Book 3 Chapter 20 - A Reason That Cannot Be Understood

The black old cloth strip between the shaft and the fingers, as well as the practiced manner of still not stopping to grab the shaft even after receiving his own heavy strike made Lin Xi immediately understand that this should be a student with a ‘border barbarian’ background, but he definitely wasn’t Tang Ke.

It was because Lin Xi understood Tang Ke extremely well. Ever since that older brother sacrificed his own life, he no longer had much desire for greatness, his ambitions sealed. He didn’t wish to see his companions die or bleed anymore, so Tang Ke definitely wouldn’t have such powerful fighting intent.

“Your strength is indeed not bad.”

After the blade sent the longsword in Lin Xi’s hands flying, ‘Spirit Vulture’ who turned around didn’t immediately take action, instead looking at Lin Xi and saying with a sunken voice, “Your movements and dodging are excellent, sword skills also fast, to the point where just now, I didn’t even have confidence in striking your body, only able to send the longsword in your hand flying. If your cultivation level was close to mine, I might not be your opponent, but now… it is already a situation of inevitable defeat.”

When he heard Spirit Vulture’s upright words, and then looked at the black longsword that was sent more than ten steps away, stabbed obliquely into the ground, Lin Xi smiled, and then said, “What you said is correct, this time, I indeed lost, however…”

“However what?” This ‘Spirit Vulture’ symbol black-armored student not only had powerful cultivation, his willpower was also definitely extremely astonishing. It was because regardless of what cultivation was like, flesh and pain were the same. Just now, he was struck by Lin Xi’s sword, yet he didn’t even release a cry of pain. Meanwhile, right now, Lin Xi didn’t even finish saying what he wanted to say, yet he was immediately interrupted, meaning that this individual was really fond of summarizing and reflecting over the gains and losses of his experiences. Having his level of strength was definitely not only because of talent.

Lin Xi said, “However, if I predicted that your first stomp was fake from the start, I might be able to immediately land a strike. If I struck your leg, preventing you from moving freely… you perhaps might not be able to block my following successive strikes, right?”

“What you said is also correct.” Spirit Vulture stared blankly for a moment, but soon afterwards, he shook his head in annoyance. “No… this isn’t entirely true, because this type of feint doesn’t exist at all. That stomp, whether it is real or fake, that is completely my choice. Even if you were someone who had even greater experience, someone with a higher level of cultivation, you still wouldn’t dare call my bluff and take action first. It is because if my charge was real, the following long blade’s strike can completel face anything, at that time, the results will instead be even worse… unless my opponent can completely understand what I was thinking at the time, the feint you speak of doesn’t exist at all.”

“In this world, there is no one who can anticipate what another is thinking, which is why your considerations are completely absurd. If you wish to win over me, your cultivation undoubtedly has to be about the same as mine.” Perhaps because he was worried that his own thoughts might be disturbed by Lin Xi’s thoughts, that it might lead to an unfavorable effect on his own cultivation, this black-armored student added this in irritation.

Lin Xi laughed, deciding he wasn’t going to argue with this somewhat of a martial idiot opponent anymore. He didn’t even remove his own golden pentagon emblem, instead quietly saying, “Return!”

Time returned to ten minutes ago. Lin Xi still hadn’t faced ‘Yellow Antelope’ yet.

Just like before, when he made his way out from the mountain forest into the hillside, he saw ‘Yellow Antelope’ walk over from the other side.

Because he already knew about the other party, when faced with the charging black longsword wielding ‘Yellow Antelope’, he was even calmer. Only when the other party’s sword edge was raised did he suddenly strike out, sending ‘Yellow Antelope’ into the ground once again.

He picked up the black longsword, and then after removing a pentagram emblem from Yellow Antelope’s shoulder, Lin Xi heard Spirit Vulture’s steady footsteps. He took a deep breath, and then walked to the level area from before, watching Spirit Vulture walk out from the forest.

“Silver Fox?”

“I recall seeing you on the ranking before…”

Lin Xi thought about the words this border barbarian spoke before, while the ‘Spirit Vulture’ on the other side was currently looking at him, saying the exact same words.

“What you said is not wrong.” Lin Xi’s reply was the same as last time.

“I like fighting against strong opponents, I only hope that you won’t disappoint me.” The ‘Spirit Vulture’ wielding a black border army long blade nodded, completely unaware that Lin Xi had already experienced this once before. He began to walk towards Lin Xi with a steady gait.

When he was roughly seven steps from Lin Xi, his right leg stamped heavily into the ground. He originally thought that Lin Xi would definitely believe that he would take action, but then discover that he didn’t really want to attack, and then as a result be unable to help but display a bit of sluggishness. However, what made his brain immediately freeze was that the moment his right leg stamped heavily into the ground, taking a step, Lin Xi’s entire body erupted with duty-bound momentum, like a blooming black flower… with exceptional decisiveness, almost before his foot landed, Lin Xi’s entire body already charged over, the black longsword brandishing about like torrential rain.

Only when a lacerating intense pain extended from his left leg, instantly rushing into his brain, did his brain recover the ability to think. He completely couldn’t believe this… how did the other party know that this was a feint? Even if it was an opponent who didn’t understand martial skills, he could still definitely only be frightened stiff by his imposing stance, and definitely not take action decisively like this.

