Book 16 Chapter 20 - Sword Sacrifice

It was precisely because the bodies of cultivators were brittle compared to their power that every single cultivator cherished their body greatly.

Yunqin Emperor wasn’t just an ordinary cultivator. Every strand of hair and every inch of his skin were more precious than any other Central Continent City cultivator’s. Normally, even if there was a slight cut, it would be a huge event that would shake up Yunqin, let alone today when half of his palm was directly sliced off by Lin Xi’s sword.

It was also only when this half palm separated from his body, when blood surged out along with soul force that this endlessly ambitious monarch who already hadn’t experienced physical pain for many, many years finally realized amidst the pain that everything he had, everything he relied on, was already all gone.

Under the thunder radiance descending from True Dragon Mountain, he was completely knocked down into an ordinary mortal, only able to fight like those cultivators in Central Continent City who looked like nothing more than ants in his eyes.

“Don’t tell me that this is my ending?”

The moment half of his palm left his body, he instead stopped his howling and began to laugh with true madness.

“Is it that joyful destroying someone’s entire life? I wonder if your Green Luan Academy’s people have ever wondered that perhaps without Green Luan Academy, this world might instead be better?”

Lin Xi heard Yunqin Emperor’s words clearly.

He didn’t want to reply to Yunqin Emperor’s words that seemed to be rather profound, yet right now were already completely meaningless.

Meanwhile, Yunqin Emperor didn’t want to hear his reply either.

His gaze passed over the scattered streaks of golden lightning, landing on Lin Xi’s trembling flying sword.

“You’ve succeeded, you’ve successfully destroyed a monarch who had a chance of establishing a more powerful empire, you destroyed my everything.”

“That is why the final thing I can do now, is to precisely destroy you.”

“Fortunately, that technique of yours that can devour the vital energy of others isn’t completely without limitations. Breaking through into the sacred level here has also made your body suffer some damage. That is why I still have a chance of destroying you.”

When he heard Yunqin Emperor’s crazy and bitter screams, Lin Xi’s expression still remained calm, but he was actually inwardly a bit surprised.

That highest ‘Demonization’ cultivation method indeed couldn’t endlessly devour the power of another into one’s own soul force and cultivation after all. After forcefully absorbing some of the Sea Fiend King’s power, breaking through the peak of State Master level, and then shortly after taking in some of the Shadow Sacred Expert’s power, breaking through into the sacred level in one go, his body indeed exceeded the limit of what it could bear.

Moreover, when Yunqin Emperor struck away his flying sword just now, Lin Xi was also able to sense that apart from possessing the power of golden lighting, cultivators with Changsun Clan bloodline’s physical and soul force power were innately greater than cultivators of the same level.

“Do not forget that Thunder Academy was raised up single-handedly by myself. After all, Changsun Clan still has True Dragon Mountain.”

When he saw Lin Xi stabilize his flying sword again, Yunqin Emperor also spoke again. His left hand reached behind his neck, and then as if he was pulling out his own spine from the dragon robes, he pulled out a golden longsword.

Lin Xi already cut off half of Yunqin Emperor’s palm, so he naturally wouldn’t treat Yunqin Emperor with any politeness. However, the aura that was released when Yunqin Emperor brought out this golden longsword instead made him freeze up a bit.

This was a longsword that carried a strange curvature, on its surface deep grooves like joints, the sword flickering with the radiance of bone material and sturdy gemstone. The first feeling that it gave Lin Xi was that this was a powerful finger bone.

However, when his eyes stopped over those finger joints like deep grooves, he discovered that these grooves were only ring-like patterns. Moreover, this weapon didn’t give off the feeling of ever having skin attached to its surface, so a new awareness filled his mind.

This wasn’t some finger bone, but rather a longsword formed from a horn!

Was this a sword formed from the dragon horn of True Dragon Mountain’s dragon remains?

The instant Lin Xi froze up momentarily, a wave of extremely fresh aura of life flowed out from Yunqin Emperor’s right hand, pouring into this deathly still and ancient longsword.

Blood poured out from Yunqin Emperor’s broken right hand into this weapon with astonishing speed, entering this longsword’s blade.

Large amounts of blood loss made Yunqin Emperor’s cheeks seem to even sink in a bit. Moreover, as his blood flowed out, it seemed to carry other parts of Yunqin Emperor’s vitality with it. Even his hair began to turn pale.

The golden longsword not only didn’t shine, it instead became a dull golden color. It was a color that immediately made Lin Xi think that this was just like the color of endless light and heat covering the sword when it flew through the nine heavens, yet the sword itself didn’t suffer any damage at all.

“Green Luan Academy’s most powerful soul weapon is Big Black… while this sword is Thunder Academy’s most powerful soul weapon. Even if it was Ni Henian, he obtained some important insights from this sword, and only then did he become Central Continent City’s most powerful cultivator.”

Yunqin Emperor stared at Lin Xi with a cold and vicious gaze, slowly saying, “This sword doesn’t have a name to this date. Today, after sacrificing a Divine General to it, it can then be called Godslayer.”

