Book 16 Chapter 48 - Devil’s Aura

Yunqin really was too vast. Even though he was already in Yunqin’s northern region, he still couldn’t see Heaven Ascension Mountain Range’s silhouette at all.

Chen Anshi and many Yunqin cultivators’ suspicions weren’t mistaken. The reason for Zhang Ping’s sudden appearance in the north could only be one thing, and that was precisely to attack Green Luan Academy.

Even though he experienced a tremendous stroke of fortune in Sky Devil Prison Plains, as if he was supported by an entire age when he returned, he understood extremely well that since the academy could design an armor that could deal with the previous Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, then they had a chance of gathering enough power to defeat him.

That was why he had to move as quickly as possible.

Even if he could just destroy Green Luan Academy’s buildings, this would be far more meaningful than destroying countless opposition forces like Chen Anshi.

However, before he ultimately tore down Green Luan Academy, he decided that there was still someone he wished to see.

That person wasn’t far from this place. This was the real reason why he decided to get rid of Dao Stone Academy and the other rebellion forces along the way.

Several hundred black and red light armored cavalry troops rumbled as they rushed out of the hell-like Dao Stone Academy.

 Zhang Ping sat in the heavy imperial carriage. No one knew what method he used to bring such a massive and heavy giant metal carriage here under the notice of most Yunqin opposition troops.

Under the pulling of several dozen Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators, this giant imperial carriage covered under curtains quickly moved.

Zhang Ping’s armor came off piece by piece, returning into the throne beneath him.

Through a crack in the curtains, he saw the cavalry and Divine Adjudicators ahead. He couldn’t help but feel like this world really was full of irony.

Many of these Divine Adjudicators roaming through Yunqin and these cavalry guards weren’t previous disciples of Purgatory Mountain at all.

When he used the most direct threat of servitude or death on this world, while endless resistance rose up, there were also endless crazy and devoted believers who mysteriously appeared.

He understood the reason for this.

These people didn’t serve Purgatory Mountain, but rather believed in the legend of the devil king’s descent. Moreover, they worshipped power and fear to begin with.

That was why even when it really was the most savage, man-eating devil, it would still have many followers.

The clear stream between the mountains was trampled beneath iron hooves. Then, the heavy imperial carriage slid across the river water, temporarily cutting off the flow.

The peace of a town to this stream’s south was also completely broken.

The common people withdrew under their eaves in alarm, watching as the speeding riders surrounded a residence.

Planted within one of this residence’s courtyards were some fruit trees.

Compared to the southern front line troops, Meng Bai who now seemed a bit paler and fatter walked out from a rear courtyard room. He made his way through these fruit trees, and then walked up to the gate. He inwardly thought that the time had finally come.

His expression instantly changed from its previous calm appearance, becoming the timidness and lowly appearance others were used to seeing.

His body began to shake, his act extremely realistic. Perhaps in the eyes of everyone, this person who was so scared and cowardly that his entire body was shaking was his real self.

An aura that was powerful to the point where it didn’t seem like the aura of a cultivator suddenly descended. Then, the gates of that narrow courtyard suddenly collapsed. The heavy metal imperial carriage seemed like a giant beast that crawled out from hell. It charged through the entrance and arrived in front of him.

Meng Bai’s expression became even more pale. He lowered his head, his body appearing exceptionally rigid. However, his body began to tremble even more fiercely, beads of sweat began to completely soak his cotton robes.

The curtains on the giant metal emperor carriage slowly moved aside.

Zhang Ping stood up from the throne made from countless pieces of broken soul weapons, and then calmly looked at him.

“You’ve done many things for them as well… However, after he killed Wenren Cangyue, you could no longer fit in with them. That is why you are also someone they abandoned.”

Zhang Ping said this quietly while watching a drop of sweat fall from Meng Bai’s chin.

Even though Meng Bai’s head was already extremely low, when he heard Zhang Ping’s voice, his body instead bowed down even deeper. His knees gradually curved, about to kneel down.

“You and Li Kaiyun were my best friends in the academy. You are exempt from this.” Zhang Ping said calmly.

Meng Bai’s body became even more rigid.

However, after freezing up for a few breaths of time, Meng Bai still kneeled down, his knees buried within the courtyard gate’s rubble.

Zhang Ping’s brows furrowed slightly. There still wasn’t any clear expression of emotion on his face, but another type of exceptionally satisfied feeling couldn’t help but surge within him.

Turns out that sometimes, when friends, or past friends knelt down in servitude, it felt even more satisfying than when an enemy kneeled.

“I know that you are extremely scared of death.” Zhang Ping’s face became cold. He thought for a bit and said, “I can keep you alive, I can even allow you to continue living well. However, you must prove that you are not my enemy.”

“I am a useless person…” Meng Bai began to sob with a warped voice.

Zhang Ping didn’t pay his sobbing any attention, only slowly and clearly saying, “I am about to enter Green Luan Academy. But before I go, I need to be sure that Green Luan Academy doesn’t have enough ambushes to kill me.”

