Book 16 Chapter 46 - I Am Not a Savior

“The late Purgatory Mountain Patriarch has always tried to dip his finger into the world behind Ancient Witch Forest as well. That Shentu Clan Sacred Expert’s mission was precisely to learn some secrets about what lies beyond that forest.”

Lin Xi looked at Nangong Weiyang, carefully recollecting his conversation with Zhang Ping that he already repeated countless times in his mind. Then, he continued, “Purgatory Mountain has always remained vigilant and full of expectation towards the world behind Ancient Witch Forest.”

“We’ve also been to Ancient Witch Forest, we’ve been to where all of you lived.” He turned around to look at Chi Yuyin and the others, continuing, “The remains there are enough to prove that cultivators as powerful as Zhang Ping’s devil cultivators have also appeared in that place before. Only the Immortal Devil Age Zhang Ping spoke of had such powerful cultivators. From what some stories and records portray, we can also conclude that there were definitely more than just immortal and devil, these two types of cultivators. These two groups at most represent the two largest factions. According to the legends, some Frost Giant descendants, experts shrouded in buddha light and some cultivators with other abilities have also played crucial roles in the battle. They were still able to face the devil cultivators.”

“Zhang Ping has already told me clearly that he allowed me to cultivate the true Devil Transformation precisely because he wanted to trap me on the devil path, to make my speed of cultivation slower than his, my body always weaker than his as well. At the same time, he wants to cut me off from the hopes of cultivating the technique that can transfer endless natural vital energy.”

Lin Xi looked at everyone, and then he closed his eyes. “While he was in that previous state, I do not believe he was lying… If the words he spoke were true, then he is just like the late Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, truly not worried about Sanskrit Temple, not worried about making them his enemy. He isn’t worried that I won’t be able to cultivate the cultivation methods he spoke of, but can cultivate Sanskrit Temple’s cultivation method. Purgatory Mountain… devil cultivators do not fear the inheritances of Sanskrit Temple and other ancient cultivation holy lands. There is definitely a secret behind this that we do not know about.”

“Principal Zhang ventured beyond Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.”

Lin Xi opened his eyes again. He took a deep breath, and then exhaled.

For the sake of respecting Principal Zhang’s wishes, he had always kept this secret with him. However, as Nangong Weiyang entered True Dragon Mountain and saw that fingerless True Dragon Guard[1], as well as the soul force power Yunqin Emperor displayed before his death, this secret already slowly became less of a secret.

“The endless sea of sand behind Sanskrit Temple, Ancient Witch Forest behind Great Desolate Swamp, Sky Devil Prison Plains behind Purgatory Mountain, Frozen God Domain behind Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, these are all unknown lands related to the destruction of the ancient world of cultivation. Even if Principal Zhang has crossed Heaven Ascension Mountain Range and entered Frozen God Domain because of Yunqin Emperor’s plotting, without some definitive elements, I do not believe Principal Zhang would take the risk, nor do I believe that he would choose Frozen God Domain out of all of the available unknown lands.”

Nangong Weiyang didn’t say anything, only nodding her head.

This was a reason that was easy to understand. A trip to these unknown lands was definitely not a carefree vacation. There was no way one would just jump in without any plans. Even when they went into Ancient Witch Forest, that was only because Chi Xiaoye and the other Fiend Race cultivators led the way. The amount of Ancient Witch Forest the Fiend Race have explored was still extremely small. Most of Ancient Witch Forest is still full of dangers for cultivators.

“Zhang Ping has also mentioned that Green Luan Academy and some of Yunqin’s techniques originate from beyond Heaven Ascension Mountain Range. He even made me try to enter the devil dao. This means that he is almost certain that this cultivation technique that can continuously transfer heaven and earth vital energy, take it into the body and convert it into one’s own power to fight still exists.”

“Yanan could convert some natural vital energy into ice and snow, Changsun Clan could create lightning, these already make them more powerful than ordinary cultivators. As such, if a cultivator could truly be like Zhang Ping, not needing to exhaust much of their own soul force while continuously releasing this type of great power, then no matter how thick the armor he wears, it will be like water droplets penetrating stone. It can be whittled down bit by bit.”

“What you have said is correct. That is why from some of the indicators, together with Zhang Ping’s words, we can infer this conclusion.” Qin Xiyue looked at Lin Xi and said, “However, regardless of what reason it is that Purgatory Mountain does not fear Sanskrit Temple, at the very least, this means that Zhang Ping is not worried at all about you obtaining Sanskrit Temple’s other cultivation methods. There is no way you can obtain power that can subdue him from Sanskrit Temple. All of you have entered Ancient Fiend Forest as well. Chi Yuyin and her clansmen have lived in Ancient Fiend Forest for so many years, generations after generations using this place to temper themselves, yet what they obtained isn’t able to deal with the power obtained from Sky Devil Prison Plains at all. Even if Frozen God Domain has the cultivation method Zhang Ping speaks of, you cannot cultivate it because you cultivated the true Devil Transformation. Where else could you go?”