Cultivators had to remain absolutely vigilant against anything unknown. Lin Xi’s fighting experience might be far greater than Yunqin Emperor’s, which was why when he faced this sword, he only brought his flying sword back in front of him, adopting a defensive stance.

The thunderclouds that surrounded Central Continent City’s skies began to gradually dim.

The massive pillars of lightning that descended from the sky still seemed extremely terrifying, but they were already starting to become sparse.

Even Central Continent City’s ordinary people began to see the true scene above the Imperial Palace’s central main road.

When everyone saw that Lin Xi was safe and sound just like the emperor, moreover his body also flickering with golden lightning, these Yunqin common people went completely mad. They didn’t know what they were supposed to do at all. They couldn’t reject the ideology that had already accumulated in their bones for so many years, which was why the same thought filled many people’s heads: Could it be that even the heavens felt that the emperor’s sins could not be tolerated? Lin Xi’s actions were precisely the will of heaven?

Lin Xi’s ‘destruction’ Yunqin Emperor previously spoke of was precisely saying that Lin Xi destroyed something intrinsic within these people’s hearts, destroyed the final thing he depended on, what he used to fight against Green Luan Academy.

That was why he didn’t hesitate to use his own blood and life as the trigger to activate this sword, end Lin Xi’s life.

When the longsword in his hand completely became a dark golden color, he released a fierce roar, thrusting this sword in Lin Xi’s direction.

This sword released true sword radiance. Then, with this sword as the center, it actually formed a longsword that was several dozen times larger!

The sword radiance gathered into a massive sword that wasn’t dark golden, but rather a mixture of golden and bright red. It was incredibly brilliant and dazzling.

The instant Yunqin Emperor’s sword thrusted out, Lin Xi’s flying sword already quickly moved in front of him, forming a barrier made of countless transparent small swords.

However, when the would be Godslayer smashed into this formation, the massive sword radiance instantly tore through the entire barrier, shattering it!

Lin Xi released a light groan. His body fell backwards like a fallen bird. Only after continuously taking several dozen steps backwards did he completely avoid this sword’s power.

A large portion of this sword’s power clearly came from the sword itself.

He thought of the bone sword Wenren Cangyue obtained from Li Ku.

From a certain perspective, this sword was just like a dragon’s bone sword.

Yunqin Emperor felt a bit of happiness. He didn’t stop at all, his entire body rushing in the direction Lin Xi retreated in, once again thrusting out the sword at Lin Xi.

According to normal reasoning, Lin Xi who was flying backwards by sending out large amounts of soul force under his feet shouldn’t be able to deal with Yunqin Emperor’s continuous strikes.

However, Lin Xi was never a cultivator who could be assessed through normal reasoning.

Even if his unique status as a Divine General was thrown aside, the speed at which his soul force could move through his body was something only Gu Xinyin could compare to. This was especially the case after he formally broke through to the Sacred Expert level, his perception and reaction speed also brought him into a whole new world.

When the blood red and golden giant sword was less than three steps from him, another barrier made of transparent sword lights blocked in front of him.

A fine cracking noise and countless strong streams of air blasted outwards. Lin Xi’s body flashed backwards several dozen steps again.

Yunqin Emperor who already thrusted out twice continued to rush forward, but didn’t immediately release a third strike.

His cheeks were as pale as Central Continent City’s white snow, but his pupils instead looked like they were going to burst into flames. He looked at the retreating Lin Xi and coldly said, “Do you believe that I don’t know Divine Generals have double the soul force of ordinary cultivators? That is why you don’t need to try and use this type of method to exhaust my soul force and win.”

Under his cold laughter, extremely powerful soul force poured out crazily from his hands. THe sword he held no longer calmly stabbed out, but rather hacked out.

The blood red and golden sword radiance surged from the sword again. This radiance still gathered into a huge sword several dozen times its initial size, but it wasn’t condensed to the sword surface like the two previous thrusts, instead breaking free from the dark golden longsword and flying outwards!

This sword that was several dozen times larger than an ordinary longsword, following Yunqin Emperor’s brandishing, actually turned into a real flying sword. It spiraled through the air, smashing down towards Lin Xi with a loud boom noise!

Barriers of light already formed in front of this giant sword.

Lin Xi was naturally able to precisely seize the position where this large sword was hacking. However, right now, he could already sense that the dark golden longsword in Yunqin Emperor’s hand began to flicker with sword radiance again.

This meant that under Yunqin Emperor’s control, that sword in his hand was just like a Revolving Blade Cart that could continuously fire. Moreover, he could control the flight trajectory of every single massive sword.

The simultaneous attacks of several giant swords was something Lin Xi had no chance of blocking.

That was why Lin Xi didn’t evade. Two rumbling noises erupted beneath his feet. Under the surging snow, his body instantly arrived less than ten steps from Yunqin Emperor’s!

At this time, Lin Xi believed that only in a close quarters battle, would he have a chance of defeating Yunqin Emperor.

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