Book 16 Chapter 49 - Academy’s Most Powerful Swordmaster

Lin Xi looked at Esteemed Sir Lan and the Flame Titans that were coming from different directions. He said with a serious voice, “Our injuries indeed have not recovered yet. However, together with you, we have a chance of escaping.”

Esteemed Sir Lan looked at Lin Xi with pity and said with a sigh, “Things have already developed like this, yet you still do not understand? I gave away my Unmoved Sword precisely because I didn’t wish to take any more risks. You should also understand that the greatest enticement for a cultivator isn’t becoming a court official, but always greater power. You’ve also cultivated the true Devil Transformation, so you should understand its power. When even this type of cultivation method can be easily given out, I really cannot imagine just what in this world can possibly contend against him.”

“Ordinary people might not admit it.” After a slight pause, Esteemed Sir Lan looked at Lin Xi and said, “But you all should understand extremely clearly that in the end, this is still a world ruled by cultivators. Regardless of whether it is Great Mang, Yunqin or Tangcang, the true rulers have always been Purgatory Mountain, Green Luan Academy and Sanskrit Temple. Zhang Ping was able to obtain the inheritance of the Immortal Devil Age because of the endless corpses of Purgatory Mountain that paved the way for hundreds of years. That is why his encounter is practically no different from him receiving the gift of devil reincarnation to begin with. Just the armor and his unbreakable body alone can dominate all of Central Continent City. What power is there left that can stop him from truly grasping the entire world of cultivators?”

“You are my senior, you’ve lived much longer than me. However, I know far more stories than you.” Lin Xi looked at Esteemed Sir Lan and shook his head. “I know what you are trying to say. You do not care who the ultimate ruler of this world is, the only thing that concerns you now is your own survival. Even if the opposite of what you expect happens, you can still accept it, even if it might hit your face you will naturally see it as a cool breeze. Your state of mind is naturally peaceful. However, have you considered a different possibility? Once his enemies are all gone, what is the use in leaving other cultivators alive in this world? I would even go as far as to guess that the reason the world of cultivators perished after the Immortal Devil War was precisely because a devil king who ultimately prevailed devoured the power of all other cultivators, killed them all, but in the end still couldn’t escape his fate of old age… When he died, the most powerful age of cultivators naturally passed along with him.”

“Even if it is as you say, the death of an age is still a long process.” Esteemed Sir Lan looked at Lin Xi and slowly said, “Moreover, my years of hot-blooded youth have already passed. I already lack the conviction to take down a devil king. I obviously understand that if Zhang Ping didn’t leave Central Continent City, then you all wouldn’t have dared leave your hiding place. I truly wonder sometimes if Zhang Ping’s mood in all of this is like a cat chasing after a mouse…”

When he finished his sentence, his voice came to a sudden stop. His expression suddenly changed. He felt a wave of extremely cold sword intent suddenly appear in the ice-cold air!

The carriage curtains behind An Keyi were evenly split in half.

Lin Xi’s face was pale white. His right hand slowly reached out into the air, as if he was pushing an extremely heavy mountain. His cotton robe sleeves instantly produced countless tears, the streak of sword light so fast it directly vanished in front of him.

Esteemed Sir Lan also shivered inwardly. The speed of Lin Xi’s sword exceeded his expectation. In his perception, Lin Xi’s sword seemed almost erratic, like a glimmer hidden within a shower of rain. The power of Lin Xi’s sword also exceeded his expectations. This type of power immediately made him realize Lin Xi’s intentions.

Lin Xi’s sword also intended to use up all of his remaining strength. This way, those Flame Titans wouldn’t be able to track his aura in the following pursuit.

Lin Xi was already a true Sacred Expert, moreover someone who learned extreme arts from Green Luan Academy, Sanskrit Temple and even Purgatory Mountain. If his injuries recovered, he would already be an extraordinary existence on the level of Gu Xinyin and Wenren Cangyue. In this type of situation where he released as much power as possible, Esteemed Sir Lan naturally didn’t dare face it head-on.

The instant Lin Xi’s sword radiance had just cut through the carriage curtains, his knees buckled. Two blasts of snow erupted from beneath him. His body dragged out a series of afterimages as he withdrew with terrifying speed. At the same time, a streak of black and red sword radiance flew out from his sleeves, rippling strangely in front of him, carving out over a hundred strands of light.

Even though Green Luan Academy’s most powerful flying sword, the Unmoved Sword, was no longer in his possession, he was previously still Green Luan Academy’s most powerful sword controlling Sacred Expert. With just a Purgatory Mountain flying sword, he could already display the Unmoved Sword’s sword intent. As countless waves of rippling sword energy sliced the vital energy in front of him until it distorted, even in his own perception, this world had already turned into one of countless distorted mirrors.

A light chi sounded.

Lin Xi’s sword radiance cut through the distorted world in front of him, piercing towards his heart with incomparable accuracy.

Esteemed Sir Lan’s face suddenly became snow-white. He was originally an academy elder who had experienced many battles with Principal Zhang, someone who had the deepest impression and direct observation of the Divine General Talent. However, he had never fought against Principal Zhang, and Principal Zhang had left this world for too long. When Lin Xi’s sword radiance locked onto him with incomparable accuracy, only then did he discover that he unintentionally made a mistake that he absolutely shouldn’t have made!

An expression of fear swirled within his eyes. His chest caved in fiercely, the air within his lungs and all of the soul force in his body were compressed in his mouth, forming a tangible streak of yellow light. With a pu noise, when the sword light already tore through his clothes, it collided with Lin Xi’s sword radiance.

Lin XI’s sword light moved slightly downwards, carving out a bloody opening in his chest and underbelly. Then, it struck the ground, sending a wave of snow into the air before turning into a streak of flowing light, returning to Lin Xi’s side.

The injury Esteemed Sir Lan received from this sword light wasn’t deep. However, releasing that yellow light breath already made his chest and lungs suffer serious damage. When the flying sword sent a wave of snow into the air, scalding hot bloody mist already surged crazily from his mouth.

Lin Xi grabbed the flying sword that returned in front of him. He coughed lightly, his body unable to help but become ice-cold.

When he could tell that Esteemed Sir Lan wouldn’t change his mind, he borrowed their conversation time to adjust the soul force within him. In a situation where he didn’t recover yet, he released a sword that was close to his peak. However, Esteemed Sir Lan wasn’t an ordinary sword controlling Sacred Expert after all, so his sword was still only able to leave him with a serious injury, unable to take his life.

At this time, two of the four Flame Titans had already passed Esteemed Sir Lan. Even though he was just like all of the other cultivators in this world, unable to know how Zhang Ping was controlling the Flame Titans, just from how these two immediately seemed to be protecting Esteemed Sir Lan, he was certain that apart from being absolutely loyal to Zhang Ping’s orders, these Flame Titans definitely had intelligence similar to humans as well.

“Escape separately.”

He didn’t feel any joy from seriously injuring the academy’s past most powerful swordmaster, instead only saying this with a light cough.

“I will bring Lin Xi with me.” Nangong Weiyang nodded with a calm expression. She had never feared a battle, but she knew that with her current seriously injured condition, there was no way she could kill several healthy and ferocious Flame Titans. From her experiences of fighting the Flame Titans before, the strength of each Flame Titan even exceeded normal Sacred Experts.

Right now, the reason why Nangong Weiyang couldn’t deal with Zhang Ping was actually because of a combination of Zhang Ping’s Flame Titans and single-wheeled puppets.

“We have some time, but not much.”

However, right at this time, An Keyi who didn’t speak much all this time instead said this quietly.

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