Book 16 Chapter 42 - Your Reasoning, My Reasoning

“Why should I?”

The man in the long gown didn’t move, only calmly asking this.

Yunqin’s territory was massive. Apart from Green Luan, Thunder, and Immortal, these three great academies, there were more than a hundred other cultivation lands and academies. White Dew Academy wasn’t considered an especially well-known academy, but any academy that is able to establish themselves and become a cultivation land has produced some outstanding master level individuals. They definitely had their pride.

White Dew Academy’s Principal Shang Fengjian was precisely this elegant man dressed in a long gown. His age didn’t exceed forty, but his cultivation also only reached the pinnacle of State Master level. He was one of the cultivators in Sunrise Roost Province who had the highest chance of becoming a Sacred Expert. He was someone with various experiences, his earliest days served as a private school instructor, afterwards joining the border army. After becoming a cultivator, he was taken in by White Dew Academy’s late principal as a direct disciple. Compared to an ordinary cultivator, he possessed a temperament that remained calm even before a storm.

He also heard some of the details regarding Zhang Ping’s battle with Lin Xi in Central Continent City. When this Purgatory Mountain middle-aged Divine Adjudicator appeared within White Dew Academy’s vicinity, he was already certain that Zhang Ping, the inheritor of ancient cultivators, was still alive.

The past Purgatory Mountain and Thousand Devil Nest only obtained one or two pieces of incomplete inheritance from Sky Devil Prison Plains, yet they already became powerful cultivation holy lands that dominated the world for countless years. He obviously knew how terrifying Zhang Ping who obtained the complete inheritance from Sky Devil Prison Plains was. However, just like how even though Xu Zhenyan, Leng Zhennan and Rong Family already controlled Central Continent City through the strength of their disciples and military force, releasing imperial orders through Imperial City’s cabinet, yet many places didn’t acknowledge them, the various Yunqin provinces having all different types of opinions, Shang Fengjian similarly walked at his own rhythm.

If the other party wanted to make others submit by sending out some random person, then these words and actions would obviously seem extremely laughable in Shang Fengjian’s eyes.

If it was a cultivator who was a bit more straightforward, they might not reply with the three words ‘Why should I’, but rather ‘Just some random person yet you want to make an academy yield? Does he really think he is the lord of the martial world, the ruler of the world of cultivation?’.

This Purgatory Mountain middle-aged Divine Adjudicator who was dressed in a different red robe looked at Shang Fengjian. When his lips had just parted, before he even said anything, a green robed, green sheathed longsword wielding white faced swordmaster appeared at White Dew Academy’s entrance.

“Indeed, why should he?”

This white faced swordmaster nodded in greeting towards Shang Fengjian. At the same time, he said this in a carefree manner.

“Brother Zhao.”

Shang Fengjian bowed in returned, his gaze warm.

This Zhao Ruling was the most famous swordmaster from Sunrise Roost Province’s Zhao Clan. Even though the two of them didn’t have too much association with each other, coming at this type of time naturally moved Shang Fengjian.

“Worship my lord devil, obtain eternal life.”

The expression of this Purgatory Mountain middle-aged Divine Adjudicator didn’t change, calmly chanting this.

Shang Fengjian’s brows furrowed slightly, saying with mockery, “And obtain strength similar to those six old freaks? Didn’t four of those old freaks still die a long time ago? Who can live forever in this world… the only things that can survive forever are spirit and faith.”

The Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator gave Shang Fengjian a somewhat disappointed look, shaking his head. “Now, another thing that is everlasting is fear.”

“In the deepest state of fear, everyone’s way of thinking will become simple. They will only consider their own survival, or the livelihoods of those around them. They wouldn’t try to wonder what the purpose of their own existence is.” After a pause, this Purgatory Mountain middle-aged Divine Adjudicator gave Shang Fengjian and Zhao Ruling who walked to Shang Fengjian’s side a calm look. He slowly said, “Do not forget that Purgatory Mountain has previously forced Great Mang into servitude. As such, do not believe that all of Yunqin cannot bow down in servitude. As time goes on, everything will change.”

“Then that must be after you kill all other Yunqin people like us first.” Shang Fengjian looked at this Purgatory Mountain middle-aged Divine Adjudicator and said this seriously.

Zhao Ruling who stood at his side smiled. He drew the longsword in his hand, releasing a clear cry.

His longsword was also green. The sword was covered in a layer of luxuriant flower-like runes.

This longsword slowly extended forward, pointing at this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator.

However, the instant this longsword became perfectly horizontal, Zhao Ruling’s left hand moved slightly. A flexible sword that was as thin as a cicada instead silently shot out like a viper, shooting at Shang Fengjian’s abdomen with astonishing speed.

Shang Fengjian released a fierce shout. A curved moon-like sword light attacked at Zhao Ruling’s eyes.

Zhao Ruling instantly took ten steps backwards. His right eye was dripping with blood, his entire right eye cut out, leaving behind a wound that was bone deep.

