Book 16 Chapter 19 - Within the Thunder Radiance, Who is Invincible

“If you have the guts, then why don’t you come at me just like that Shadow Sacred Expert did just now?”

These words seemed a bit frivolous in this type of grave and serious situation.

Only, Yunqin Emperor who was had already been swallowed up in berserk rage instead sensed many deeper meanings behind Lin Xi’s words.

In the beginning, he spread the news of Lin Xi’s arrival to the entire city, resulting in half the city becoming empty. All of Central Continent City’s people gathered in the half of the city in front of the Imperial Palace. However, even though Lin Xi used the most simple and ruthless methods, he still didn’t see the scene of the people’s wrath, the scene of endless people rushing at Lin Xi to kill him.

Lin Xi’s words were already vaguely mocking him to forget about trying to coerce Central Continent City’s people, saying that he could now only rely on his own strength.

At the same time, Lin Xi’s words allowed him to understand that Lin Xi definitely already reached a set amount of understanding towards that ‘heaven’s wrath’ during Wen Xuanshu’s Autumn Sacrifice, and this understanding was already endlessly close to the truth.

He originally believed that his anger towards Lin Xi had already reached a limit.

However, the contempt and provocation behind Lin Xi’s words instead made all of the rage within him flourish even more so like wild grass in spring.

“You are quite smart.” Yunqin Emperor looked at Lin Xi with endless rage, saying with a cold laugh, “However, even if you were the past Principal Zhang, he still needed the help of Changsun Clan’s power to do some of the things he wanted to do. Do you truly believe that you alone could destroy Changsun Clan’s centuries of foundation?”

Lin Xi looked at him and calmly said, “The one who has destroyed Changsun Clan’s centuries of foundation is you yourself.”

“These types of words are meaningless. This Emperor already feels the deepest loathing for your face.”

Yunqin Emperor turned around, slowly moving along the Imperial City’s exceptionally wide central main street. “If you dare kill this Emperor, then you can come right in.”

“Why not?”

Lin Xi gave a natural reply, and then he began to walk towards the palace gates in front of him.

Even though everyone already completely understood Lin Xi’s intentions, when they heard Lin Xi’s direct reply, saw his figure walk towards the Imperial Palace, most of them still found it almost impossible to take in.

Several dozen Yunqin officials rushed out from the Imperial Palace gates to stop Lin Xi’s advance.

“Do not stop me.” Lin Xi looked at these horrified officials, saying seriously, “None of you can stop me.”

These officials were mostly civil officials, not cultivators. Meanwhile, when the cultivators in the Imperial Palace heard Lin Xi’s words, their bodies all went rigid. They knew that what Lin Xi said was real.

When Lin Xi was at the peak of State Master level, he already killed the Shadow Sacred Expert. Now, he already broke through into the sacred level. Central Continent City didn’t have an existence like Ni Henian anymore, so there wasn’t a single cultivator here who could stop Lin Xi.

“Let him in.”

Yunqin Emperor spoke at this time.

When his voice sounded, all of the Yunqin officials blocking in front of Lin Xi felt their eyes blur. When they turned around to look, Lin Xi already passed through the palace gates, stepping onto the golden central main street.

Yunqin Emperor had his hands behind his back as he gazed towards True Dragon Mountain.

His rage gradually dimmed. When he heard the footsteps behind him, he also began to truly feel doubt. Could it be that Divine General truly signified omnipotence?

However, he thought back to a certain thing he had previously done. His eyes narrowed slightly.

“Divine Generals can also die.”

When he turned around with narrowed eyes and breathed in the Imperial Palace’s ice-cold air, he slowly said this to himself as he looked at Lin Xi who seemed to be standing in a sea of gold.

Then, he raised his head towards the heavens.

The instant he raised his head, a wave of majestic aura surged from his body, scattering in all directions and pouring into the golden tiles beneath him.

The breathing of everyone in Central Continent City already completely stopped.

Countless fine streaks of golden lightning leapt out from his body, forming a thick golden pillar of lightning, rushing into the heavens with him at the center.

In this instant, Yunqin Emperor maintained absolute vigilance.

He believed that Lin Xi would make his move at this instant.

With Lin Xi’s current Sacred Expert level cultivation, if he then used Devil Transformation, even if he only used a flying sword, it would pose a fatal threat to him. It was to the extent where Lin Xi might still have other formidable items from the academy on him.

However, Lin Xi only calmly stood in place. His longsword was still resting obediently in his hands.

The giant pillar of golden lightning rushed into the heavens, tearing through the clouds, illuminating the Imperial City skies golden. Lin Xi’s entire body was also dyed in a layer of gold. On this exceptionally wide road that could accommodate nine carriages moving through the Imperial City side by side, he who faced this pillar of lightning also suddenly seemed extremely insignificant.

However, he still faced it calmly, not moving at all.

The skies above Central Continent City looked like they were about to welcome a divine kingdom.

