Book 16 Chapter 18 - Becoming Sacred

The Shadow Sacred Expert released an exceptionally bitter scream

His flying sword was defeated by his enemy, even the reaction and speed of a Sacred Expert lost under his opponent without any reasoning at all.

His bitter scream carried too many emotions.

Within this bitter scream, he first turned his entire body into a large sword, charging fiercely at Lin Xi.

Even though his eyes had already become completely blind, his perception still existed. That was why his retaliation was still extremely ferocious.

Lin Xi didn’t retreat.

When his eyes released two streaks of bright light that passed through the icy mist with absolute accuracy, blinding this Shadow Sacred Expert, he already leaned forward, rushing forward and gripping the hilt of his own sword.

His longsword was stuck in the Juliu Hand.

His body seemed like it didn’t carry any weight, sticking to this sword.

That was why the instant the Shadow Sacred Expert exerted force, Lin Xi’s body flew out backwards together with his flying sword, with speed equal to the Shadow Sacred Expert.

His arm together with his flying sword was far longer than Shadow Sacred Expert’s hand. That was why the Shadow Sacred Expert’s ‘fingers as sword’ thrust remained a few feet from him, unable to penetrate into his body. Only the soul force that rushed forth smashed into his body.

The Shadow Sacred Expert didn’t have much close quarters battle experience for over ten years. It was to the extent where he almost forgot what a close quarters fight was.

In this instant, he only relied on his instincts. His right hand exerted force, wishing to drag Lin Xi together with the sword before him.

Lin Xi let go.

During this type of shocking situation where he fought a Sacred Expert in close quarters, he only released his grip on his own longsword in an extremely calm manner.

Because of the soul force surging from the Shadow Sacred Expert’s finger sword, his body flew backwards with even greater speed than just now. At the same time, he released Radiance again.

Once again, two beams of pure and dazzling light were released from his eyes.

These two streaks of light smashed fiercely into the Shadow Sacred Expert’s eyes again.

The Shadow Sacred Expert’s body that was like a comet suddenly froze momentarily.

These two streaks of light smashed into his dried and cracking eyes, and then entered his brain through their depths.

After freezing up for a moment in the air, he then continued to rush forward. However, he was now already like a warhorse on the battlefield with its front hooves cut. A breath later, his body fell, crashing into the ground!

The instant his body made contact with the floor, endless rubble flew in all directions from the hard rock floor. At the same time, countless bone fracturing noises sounded from his body.

All of the cultivators spectating this battle were speechless.

Just these countless crackling bone splitting noises made them certain that when the Shadow Sacred Expert was falling to the ground, he already couldn’t couldn’t control his own soul force… This could only mean that this Shadow Sacred Expert was already finished.

Every single Central Continent City cultivator here had witnessed many battles during their lifetime, there were many among them who even secretly watched battles between Sacred Experts when the emperor dealt with Jiang and Zhong Families. However, not even those battles left them as horrified and speechless as this one.

It was because this was not only a battle where one skipped levels to defeat a sacred level individual, the final deciding clash was even a close quarters battle.

Lin Xi’s final hold and release of his sword looked simple, but during this time, if there was even the slightest bit of difference in the force he exerted compared to the Shadow Sacred Expert, the one who would have died in the end would be Lin Xi, and not that Shadow Sacred Expert!

The higher the level of the cultivator, the more they felt like Lin Xi’s perception transcending grasp over timing was without any reasoning, the more they felt like there were huge rocks weighing down on their chests.

Under countless shocked and speechless pairs of eyes, Lin Xi’s feet landed on the snowy land.

The Shadow Sacred Expert’s body drew out a long, deep gorge in the ground, sliding all the way until it was right in front of him before stopping.

Countless bones pierced through his skin and clothes, exposed outside his body.

His body was also bloody and full of dents from being smashed by rubble. The scene really was too horrible.

Compared to their power, the bodies of cultivators were too weak. The greater the power, the greater the chance of causing tremendous harm to oneself once the cultivator lost control.

If one used sacred level power to change the entire body into a powerful sword, but then lost control, then once that cultivator’s flesh body smashed into the ground, it would be no different than being struck by this powerful sword himself.

The Shadow Sacred Expert whose body carved out a deep groove in the ground and rushed up to Lin Xi was already no different from a lump of hot congee. It was to the extent where he already couldn’t utter any complete sounds. However, while strange noises were being uttered from his mouth, blood continuously surging from his lips, he still widened his two empty eye sockets and stared rigidly in Lin Xi’s direction.

Lin Xi walked up to him, leaning over to fetch his own longsword.

However, he discovered that what was currently clamping down on his longsword wasn’t only his hand. Who knew where that Shadow Sacred Expert’s strength was coming from right now, but his badly mangled hand was still rigidly gripping this Juliu hand, refusing to let go.

