Book 16 Chapter 30 - So-Called Childish Dream

Lin Xi didn’t expect Zhang Ping to actually harbor so much evil. His heart completely grew cold. He looked at Zhang Ping, and then said one word after another, “This world is already no longer one of devils.”

Zhang Ping’s lips were full of mockery as he said, “It is similarly already no longer an age of the Divine General, but rather my age.”

“Even if it is as you say, that the two of us are the only devils in this world, and that you mock me as being the weakest devil in this world of devils.” Lin Xi looked at the elated Zhang Ping and said coldly, “You are nothing more than a cultivator who hasn’t cultivated the devil dao for that long. You still cannot compare to the cultivators who have reached the peak of devil dao back then. Even in this type of age, you are but a weak devil.”

“You are wrong. I will become more powerful, I will grasp everything.” Zhang Ping looked at Lin Xi like he was looking at a pitiful creature. “I have already experienced this type of feeling… from the moment I crossed Thousand Sunset Mountain, I grasped all fate. When I gave you those nauseating black worms, it was so that you could also have a taste. When I said that I want to see you kill Yunqin Emperor and return after you get revenge, it was nothing more than rushing you to reach the sacred level a bit faster.”

“By forcing you to reach the sacred level faster, the price I paid is similarly to make your body experience quite a few injuries. Moreover, I would be able to quickly arrive at Central Continent City, complete many things the previous Purgatory Mountain Patriarch wanted to complete.”

“Of course, there were some matters that didn’t go as planned.”

After a slight pause, he looked at Lin Xi and said, “According to my plans, after you killed Yunqin Emperor, I would incite a bit of public opinion to turn you into a sinner who committed regicide, likely turn you into the enemy of all of Yunqin Empire. However, I never expected Yunqin Emperor to actually have this deep side to him, actually even merging souls with Principal Zhang’s Qilin. He should have died under your hands, yet he instead died under the wrath of Central Continent City’s people. That is why I have always believed that every single person has a chance of changing. So what if Yunqin’s late emperor and Principal Zhang experienced so much together? Don’t tell me that just a still wet behind the ears Changsun Jinse could even make Principal Zhang disappear from the world?”

“Everything you grasp right now is only because of our trust in you.” Lin Xi looked at Zhang Ping. “You’ve thought about so many things, but don’t tell me that you never considered this?”

“Grasping everything includes controlling the people’s will. Cultivators aren’t ordinary people to begin with, this is especially true about Green Luan Academy and Purgatory Mountain’s cultivators, they should be existences that transcend the world to begin with. Green Luan Academy getting involved with the world of ordinary people is a mistake in itself.” Zhang Ping coldly answered, “There was something else that was unexpected, which was that you all noticed the manufacturing of the single-wheeled puppets in Rong Workshop. This has indeed messed up my plans.”

Zhang Ping’s eyes shifted to Qin Xiyue. He looked at Qin Xiyue’s ice-cold but still beautiful appearance, at her tall chest, at her wonderful figure, her slender legs. “My plans were originally to continue having all of you trust me. Everyone would continue to trust me, and then one day, because Lin Xi killed Yunqin Emperor, he would suddenly die under a certain Yunqin assassination. Afterwards, I would be able to erase all of your traces, properly manage this world. I would do what everyone else has failed to achieve, make everyone feel that I am more powerful than anyone else, and then Qin Xiyue would like me and become my wife. Each spring, the two of us would be holding hands, offering you a flower together. However, these developments have already changed everything.”

When she pictured what Zhang Ping said, Qin Xiyue immediately felt anger and humiliation. Then, she felt disgust.

“You disgust me.” She said seriously while looking into Zhang Ping’s eyes.

“After everything I’ve done for you, this is what I receive in return?” Zhang Ping also looked peacefully into her beautiful eyes and said this.

Qin Xiyue shook her head. “You didn’t do all of this for me, you have always been acting for yourself. No matter what kind of excuse you use right now, it cannot change the reality of your own selfishness and inferiority. You have no concept of treating others how they treat you, the only thing you have left me with is being unable to understand you at all, making me picture your sickening fantasy.”

“I am about to make my move.” Nangong Weiyang turned around to look at Lin Xi, seriously saying this.

She already didn’t want to listen to Zhang Ping say anything else, but Lin Xi told her not to make a move. That was why she had to receive Lin Xi’s agreement before attacking.

“You are already the world’s most powerful cultivator. Why do you still have to act like a bum beetle, have to acquire his permission first, listen to his opinion?” Zhang Ping shouted loudly in mockery without waiting for Lin Xi to speak.

Nangong Weiyang unexpectedly seriously thought over this question.

However, she then looked at Zhang Ping and casually said, “Because I like him.”

Everyone here was stunned.

It was because the one who said these words was Nangong Weiyang.

