Book 3 Chapter 22 - That Internal Study Department Student

Almost everyone was guessing just who the ranked ‘Silver Fox’ was, but no matter how everyone’s discussions went, Silver Fox’s achievements still increased at the rate of one per day, not missing a single day.

Ten five emblem withdrawal achievements.

Eleven five emblem withdrawal achievements.

Twelve five emblem withdrawal achievements.

When Silver Fox reached twelve five emblem withdrawal achievements, the only ones ranked above Silver Fox were the thirteen successive five emblem withdrawals Thunder Python, as well as the fourteen successive achievements ‘Firefly’.

When night fell, the yellow stone temples in the yellow perimeter walls were all extremely quiet.

Strand after strand of yellow sunlight shone through these simple and unadorned stone temples, providing quite the unique scene.

Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi appeared before the ‘Blade and Spear’ stone temple entrance again.

The two both had five golden pentagon emblems on their shoulders, which was to say that after they left today, Lin Xi’s achievement would become thirteen successive five emblem withdrawals.

Ever since he encountered ‘Spirit Vulture’, Lin Xi prioritized five emblem withdrawals, using the ten minute time rewind ability quite a few times when facing opponents. That was why his progress in this stone temple naturally became considerably slower than in the Direct Spear Strikes Trial.

However, during these two weeks, Lin Xi’s fighting strength still made quite the substantial progress.

After five successive five emblem withdrawals, Lin Xi did as An Keyi suggested. He used his course point of reward, together with the point he got from the Direct Spear strikes Trial, but didn’t use yet, to exchange for a Mountain Sea Clove Pill.

Right now, his true cultivation was already approaching mid level Soul Knight, able to easily raise a heavy object weighing hundred and eighty jin. His archery also already reached a level where he could hit a target a hundred steps out while running, three or four of his arrows would hit the bullseye, while the remaining arrows wouldn’t be too far off either.

If he was standing still, in a situation where he could calmly fire arrows, there would be almost no deviations when shooting at stationary targets.

As for the Braveslayer training Xu Shengmo gave him, even though he was still using the Green Edge Sword each day, the number of times he had to draw the sword has already reached a thousand three hundred times. On top of this, apart from the Green Luan sword drawing motion he used at the start, he also added the Upward Thrust Form and Reverse Slash Form. These three forms were precisely the three killing sword forms when one’s figure was displaced, the most useful when fighting on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, while fighting against opponents of all different levels these days, Lin Xi also incorporated some killing techniques he learned from An Keyi into these sword forms.

The reason why Green Luan Academy is a holy land in Yunqin Empire is because Green Luan Academy’s professors, lecturers and other people are powerful. Just a short period of teaching from normal lecturers, and the result might be ten times, perhaps even several dozen times that of the teachings of ordinary cultivators. Moreover, Xu Shengmo, Tong Wei, and An Keyi, they were the very best of the academy’s younger generation to begin with. Their comprehension, movement techniques, even the most basic vest for training Lin Xi’s balance brought Lin Xi tremendous benefits.

With Lin Xi’s current cultivation, if he didn’t exhaust too much strength and soul force, the past ‘Spirit Vulture’ really might not be his opponent.

The past three days, Lin Xi obtained his five emblem achievements completely by relying on his own strength, always investing his ten minute time rewind ability into the ‘Blade and Spear’ stone temple’s training.

In the end, he didn’t disappoint Vice Principal Xia who was watching him closely within the secluded small courtyard.

This was because just yesterday, he already truly passed through this stone temple, opening the bronze rear gate of this stone temple.

However, Self Defense Department’s record was sixty-seven breaths, struck by one blade and two spears, and he passed yesterday with more than seventy breaths, stopping twice, hit by three blades and four spears in total. Moreover, this was still after experiencing the extremely severe windstalker special training, his entire body a bit sore.

This was the reason why the true record breaking attempt was today.

Meanwhile, for the sake of breaking this ‘Blade and Spear’ record, Lin Xi also specially told Tong Wei about this, Tong Wei also agreed. In today’s afternoon windstalker special training, he only had Lin Xi familiarize himself a bit with the new ‘Revolving Flower’ release form. That was why apart from his arms being a bit sore right now, his current condition could be said to be optimal.

Moreover, with his experience of passing once already, this gloomy stone temple no longer seemed that scary.

That was why right now, Lin Xi was full of confidence!

Qin Xiyue indeed felt that as a heaven’s choice of this academy, he didn’t know shame, loving comfort and hating work, not putting in any effort at all, but what she didn’t know was that because of his persistent personality, because of the ability he shared with Principal Zhang, he worked harder than anyone else, suffered more than anyone else.

“I hope you succeed!”

Jiang Xiaoyi patted Lin Xi’s armor, and then said this loudly.

Lin Xi smiled and said, “I should be able to succeed.”

Jiang Xiaoyi also couldn’t help but chuckle as well. He looked at Lin Xi, changing his words. “You will definitely succeed.”

During this period, he had personally watched Lin Xi challenge the trial many times. In particular, from watching Lin Xi challenge the Direct Spear S trikes to the Blade and Spear Trial, he learned many things. At the same time, he became more and more certain that Lin Xi was someone he was going to look up to and learn from his entire life. However, Li Wu’s words that day also woke him up, realizing that even though he couldn’t shine as brilliantly as this brilliant moon, he could similarly release his own light. That was why right now, his attitude towards Lin Xi was one of looking up to and pursuit, but he didn’t feel inferior, only feeling lucky and proud that he was of the same generation as Lin Xi, that they were fellow students, and that they might go into battle together one day.

Lin Xi moved, starting his challenge!

