Book 16 Chapter 33 - The Devil King Spreads His Wings

The rumbling storm of air swept up all of the snow around the workshop. Then, the heat quickly melted the snow into water droplets, and then evaporated into a white mist.

The sapphire blue giant armor suit that emerged from this white mist seemed even more intimidating.

“What kind of armor is this?!”

The Yunqin officials around the workshop were mostly Trade Sector officials who came to provide assistance, so they were all extremely familiar with the various soul weapon armors in existence. However, many of the officials and high ranking officers among the surrounding troops even more so knew the various functions and advantages of different soul weapon armos like the backs of their hands. Right now, just from a single look at Zhang Ping’s armor, just from the bit of aura released from this aura, all of these people were already certain that this was a set of armor more powerful than anything they have ever seen before.

What left all those who saw Zhang Ping’s armor in even greater fear was that they discovered that even Nangong Weiyang, Lin Xi and the others weren’t this armor’s match. They were being pursued by it!

Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang, after Thousand Leaf Pass’ distinguished gathering, were already emblems of this world’s power. Right now, they were actually chased out by this armored cultivator… this type of scene made them even doubt their own eyes.

Chi Yuyin and the others’ pupils instantly contracted.

They were closest to Lin Xi’s withdrawing group. They could sense the aura rippling around these people’s bodies more clearly than anyone else, also able to sense just how terrifying the aura coming from that suit of armor was.


The instant Lin Xi saw these Fiend Race cultivators, he immediately screamed out ferociously again.

All of these Fiend Race cultivators didn’t feel the slightest hesitation. Giant and beautiful flowers released a strange watery mist, bringing these Fiend Race cultivators into the skies.

In this instant, Chi Mang also completed two rounds of rapid firing.

Six green colored arrows swiftly tore through the air and passed through the white mist, landing on the sapphire colored armor that had just emerged from the white mist.

The six green arrows, upon making contact with the armor, instantly turned into six dark red ‘octopuses’. They tightly wrapped around and sucked on the armor, releasing screaming noises as they burned intensely.

This type of crazily twisting burning plant was something the surrounding Yunqin officials and soldiers had never seen before, an unimaginable scene.

However, this scene continued for less than a breath of time.

The countless golden strands of light that seeped out from the armor’s surface crushed all of these dark red ‘burning octopuses’. They turned into burning ashes, falling off the armor’s surface.

The armor’s surface was still smooth and glossy like new, not even a charred black trace left behind.

Chi Mang’s fingers became rigid.

He felt his body become swept by this armor’s sapphire eyes, mysteriously feeling like it wasn’t that the enemy couldn’t evade his six arrows, but rather that he felt it completely beneath him to evade them.

Golden radiance appeared in the sky.

The pure golden Meteor Sky Phoenix Ruirui was also already prepared to rescue Lin Xi’s group.

However, right at this time, a wave of sharp noise sounded from the back of Zhang Ping’s armor.

Black golden thin blades rushed out from the two sapphire colored pieces of thick armor on the shoulder blade region, forming two massive black metal wings behind him.

The sapphire blue metal armor released giant black wings.

The sapphire blue and black colors formed an intense contrast to begin with. However, it was precisely this clash of colors that left everyone shaken, feeling even more like this armor was full of a demonic nature.

Zhang Ping in the armor greedily breathed in the fresh air brought in by the runes, feeling like his body became even lighter.

The instant the black wings spread, the sapphire colored armor became like a great bird, taking flight.

“Don’t tell me you all really thought that the ancient cultivators in the Immortal Devil War all fought on the ground?”

He enjoyed the graceful feeling of leaving the ground, inwardly mocking Lin Xi with an ice-cold voice.


An extremely fierce streak of sword light appeared in the sky. The azure color brilliance lit up the already dimming sky, to the extent where it even dyed all of the surging white mist into an azure blue.

Nangong Weiyang attacked again. This present world’s most powerful sword radiance carried unimaginable speed. As if it broke through the boundary of space, it directly smashed into one of the black wings behind Zhang Ping.

The countless blades on the black wings began to tremble intensely, as if the entire black wing was going to immediately shatter. However, after an intense impact, a wave of surging power rushed out from within the armor, surging into the black wings. The surface of the black wings became covered in red-purple flames.

Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword was wrapped under these red-purple flames again. Her body became momentarily rigid, her flying sword falling like a meteor. It landed in front of her, smashing open a deep crater.

Lin Xi felt a bit of hesitation.

He knew that even for Nangong Weiyang, it was straining to face this type of red-purple flame. WIth his soul force, it would definitely be even harder. However, as the pain of betrayal began to disappear under this true battle, his mind that became more and more ice-cold understood clearly that even if he couldn’t win against Zhang Ping today, he still had to gain more understanding regarding Zhang Ping’s power.