Meng Bai continued to cry while twitching. However, many parts of his body were doing his best to obtain some useful information.

In this clear and cold weather, he could vaguely pick up a hint of exotic fragrance from Zhang Ping’s body.

Great winds blew snow everywhere. As it moved through the forest and between houses, all types of strange screaming sounds could be heard.

When the sound of the wind disappeared, the entire world was cold and somber. Moonlight scattered down, covering the earth in a layer of white jade.

A carriage moved under the moonlight’s snowy land.

This was an extremely ordinary carriage. It was as if it encountered some delays along the way, they had no choice but to rush through the night.

However, a black dot instead appeared on the small path in front of this carriage.

Under the night shrouded snowland, this black dot seemed extremely insignificant. However, as this black dot became a clear figure in front of everyone’s eyes, everything was definitely no longer normal.

The one who came was dressed in a fox fur coat. Wind and snow seemed to naturally avoid him out of fear.

While looking at the carriage that slowly came to a stop within several dozen steps, this person’s eyes revealed an expression of sorrow and pity.

“An Keyi, when you had Ye Wangqing come to my place for the Unmoved Sword, have you ever thought that you would instead be helping me?”

Under this person’s clear yet aged voice, the driver lowered her head slightly. A delicate and pretty face appeared from under the hood.

The curtains of the carriage behind her also slowly moved aside, revealing Lin Xi, Nangong Weiyang and Qin Xiyue’s figures.

An Keyi was not unfamiliar with this luxuriously dressed Sacred Expert at all. Even Lin Xi and the others had picked up from these words that he should be the previous owner of the academy’s Unmoved Sword, Esteemed Sir Lan.

This was definitely not someone they wanted to see right now. An Keyi also understood the strength of this academy senior clearly. That was why her brows couldn’t help but frown. She spoke with her usual reading voice to calmly ask, “Even you chose to serve Zhang Ping?”

After remaining quiet for a moment, Esteemed Sir Lan replied with a sigh, “All of you should understand that he is entirely different from Green Luan Academy. Green Luan Academy is willing to permit someone like me to idle my time away, but he is a true devil. For him, there is only servitude or death.”

“None of you will be able to escape.”

Esteemed Sir Lan’s eyes then landed on Lin Xi behind An Keyi. His tone became even colder, now carrying a hint of helplessness.

When he said this, under the illumination of moonlight, An Keyi picked up a vague tint of indigo blue and violet gold radiance from his face. Her breathing immediately stopped. “Zhang Ping passed the true Devil Transformation onto you?”

“That is why he is the devil king, while you are a weak devil. Meanwhile, I am also the weakest devil.” Esteemed Sir Lan didn’t reply to An Keyi’s question. He instead looked at Lin Xi and said this.

Lin Xi didn’t feel too shocked over the news of Esteemed Sir Lan cultivating ‘Demonization’. Right now, he subconsciously felt that Esteemed Sir Lan’s words carried even more information.

Roaring winds suddenly sounded from the distance again.

Four massive figures appeared in his sight while bringing loud wind noises with them.

Qin Xiyue’s breathing also completely stopped.

These were four Flame Titans!

Nangong Weiyang’s eyes flickered intensely. She immediately picked up a certain possibility from Esteemed Sir Lan’s words. As such, she directly said with a heavy voice, “These things can sense the aura of someone who cultivates Demonization?”

She was merely a junior before Esteemed Sir Lan, but because she used to be the most powerful cultivator after Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, Esteemed Sir Lan still granted her enough respect.

He nodded his head slightly, releasing a sigh.

“Before, it was only because my injuries were too serious, my aura too weak? That was why the Flame Titans never sensed me?” Lin Xi took a deep breath, and then coldly asked.

Even though there was only An Keyi who came to rescue them, in Central Continent City, the academy’s experts already completed many preparations. The academy was already certain that Zhang Ping was not in Central Continent City, while another group of experts even escorted Hu Piyi to set up another attack to trap Leng Zhennan and Purgatory Mountain’s forces.

When Esteemed Sir Lan appeared in front of him, he originally felt that this was inconceivable. However, judging from his tone and attitude, he already came into contact with a terrifying reality: the reality of why Zhang Ping was so confident.

When he faced Lin Xi’s words, seeing the academy’s new generation Divine General, Esteemed Sir Lan said with a bitter smile, “That is why it is useless no matter where you all run.”

Lin Xi thought for a bit, and then he said, “I can always ensure that I am in a state without much soul force, my aura extremely weak. I can cover myself with different auras as well. This is something you are capable of as well.”

After his battle against Zhang Ping in Central Continent City, he seemed to have become even more cool-headed and sharper than before.

Esteemed Sir Lan stared blankly for a moment. Then, he released a forced laugh. “And then? Will you always hide without soul force? Green Luan Academy will soon be destroyed as well. Even though the world is big, where could you go? Moreover… you all haven’t recovered from your injuries yet. How are you all supposed to escape today?”

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