Compared to the first time he entered the Direct Spear Strikes Trial, his movements were twice as fast, completely giving one the feeling of lightning, his toes as if they were walking on water surface. The sound of machinery moving could be heard. When the long blades and spears shot out aggressively, pierced at him, he already rushed out seven whole steps in the temple.

The black longsword in his hands flew about like wind and rain, only briefly making contact with the long blades and pikes that were about to hit him, definitely not wasting any strength.

This was a scene that was full of a fantasy martial artist feeling. A black figure ran like lightning, long blades and pikes falling down on him like rain, many brushing past his body, but they didn’t affect his advance in the slightest.

Only after continuously crossing a hundred and twenty steps, was Lin Xi’s calf struck by an extremely treacherous blade, and then he was knocked onto the ground by a long spear’s thrust.

However, he didn’t stop for too long either, quickly standing back up. After falling four times in succession, Lin Xi already reached the bronze stone temple rear gate.

Even though he was already approaching his limit, all of his muscles shaking, twitching with pain, the black longsword also feeling heavy to the extreme, he still felt extremely happy inside.

It was because this time, he relied completely on his own ability to get this far. Diligence and suffering that exceeded all of the new students also brought him abundant returns, resulting in such a fast cultivation speed.


After touching the ice-cold and heavy bronze door, Lin Xi coughed and panted while shouting this word.

The attacks began again. Lin Xi’s condition returned to its peak.

He rushed forward with a speed that left even the hidden Li Wu a bit horrified, his entire body like flowing calligraphy, as if no amount of men and horses could stop him.

After rushing out a hundred and twenty steps, that extremely treacherous long blade aimed at his knee was avoided with a perfectly timed step, his figure not pausing in the slightest.

After a hundred and sixty steps, a black flower pike that stabbed down diagonally from behind was knocked aside by a Reverse Slash Form strike.

A hundred and seventy steps… a hundred and eighty steps… there was still not a single blade or spear that could land on his body!

When there were only ten final steps left, a scene that left both Jiang Xiaoyi and Li Wu speechless appeared. Lin Xi’s body flew out once again, as if he was duty-bound. Another black flower bloomed in the gloomy great hall.

This time, there was a black long blade that hacked down on his body, but he wasn’t as miserable as last time in the air, able to adjust his own body extremely. One final slash hacked out fiercely, as if he was a great general who leapt off his horse, smashing down on the bronze gate.


Under this full powered slash, together with Lin Xi’s forward momentum, the repeatedly tempered three-layered black longsword actually bent in a semi-circular manner under the bronze door, almost breaking.

However, this heavy bronze door, under this blow, after a muffled noise, gradually opened. Sunset radiance scattered in, cast upon the steadily landing Lin Xi’s black armor, making him look incredibly splendid.


Lin Xi released a breath of relief. He gave the scene outside the bronze door a look, behind it still the same old weeds and stone temple, yet in his eyes, it was still an extremely beautiful scenery. He gradually turned around, seeing Li Wu walk over from within the spacious stone temple. He gave him a sincere bow without any arrogance, and then with a bit of excitement, asked, “Teacher, how much time did I use to pass this trial?”

Li Wu looked at Lin Xi who was holding a slightly bent black longsword, seriously returning the greeting and saying, “Fifty-nine breaths, hit by one blade.”

In his heart, Lin Xi was already comparable to an extremely capable person. That was why even though he was still a student, this was already someone worthy of his respect.

“Still a bit slower than that Internal Study Department fella… but it is already much faster than Self Defense Department’s record.” Lin Xi smiled in a happy and satisfied manner. He remembered extremely clearly that Self Defense Department’s record was sixty-seven breaths, hit by one blade and two spears.

“You broke Self Defense Department’s record, so you’ve obtained another point in reward. Together with your recent successive five emblem withdrawal achievements course point that you haven’t exchanged yet, you have two points of reward you can use in total.” Li Wu accepted the small cowhide scroll from the hands of Jiang Xiaoyi who had just walked over, starting to amend the records.

When he saw that Li Wu didn’t have anything special to tell him, Lin Xi gave him another respectful bow, and then prepared to leave this place, meanwhile taking a look at just what kind of training the next stone temple held for him, and then returning a bit faster. It was because he already told Lecturer Mu Qing that tomorrow, he had to once again head deep into Heaven Ascension Mountain Range in the early morning for his Wilderness Survival course, and this time, it would last a bit longer. Because they couldn’t bring any personal items on this Wilderness Survival class, the new students who had undergone last time’s experience would definitely do their best to eat a bit more, be a bit fuller. If he returned too late, he might not even be able to fill his belly, making the following coursework much more difficult.

However, when he had already walked through the bronze rear door, he looked at the already slightly bent black longsword in his hands, and then remembered the big bump on his head last time. Lin Xi laughed, and then couldn’t help but turn around, asking in a bit of a childish manner, “Teacher, last time, you said I was the first one to smash open the door with my head, then this time, am I the first one to hack at this door with a sword?”

“You are not.” Li Wu in the gloomy stone temple suddenly trembled without any reason. He slowly shook his head. “You are the second.”

“The second?” Lin Xi stared blankly, but his mind immediately lit up, saying with shock, “Don’t tell me the first was the Internal Study Department student with the best record?”

Li Wu, who was standing in the gloomy stone temple didn’t say anything, only nodding silently.

“Is he a senior who has already graduated a long time ago? Where is he?” Jiang Xiaoyi also became curious. Only after blurting this out, did he realize that this was a bit unsuitable, thus asking apologetically, “Teacher… can you talk about this?”

“I can only tell you that he is still alive.” Li Wu took a deep breath, his fingernails, due to excessive force, stabbed into his flesh, but this was naturally not something Lin Xi or Jiang Xiaoyi could see. After taking a deep breath and saying this, he then slowly said, “Perhaps in the future, you all will meet him.”

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