Everyone in Central Continent City carried emotions of fear and shock similar to that Autumn Sacrifice as they raised their heads towards the sky.

The endless golden thunderclouds were just like the golden armor of a Divine General, also like the dragon scales of a divine dragon as they appeared above. Then, they began to crush downwards like dark mountains.

Golden thunder radiance began to flow by the edges of the thunderclouds.

A streak of golden lightning crashed down following a tremendous BOOM noise.

After one streak were countless others.

Endless pillar-like streaks of golden lightning poured down like a crazy storm.

Confidence and prestige filled Yunqin Emperor’s face again.

Under this type of thunder radiance, he sensed all of Central Continent City’s fear and servitude.

He felt like under this type of thunder radiance, at the very least, between him and Lin Xi, these common people who once again sensed the wrath of heaven would naturally make the right choice.

A streak of golden pillar of lightning smashed into his body, but flowed down along his body like water.


Under this type of thunder radiance, I am the one who is invincible.

He thought with a bit of joy as he looked towards Lin Xi.

Lin Xi still stood right in the middle of that path without moving.

The moment his entire body was flowing with golden lightning, when he looked at Lin Xi, a streak of thick golden lightning also smashed down from the skies, crashing down towards Lin Xi.

Lin Xi still didn’t move.

Only, golden radiance also began to appear on his body. It wasn’t a golden color from the external thunder radiance, but rather his own body that was releasing golden thunder radiance.

The thick golden lightning hacked down onto his body.

It was as if a golden stream poured down on his entire body, submerging him within, and then crashed onto the floor before scattering apart.

Yunqin Emperor was waiting for him to be blasted flying by this streak of lightning.

However, what appeared was a scene that never appeared even in his dreams.

His breathing and heart seemed to have stopped in this instant.

His body first began to slowly tremble, and then began to twitch.

“How is this possible?!”

Under this type of thunder radiance, this Emperor who was supposed to have reached his most powerful state seemed like a child who had his candy stolen, and was then bullied and beaten up, starting to scream and cry out.

The golden lightning continued to pour down from above.

The great rumbling noises covered Yunqin Emperor’s screams and cries.

However, because Lin XI was standing on the Imperial Palace main street without moving at all from the beginning until now, as the pillars of golden lightning weaved about, more and more people saw that Lin Xi was still standing there calmly.

More and more people saw that Lin Xi’s body was also flickering with golden lightning.

The Yunqin officials whose heads were empty also saw this scene. They felt as if the entire world they were familiar with had been completely toppled in this instant.

Many people completely lost their ability to stand, falling to the ground.

Most people couldn’t understand what they were feeling, starting to scream and cry out.

Under the thunder radiance, Lin Xi calmly watched the shaking and howling Yunqin Emperor.

He could understand Yunqin Emperor’s current emotions.

Everything that originally belonged to him, everything he believed in, when all of this completely collapsed, no one would be able to endure it. It was just like that day he first woke up in Deerwood Town, when he noticed that the world he was familiar with was completely gone, discovered that he had completely been abandoned in this entirely different world, he had also screamed out in mad hysteria.

Moreover, the one who shattered Yunqin Emperor’s entire word was also the one who he hated the most bitterly.

Yunqin Emperor believed that his most powerful weapon was precisely himself, in this concept that was deeply rooted in the hearts of this world’s people for countless years.

However, he just never would have imagined that this would similarly be the final weapon Lin Xi used against him.

Lin Xi had always concealed this during all of his previous most difficult battles.

“I am going to kill you!”

Yunqin Emperor howled as he looked at the calm Lin Xi. He screamed out like a wild beast, his hands smashing forward. Several streaks of golden lightning gathered together in front of him and blasted at Lin Xi.

His body also began to charge crazily  at Lin Xi along with this streak of lightning.

Lin Xi calmly waited for these several streaks of golden lightning to reach him, and then scatter aside like a waterfall.

Then, he took a step forward and drew his sword.

Yunqin Emperor’s right palm was directly pierced by the sharp edge.

As the biting cold sword energy moved along his arm, the sharp sword continued to cut into flesh, moving forward. When it reached his heart, Yunqin Emperor who completely lost his rationality finally woke up under the pain and intuitive reaction.

His body’s soul force poured out from his feet without regard for anything else, propelling his entire body backwards like a stone flung out of a Stone Catapult Cart.

Lin Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly. His hand separated from his longsword.

However, his soul force still continued to pour into this longsword’s runes.

He was already a true sword controlling Sacred Expert.

That was why his sword moved even faster than when it was in his hand!

Before the true threat of death, Yunqin Emperor finally completely woke up. The instant the sword radiance already pierced through his chest’s skin, his left hand struck the flying sword that left his right palm.

A muffled thud sounded.

Lin Xi’s flying sword was struck flying by his strike.

At the same time, half of his right hand’s palm had also been hacked off by the spinning flying sword.

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