Shang Fengjian’s right forefinger also had a long and narrow flexible silver white sword. His left hand clutched his underbelly, blood gushing out continuously between his fingers.

Even though this middle-aged Divine Adjudicator seemed to be a cultivator at the mid-stage of State Master level, after Zhang Ping took over Purgatory Mountain, Purgatory Mountain’s methods became even more strange and weird. All of Shang Fengjian’s attention was concentrated on this Divine Adjudicator’s body, so when the sudden attack from Zhao Ruling arrived, it was already too late. Zhao Ruling’s sword already displayed all of its strength, the power it erupted with crushed all of his inner organs.

“You are a Yunqin citizen.” Shang Fengjian’s expression quickly paled. The anger that instantly flooded his face also vanished. He only used an expression of pity and contempt to look at Zhao Ruling, speaking these five words.

“Purgatory Mountain is also being ruled by a Yunqin person.” Zhao Ruling looked at Shang Fengjian. He brought out a handkerchief to wipe at the blood coming out of his eye socket, calmly saying with a quiet voice, “I have my own choices.”

“You refuse to live properly as a human, instead insisting on living as a dog.” Shang Fengjian slowly sat down. His eyes were already starting to become blurry, his aura already weak. However, he still said with a low voice of mockery. “Even the most powerful dog will always be a dog.”

True Dragon Mountain, inside Boundless Palace.

Zhang Ping sat on the golden dragon throne. His head was lowered slightly as he looked at the woman before him.

This woman’s face was extremely beautiful. Her lips were thin like swords. It was precisely Yunqin Imperial Princess Changsun Muyue.

“Do you know what I am doing right now?”

Zhang Ping’s cold voice began to echo through Boundless Palace.

Changsun Muyue looked at this former Green Luan Academy student, remaining silent.

Zhang Ping should be quite young, but from the expression he looked at her with right now, she couldn’t see through his age at all.

“I’ve sent out many people throughout Yunqin to root out those Yunqin cultivators hidden within the people. I’ve sent them to those cultivation lands to tell them to serve me.” Zhang Ping continued speaking with an expressionless voice.

Changsun Muyue raised her head, her voice a bit cold as she said, “You are merely seeking your own destruction.”

Zhang Ping looked at her expressionlessly. “I want to hear your reasoning.”

Changsun Muyue said with a cold laugh. “Yunqin’s people learned how to stand up for themselves using decades of time. You want them to bend down and become dogs overnight? Your actions are merely making endless people your enemy. Even you yourself should understand clearly that even if it is the current Central Continent City, there are still endless rebellions taking place, fights constantly breaking out. Yet you want to command the entire world of cultivators to yield?”

“This is also your reasoning.” Zhang Ping coldly said, “But I have my reasoning. I crawled up from the lowest disciple in Purgatory Mountain. In Purgatory Mountain, not only did I learn Devil Transformation, I’ve also learned even more ways in which Purgatory Mountain ruled the world.”

“Lin Xi has always wanted to use gentle methods to change Yunqin, but I am not Lin Xi. I do not care about the lives of some people… Of course, I am aware that most of the people I’ve sent out will fail, but my actions can start a war between all Yunqin cultivators. This way, I can clearly discern my enemies and people I can use. I believe that you also understand that there will always be some who cannot resist the temptation. They will begin to kill each other, saving me some loyal Purgatory Mountain disciples. These Yunqin cultivators will die amidst their own civil strife.”

As she listened to Zhang Ping’s voice, Changsun Muyue’s lips became even more pale. Her voice trembled slightly as she said. “You are mad.”

“What does that have to do with me? Everyone has a devil looming over their hearts, I am merely releasing that devil from their hearts.” Zhang Ping raised his head slightly. He gave Changsun Muyue a deep look. “From a certain perspective, you are the same as me. You’ve abandoned your brother, while I’ve abandoned Green Luan Academy. You should be standing on my side.”

“Releasing the devil within everyone, then just what kind of world will this become?” Changsun Muyue looked at him while clenching her teeth. She coldly said, “Even if you kill me, I will never stand with you.”

“They will live in fear, and then serve the true devil.” Zhang Ping wasn’t shaken at all. He only looked at Changsun Muyue calmly, saying emotionlessly, “I will make you change your mind.”

After saying this, he released a flame.

A female Divine Adjudicator bowed towards Changsun Muyue, and then she brought her out of this palace.

When this female Divine Adjudicator and Changsun Muyue left the palace, within this cold and empty palace, Zhang Ping began to breathe heavily. His breathing became more and more heavy, his face that carried purple-golden radiance also became a bit reddish-purple from breathing heavily.

The vessels in his body began to appear on his skin’s surface. It was as if there were cracks extending along his body.

A hint of hesitation appeared in his cold eyes. However, his expression immediately became cold and resolute again.

He produced a white jade medicine bottle and opened it, pouring the medicinal liquid into his mouth.

His breathing gradually calmed, his complexion becoming rosy again. His gaze became stronger and brighter than usual.

Within this hall, following his scorching hot breaths, the intoxicating fragrance of Devil Eye Flowers permeated the air.

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