Moreover, even if one saw through his bluff, this opponent’s attack was just a bit too fast… as if before he even moved, the other party already knew what he wanted to do, already reacted. It was because the other party’s movements seemed to almost have been made the same time as when he took the step, this preventing him from having the time to think at all, unable to change the leftover thoughts that were still spinning in his mind, change his feint into a real attack. However, how was this possible? How could there possibly be anyone in this world who knew what the other party was thinking?!


At the same time, Lin Xi was filled with happiness.

Without the slightest pause, he passed his opponent’s body. With a turn of his wrist, he delivered another heavy strike to Spirit Vulture’s left shoulder blade.


The black long blade flew from Spirit Vulture’s hand, smashing heavily into the black longsword in Lin Xi’s hands, sending the black longsword flying.

Just from the strength with which Lin Xi sent his sword into his shoulder, this experienced border barbarian already determined that his own cultivation was far greater than Lin Xi’s, enough to prevent Lin Xi from being able to hold onto the longsword in his hands.

However, this time, he couldn’t accurately seize the cloth strips wrapped around the black long blade, because at this time, Lin Xi suddenly turned around, exerting force. The short blade in his left hand stabbed into Spirit Vulture’s wrist fiercely.

This strike caused even someone with an extremely sturdy will like Spirit Vulture to release a muffled groan of pain. The black border army long blade fell from his hand.


Lin Xi’s second blade landed on his right shoulder, this blade making his entire right arm shake. When he subconsciously reached for the black long blade that fell, he also subconsciously wanted to roll to the side, yet he instead released another muffled groan… it was because the injury on his left thigh now flared out… due to the intense pain causing an unavoidable sluggishness, the instant his body still rolled to the side, Lin Xi’s arms already gripped the short blade, and then together with his waist, crushed down, smashing down heavily at Spirit Vulture’s lower back.

Spirit Vulture fell onto the ground heavily.

Just the pain from his lower back prevented him from twisting his body around, unable to attack again.

Moreover, the other party’s strangeness and swiftness were both already enough to make him lose the courage to continue fighting.

“I admit defeat!” While full of confusion, this border barbarian shouted out these three words with a bit of humiliation.

Lin Xi removed a golden pentagon emblem. He breathed heavily while happily leaving this place.

These days, the Braveslayer special training, Windstalker special training, and the ‘dead things’ Xu Shengmo looked down on, that is the Direct Spear Strikes and the Blade and Spear’ torment, indeed increased his strength at an astonishing rate. Before, if it wasn’t because he didn’t have enough strength, he could even have a good fight against this border barbarian.

Moreover, after using the ability to go back ten minutes, being able to foresee the other party’s movements and actions really was a huge advantage. If his condition was optimal, not like right now where his entire body was a bit sore, this battle might have been won even more easily.

Now, he couldn’t help but recall that in the legends, Principal Zhang has never lost before… However, cultivating in this world was slow for everyone, Principal Zhang definitely didn’t immediately have astonishing cultivation after entering this world. This world had so many experts, who knew just how many experts he faced. For him to never have lost, it was likely because of this type of ability that allowed him to anticipate the movements of some powerful opponents.

Since he could defeat even an opponent with eight successive five emblem withdrawals, then obtaining eight five emblem accomplishments, nine times, or even higher, wasn’t at all impossible.

Under the silver mask, Lin Xi who obtained a conclusive answer thought of Gao Yanan and Jiang Yu’er, he thought of Liu Ziyu and Qin Xiyue, about Li Kaiyun and the others who shared all honor and disgrace with him, this made the corners of his lips couldn’t help but draw a pretty arc upwards.

“I admit defeat… but what I cannot understand is, how did you know my action was a bluff?” The moment he turned around to head towards the yellow perimeter walls, walking more than ten steps out, Spirit Vulture who sat up from the ground with great difficulty couldn’t help but shout at his rear figure.

Lin Xi stared blankly. He already knew that this ‘Spirit Vulture’ was a martial idiot, so if he found a random reason, the other party not believing him, then it really might have an unfavorable effect on his cultivation, but what reason could he even use? This left him with quite the headache.

“Did you use this trick before?” After remaining quiet for a bit, Lin Xi asked.

Spirit Vulture stared blankly for a moment. “I have, and?”

“Last time you used it, I was hiding on a large tree, just happened to see it.” Lin Xi immediately smiled and said, “That is why this time, I guessed that you would act the same, which is why I was able to win against you.”

“So that was it.” Spirit Vulture took this to be the truth, immediately feeling relieved. He muttered to himself and said, “It seems like fooling the enemy really can’t be used again and again. However, just because you saw it once, you would act like this… isn’t this a bit too risky?”

When Lin Xi saw that this martial idiot new student believe him, he decided not to say anything else either, quickly turning around to leave. This time, he didn’t want to provoke any more opponents, so he was extremely careful when moving through the mountain forest, completely silent.

“How did he accomplish this blow? Don’t tell me it is precisely the unique potential of a Braveslayer?” While hiding in a treetop, while holding what was known as a ‘Hawkeye’ in Yunqin’s border army, known by people from Lin Xi’s world as a monocular, Li Wu remained speechless for a long time.

Lin Xi didn’t realize that even though Spirit Vulture believed that he had seen him use this trick before, Li Wu understood that Lin Xi had never met Spirit Vulture before in the training valley extremely clearly.

Lin Xi’s strike left even Li Wu, an academy lecturer, in disbelief, unable to figure out the reasoning at all.

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