times, but the feeling of using this Radiance really isn’t great… so I still couldn’t help but say thanks.”

Lin Xi stared blankly for a bit, and then he said with a sigh, “Sometimes, I really do wonder if you are some type of robot.”

Nangong Weiyang frowned. “What kind of nonsense is this now?”

Lin Xi said with a smile, “It’s just some words of praise.”

Nangong Weiyang shot Lin Xi a look. “Why do I feel like there’s something else?”

Gu Xinyin also laughed. “Your mood seems to be pretty good.” He looked at Lin Xi and said with a smile, “You’re already healed up?”

Lin Xi looked at Gu Xinyin whose face was a bit excessively pale, even having bits of frostbite on his face, seriously nodding his head.

He didn’t say anything else. He walked out alone, creating a bit of distance between Nangong Weiyang, Gu Xinyin and Qin Xiyue. Then, he stood still with his eyes closed.

The instant he closed his eyes, an aura that would make even Sacred Experts tremble was released from his body. The ice and snow beneath his feet released a light crack noise. Even the extreme cold that permeated Frozen God Domain seemed to have sensed fear, leaving his body’s vicinity.

Lin Xi calmly perceived his mind.

In his world of perception, that green ‘roulette’ already became a small chunk that lacked corners. He almost couldn’t even sense its existence anymore.

He already told Nangong Weiyang before that Priest Hall’s Radiance wasn’t hard for them to learn, it was just that there was never a need for it since they were already so strong. Moreover, Lin Xi greatly respected those Priest Hall elders, so he always respected Priest Hall’s wishes. Even if this Radiance already changed a bit under his hands, he still didn’t pass it onto anyone else.

But since Yunqin’s Priest Hall already no longer existed and Zhang Ping’s strength would also inevitably grow, he needed to walk further ahead of Zhang Ping.

Just like Principal Zhang said, he was indeed fortunate.

Not only did he have a ‘fellow townsman’ like Principal Zhang, he also had companions like Nangong Weiyang and Gu Xinyin.

“It’s about time to settle things.”

When he sensed his current strength, sensed this ‘roulette’ fragment that was about to completely disappear, he took a deep breath. He once again threw his consciousness at this green ‘roulette’ in a suicidal manner.

A great rumbling noise sounded.

Everything around him shook. Endless ice and snow rushed about under the power of his body. The power was extremely great, as if there were countless sacred level flying ice swords.

The vital energy that fell from the sky once again became something like a giant pillar, blasting open a several meters deep hole beneath him that continuously widened.

Even though Nangong Weiyang, Gu Xinyin and Qin Xiyue had already prepared themselves, hiding behind a glacier, the endless ice and snow that roared about, as well as the terrifying vital energy that descended from the skies still made the expressions of all three of them change.

The natural vital energy that descended from the sky seemed to be greater than any instance Lin Xi had experienced before, even more massive, even more terrifying.

Lin Xi released a muffled groan.

His brain was still like before, the pain feeling as if he was randomly hacked by countless blades. His mind was seriously injured. However, he didn’t immediately faint like the previous times, entering a state of death-like unconsciousness.

Moreover, he could even sense that under the unending torrent of external vital energy, he didn’t reach a breaking point of collapse like the last few times. Instead, he might really break apart.

He immediately reacted.

His mind suddenly broke through under this instance of cultivation, making it so that these injuries couldn’t send him straight into a near death state of consciousness. His soul force still continued to flow, causing external vital energy to continuously pour into his body.

In this brief instant, he promptly responded, cutting off his own soul force flow.

The external vital energy’s link to his body was completely severed. This formless pillar of energy that descended from the skies suddenly collapsed and disappeared, making his body that had been slammed into the ground instead rise with the rising energy. He immediately flew several dozen meters into the air.

Nangong Weiyang, Gu Xinyin and Qin Xiyue didn’t even have time to feel shock over this scene.

The instant the connection between the pillar of energy formed from terrifying vital energy and Lin Xi was cut off, the skies in the extreme north suddenly trembled.

This rumbling made the entire Frozen God Domain tremble. Almost all of the glaciers immediately produced countless cracks.

A type of terrifying aura spread throughout the world. Nangong Weiyang and the others felt as if even the sky was splitting.

In the distant warm lake, those white Sword Spirits sensed danger before the skies began to tremble. All of these fiend beasts who didn’t possess much intelligence fled towards the warm lake in incomparable fear, wishing to hide themselves in the lake water’s depths.

The white Sword Spirits in the back pushed the other Sword Spirits closer to the front, all of them stuck together as they poured into the lake.

A great rumbling noise and terrifying crazy winds attacked from Green Luan Palace’s direction, sweeping through most of the white Sword Spirits who didn’t even have enough time to jump into the lake water.

Countless avalanches sounded from many massive glaciers.

Some white Sword Spirits who made their way into the lake’s mud shuddered all over. Eventually, they felt the pressure on their bodies ease a bit, but afterwards, they were even more horrified to find that most of warm lake’s waters had been swept up by a terrifying gate. Even more power that left them terrifying moved about high in the sky.

The soul force in Lin Xi’s body poured out. His figure shockingly stabilized in the sky, almost floating in the air.

He understood what was going on. He couldn’t help but look in Green Luan Palace’s direction.

The crazy winds first swept over.

Several water droplets scattered down on his body.

This extremely cold Frozen God Domain actually began to rain.

The extreme cold was dispelled. The glaciers that had never changed for tens of millions of years were blasted full of holes by the sudden rain.

What followed were the rumbling sounds of the distant heavens.

Within this unimaginable rain, he shouldn’t have been able to see anything else. However, the instant that green roulette completely disappeared from his body, the instant the unique link was completely severed, he instantly produced a unique reaction with the heart of the distant Green Luan Palace.

His mind now already fully recovered his ability to think. There were clear scenes that appeared in his head.

He ‘saw’ that icy blue whirlpool that remained fixed in place suddenly contract into an extremely fine point. Then, it completely caved in and collapsed, silently vanishing in the air.

Endless air and vital energy were drawn over through the air, clashing in the area where that icy blue shining whirlpool disappeared, creating a huge burst of power.

This wave of power was something not even Green Luan Palace’s remains could withstand.

The crystal covered valley and the runes on Green Luan Palace’s remains flickered before completely collapsing.

All of Green Luan Palace’s buildings and all of the frozen paths completely collapsed. They flew in all directions like meteors.

This type of crazy power even produced astonishing heat, dispelling the cold energy along the way and making hot winds. The climate was completely changed, resulting in a rainstorm.

Nangong Weiyang, Gu Xinyin and Qin Xiyue still didn’t know what was going on. Under this rainstorm, they could only sense that this rainstorm came from the north. It continued to extend to even more regions, even reaching towards Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.

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