Zhang Ping laughed again. He seemed to have already recalled how to laugh, only, this smile was no longer the smile of a person, but rather the smile of the devil.

“Very good, very good. Everyone likes Young Sir Lin, all of you like Lin Xi. Even if it is Bian Linghan, even you, Hua Jiyue, might like Lin Xi. If Lin Xi liked you, all of you might have become his wives as well.”

“You are absolutely correct.” Hua Jiyue sneered, nodding without any hesitation. “All of us like Lin Xi, because he is worthy of our fondness. However, we will similarly like other people, but you just refuse to become someone people like.”

“That is why all of you must hate me bitterly now.” The corners of Zhang Ping’s lips curled upwards. He slowly shook his head. “However, this seems to be a curse. Ever since I left the academy, misfortune and fortune seemed to always be dancing around me. When I was chosen to cultivate Devil Transformation, someone warned me ahead of time that this was something that would most likely result in death, yet I made it through. After I was discovered to be a spy in Purgatory Mountain, according to normal reason, I should have suffered endless unimaginable cruelties, been thrown into the deepest depths, the most suffocating mines, and worked numbly until my death, yet the one who noticed I was a spy was instead another Yunqin spy. I was chosen to enter Sky Devil Prison Plains. The countless generations of people sent from Purgatory Mountain previously all died, yet I was ordered to head deeper inside. In the end, I became the sole survivor out of ten thousand people, I even obtained the true inheritance of Sky Devil Palace, learning about the events that weren’t recorded in any of the records. After that Thousand Leaf Pass distinguished meeting, I also felt like there was no chance you all would win against Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, yet I decided to take the gamble that would completely alter my fate, choosing not to try and escape from Purgatory Mountain. Then, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was actually killed by Big Black, thus turning me into the new Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. I have always wandered around the brink of death, thrown to this border again and again by the heavens, yet I was able to survive again and again.”

Nangong Weiyang suddenly felt a bit of unease.

She rarely felt this type of emotion. However, a certain aura of intuition made her begin to feel a  bit uneasy.

“If all of you didn’t discover Rong Workshop earlier, but rather noticed this place first, then I would have died. However, fortune still favored me. What you all discovered was Rong Workshop and not this place, which is why I will still survive this time.” Zhang Ping took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled. He gave Lin Xi a deep look and said, “I believe you ought to remember that when you met me by Summer Spirit Lakeside, I told you that I was naturally drawn to runes. I told you that I wanted to enter the Natural Arts Department, that my dream was to create the most powerful soul weapon. In reality, no matter how immature I was back then, I knew that the reason why dreams would be dreams was because they were nearly impossible to achieve. Yet today, all of you will witness the realization of that dream.”

Nangong Weiyang frowned. She raised her head.

She didn’t hesitate any longer.

The instant she raised her head, she truly made her move.

Endless brooks gathered into a river, endless rivers converged to form an ocean… The instant she raised her head, an ocean-like torrent of endless power formed in front of her.

After Purgatory Mountain Patriarch and Ni Henian’s deaths, she was already this world’s publicly acknowledged most powerful Sacred Expert.

Meanwhile, at this moment, the power of her attack was even greater than when she faced Purgatory Mountain Patriarch in Thousand Leaf Pass before.

In this entire passage, dark blue radiance gathered to form true water lines.

The graceful flying sword carried mountainous power as it smashed towards Zhang Ping.

However, Zhang Ping only turned around, walking towards the nearby shadows.

In the shadows was a large pile of black and red chains.

Two massive Flame Titans stood side by side, their bodies blocking in front of Nangong Weiyang like shields.

The flying sword smashed fiercely into these two Flame Titans’ bodies.

The tremendous power instantly carved out countless sword scars on these two Flame Titans’ bodies.

However, right at this instant, Zhang Ping’s hands landed on those chains.

Sacred level power erupted from his body for the first time.

Several dozen chains flew, entering the bodies of the two Flame Titans.

The vital energies in these two Flame Titans’ bodies surged towards him along these chains.

Beneath the chains was a set of armor that had never appeared before in this world.

The density of the sapphire blue thick metal exceeded the imagination of all cultivators in this world, making this set of armor’s size equivalent to two sets of Green King Heavy Armor.

Golden runes interweaved in an extremely profound manner on the sapphire blue armor.

Inside the amor flickered the radiance of red-purple mist, as if it was an entirely different world.

The instant the chains flew, this armor suddenly broke apart, turning into over a thousand differently sized pieces of armor, floating upwards.

Then, Zhang Ping seemed to have entered a whole new world, immersing himself in the red-purple radiance.

All of these armor plates lowered, gathering around his body.


Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword passed through these two Flame Titans’ bodies.

The two Flame Titans’ massive bodies fell backwards.

However, in this instant, Zhang Ping already disappeared from everyone’s sight. He was already inside of that sapphire blue suit of armor.

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