Lin Xi understood that the Shadow Sacred Expert still carried unwillingness in his heart. As such, he shook his head, saying with a bit of pity, “I am a Divine General. No one in this world can grasp timing better than me.”

A long exhale sounded from the Shadow Sacred Expert’s throat.

It was unsure if Lin Xi’s words allowed him to die in peace, but after this sound was released, his breathing completely cut off.

Yunqin Emperor’s cold and thin brows slowly rose upwards.

Even though Lin Xi once again proved that Divine Generals could defeat opponents of higher cultivation levels than themselves, to the extent where he could do it without a soul weapon like Big Black that fully drew out a Divine General’s power, in his opinion, this wasn’t an easy victory for Lin Xi.

Among Central Continent City’s Sacred Experts in the past, this Shadow Sacred Expert was indeed not a particularly strong one. That was why he only served as a shadow.

If it was a Sacred Expert who excelled in close combat in his place today, the results would be entirely different.

“Even though you won this battle, you are still not a Sacred Expert. How could you possibly kill me?”

He looked at Lin Xi, unable to hold back his mockery.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed slightly.

He didn’t reply to his words, instead only taking a deep breath.

Following his deep inhale, some Central Continent City high level cultivators saw that the blood vessels under Lin Xi’s skin seemed like swimming runes.

Then, these vessels really did seem to have become true runes.

All of his skin’s pores seemed to expand, becoming paths for the flowing of endless natural vital energy.

Many cultivators vaguely felt like in this instant, some of the Shadow Sacred Expert’s power that was dissipating in the air was swallowed by Lin Xi!

Apart from Yunqin Emperor, all of the other cultivators were quite far from Lin XI. In this type of situation where their perception didn’t truly reach this place, this type of feeling was extremely vague. However, as the aura around Lin Xi’s body rippled, this type of feeling instead instantly became clear!

It was because the soul force aura rippling around Lin Xi’s body was rapidly expanding!

The snowflakes swept up by the winds even more so granted this type of transformation a visual representation.

A ring of snow spiraled around his body and then scattered with a loud noise, turning into a snowy mist that swept outwards. There were even roaring snowstorm sounds!

It was as if there was an incomparably massive giant that suddenly stood in this snowy land, establishing his own domain in this world!

In just a breath of time, the aura Lin Xi released advanced at a terrifying speed, becoming several times more powerful. It started from the raging State Master aura until it completely surpassed it, transforming into a majestic aura that transcended beyond.

An incomparably massive spherical vortex of air surrounded Lin Xi.

Even without deliberately using soul force, the snow scattering about couldn’t approach this vortex.

This was a breakthrough transformation!

Under everyone’s extreme shock, they began to react to what was happening.

Waves of alarmed cries that couldn’t be suppressed erupted continuously in Central Continent City.

This was achieving the sacred level!

Yunqin Emperor’s words didn’t seem to have even left their ears, yet Lin Xi actually already truly broke through into the Sacred Expert level!

He actually broke through into the sacred level under everyone’s eyes during this type of battle!

The calm and cold attitude on Yunqin Emperor’s face completely disappeared, transforming into a paleness and ruthlessness.

He sensed that when Lin Xi absorbed the vital energy from the air, he no longer seemed like a person, but rather like a completely crazy wild beast.

“When you’ve struck yourself in the face once again, when even your last bit of certainty has begun to disappear, I wonder just what kind of feeling it is?”

Lin Xi released a light cough, and then seriously asked while looking at Yunqin Emperor who already began to release an inhuman aura.

Yunqin Emperor never had a good impression of Lin Xi. Ever since Changsun Wujiang died in Jadefall City and Lin Xi lived, he always wanted to kill Lin Xi. When they now met again before all of Central Continent City’s people, he had always suppressed those emotions. But now, he already could not hold himself back any further.

He released a sky shaking crazy roar!

Even the snow on the Imperial Palace city walls fell from the city walls’ edge.

“This type of feeling is still not enough.”

Under his crazy vicious roaring voice, Lin Xi instead shook his head, continuing, “Only when you have truly lost what you cared about the most, will you feel that true heart wrenching lung tearing feeling, only then will you feel what I felt when I entered Central Continent City last year. Not even Changsun Wujiang was what you cared most about… What you care most about, is only your imperial position, as well as your ambitions of endlessly expanding your territory.”

Yunqin Emperor’s sky shaking roar sounded again.

He wanted to vent out all of the ruthlessness he accumulated throughout this autumn and winter in one go.

“I have something to lose?”

When the incomparably ruthless, heart chilling vicious roar disappeared, he became even colder and more malicious. “I am the Emperor. You wanted to kill me, so you will suffer the wrath of the heavens today!”

Lin Xi chuckled. He looked at Yunqin Emperor, saying with disdain, “If you have the guts, then why don’t you come at me just like that Shadow Sacred Expert did just now?”

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