Lin Xi picked up his water sack and drank a gulp. Since his injuries hadn’t fully recovered yet, his face was pale to the point where it was almost transparent, lacking color.

“We still have opportunities.” He looked at Qin Xiyue’s expression that was a bit pale, saying quietly, “He has overlooked one fact, all of you weren’t able to realize this either.”

Qin Xiyue raised her head in shock. She looked at Lin Xi, unable to understand the meaning behind his words.

“I possess some unique skills, but I am still only one person, I am not a savior. Even Principal Zhang had things he was powerless against, let alone someone like me.” Lin Xi looked at her and seriously said, “I have only been doing some things to the best of my abilities too, I have never viewed myself as a savior.”

Qin Xiyue was a bit stunned. She suddenly began to understand what Lin Xi was saying.

“Most of the fear towards Divine Generals has originated from Principal Zhang, from Big Black. During the endless battles we faced, I’ve won many of them. Wenren Cangyue died under our hands, the most powerful Purgatory Mountain Patriarch also died under our hands. However, that was because of the Green Luan Academy behind us, as well as all of you.”

Lin Xi calmly said, “I never fought all by myself. It is only because of my Divine General talent that most people in this world have focused their attention on me. Even Zhang Ping has subconsciously made a mistake. He feels that I represent everything, that only I can defeat him. He came from our Green Luan Academy, experienced many things with us, so he understands my ‘terror’ best. He subconsciously felt that he was too far from me, to the extent where he believed that this world is even unfair. That is why while he puts his plans into motion, he arrogantly told me that he wants to control everything like Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, to the extent where he has already begun to grasp the direction of this world’s flow, yet he didn’t notice that Nangong Weiyang’s cultivation is even higher than mine at all. Nangong Weiyang is Yunqin’s rare cultivation talent. Moreover, Nangong Weiyang’s cultivation should be even higher than his.”

“If we can obtain those cultivation methods he speaks of and Nangong Weiyang cultivates them, together with all of us, there is still a chance to defeat him.” Lin Xi turned around to look at Nangong Weiyang. With an even more serious tone, he repeated, “He hasn’t realized that even if I cannot cultivate those methods, Nangong Weiyang can. If he wants to rely on himself to subdue the entire world, then I will rely on this entire world to fight against him.”

“That is why you plan to head behind Heaven Ascension Mountain Range?” Nangong Weiyang nodded, and then said this while looking at Lin Xi.

“This is the only way… I believe since Principal Zhang has even left behind that stele for me in Green Luan Academy, left behind those words for someone who might never even appear, with his nature, in a situation where he is unsure if he can return to Green Luan Academy, he should have left behind some clues for his old friends. He definitely considered the possibility that he might never be able to return, that one day, someone from Green Luan Academy might climb over Heaven Ascension Mountain Range in search of him. If we can obtain some of the clues he left behind… or find out that he is alive, then everything will become much faster, the number of people who die because of Zhang Ping much fewer.” Lin Xi said quietly with difficulty. “I decided a long time ago that I was going to take a look behind Heaven Ascension Mountain Range to see if he is alive. I just never expected this trip to arrive so much earlier than I thought.”

Everyone became quiet.

Even Chi Xiaoye, Chi Yuyin and the others understood extremely clearly that this opportunity was still extremely remote. After all, no one knew what lies behind Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.

“Purgatory Mountain has never ceased the exploration of Sky Devil Prison Plains, yet only now did Zhang Ping emerge.” Lin Xi could see through their thoughts. He calmly said, “I do not have much confidence in returning alive from Heaven Ascension Mountain Range either. That is why you all cannot follow me and Nangong Weiyang beyond Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.”

He waved his hand, directly stopping Chi Yuyin and the others from speaking. He said with a serious voice, “When I leave this place, all of you are to head to Great Desolate Swamp. Do not forget that we still have Turtle Edge Mountain and the Giant Lizard Army. Those are also forces that Zhang Ping does not know about, power that can be used against him.”

In this cellar that began to quiet down, Lin Xi calmly added. “I still believe that even without me and Nangong Weiyang, even if we do not return… he won’t be able to subdue the entire world. This world will still be able to defeat him.”

1. B12C62

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