That was why after a moment of hesitation, his flying sword drew out a streak of flowing light in the sky, also decisively flying towards the wings behind Zhang Ping.

His flying sword didn’t possess Nangong Weiyang’s power, but it was even faster than hers.

Before the red-purple flames disappeared from the pitch-black wings, his flying sword already smashed heavily into the area Nangong Weiyang’s sword had just struck.

In that instant, he felt as if the soul force on his flying sword was disappearing at a shocking rate. His flying sword could no longer be controlled, dropping from the sky.

He was forced to use even great soul force to control his flying sword.

This type of feeling felt like he was dragging a burning mountain.

The flying sword rapidly flew backwards.

He immediately completely cut off his connection with this flying sword. However, after just this brief interaction, a blast of bloody mist shot out of his mouth.

Zhang Ping’s body turned in the air. His arms rested naturally at his sides. Two powerful waves of heat erupted from his hands, brushing against his two black wings.

All of the feather-like blades on the black wings released pleasant sounds like that of wind chimes.

His speed in the air immediately became several times faster!

The Immortal Butterfly Flowers were only good at prolonged flight, they didn’t excel at speed. Before Chi Yuyin and the others could even completely recover from the shock of Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi’s sword being defeated, Zhang Ping was already only a few dozen steps from them!

Chi Yuyin’s breathing suddenly stopped.

Right now, they had already reached several dozen meters in the air. If Zhang Ping charged into their group, even if they weren’t directly killed, this type of close combat battle would definitely damage all of the Immortal Butterfly Flowers. Falling from this type of height would be extremely hard to endure even for them.

In the amount of time it took for sparks to fly off a flint, she already knew that there was no way of stopping Zhang Ping’s approach. Her eyes flickered with a decisive expression.

“All of you get down!”

After giving out the order for everyone else to rapidly descend, she instead rushed at Zhang Ping, blocking in front of him.

Zhang Ping looked at Chi Yuyin with the expression of looking at a corpse.

A wave of tremendous power formed in his right palm. Then, he sent out a fist towards Chi Yuyin who blocked in front of him.

A blast of scarlet red flames erupted from his fist. Then, under the sacred level power surging from his body, countless even finer strands of flames shot out. They quickly lengthened in the air like countless streaks of red runes. He rushed fiercely at Chi Yuyin.

In his imagination, not only would Chi Yuyin’s body have many holes opened up, these rune-like flaming streaks would even catch the Fiend Race cultivators behind her.

However, the moment before these flaming streaks made contact with Chi Yuyin’s body, he saw seven strange gemstones float in front of Chi Yuyin’s body.

He frowned slightly, recalling that these seven gemstones had appeared in Thousand Leaf Pass’ distinguished meeting as Lin Xi’s secret weapon. A flicker of radiance even more so appeared in his mind. A completely new concept and the greed that emerged shortly afterwards instantly flooded his entire body.

Streaks of flames smashed into the green runes released by the seven gemstones outside Chi Yuyin’s body.

Under the battering of tremendous power, these green runes’ radiance linked up together, forming a green barrier.

Not a single one of the flame streaks could pass through, the majority of them blocked by this green barrier, unable to harm Chi Yuyin and the rapidly descending Fiend Race cultivators behind her at all. However, under the impact of tremendous power, the Immortal Butterfly Flower around Chi Yuyin’s body exploded like a set of clothes.

Together with the green barrier, she was knocked flying like a rubber ball, falling downwards.

“I’ll go.”

Nangong Weiyang gave Lin Xi who was coughing blood a look, only saying these two words.

Her flying sword flew out again. However, it was no longer as heavy and fierce like before. It arrived behind Chi Yuyin like a tide. After more than ten strikes, Chi Yuyin’s falling momentum was completely neutralized. When she was several meters from the ground, Chi Yuyin’s figure landed steadily.

Regardless of whether it was the flying sword’s rising and falling, or the scene of Zhang Ping forcing all of the Fiend Race cultivators to land, for ordinary cultivators and soldiers, these scenes were normally unimaginable. That was why only at this moment did the Yunqin soldiers around the workshop react to what happened.

A high ranking Yunqin officer finally set his resolution. Under his military order, countless bows and crossbows immediately sounded.

Arrows screamed as they rose into the air. More and more black color and metal radiance appeared in the sky, gathering into an even more terrifying scene. In the end, a terrifying black expanse of arrows shot towards Zhang Ping in the sky.

“All of you don’t wish to kill the one who has committed regicide but rather me? Are all of you scared of his power, or is it because you feel like he is a good person?” Zhang Ping didn’t have any intention of avoiding this storm of arrows. In this instant, he only looked at these arrow firing Yunqin soldiers, saying this slowly with an extremely cold voice.

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