Book 16 Chapter 17 - Flying Sword against Flying Sword, Radiance against Juliu Hand

Yunqin Emperor turned around silently, walked through the palace gate, and then walked on Imperial City’s central main street.

This was still Central Continent City after all. Even before Yunqin was established and before Principal Zhang appeared in Central Continent City, this was precisely Changsun Clan’s world. That was why even though everything Lin Xi had done up until now had been outside of his expectations, he still didn’t feel like he would lose this battle here.

In the eyes of many Central Continent City people, his slightly lowered head seemed to be a sign of self-blame and regret. However, when he looked at the golden bricks beneath his feet, he only coldly thought that even if he ended up dying here in the end, he would definitely drag Lin Xi and Green Luan Academy down with him.

The Shadow Sacred Expert stood outside the palace. Even though he had the entire Imperial City behind him, he didn’t feel like he had any backing. As he looked at Lin Xi who calmly looked at him, a type of unprecedented fear began to surge within him.

Only, after all, he was still a Sacred Expert. He knew that he definitely couldn’t be scared during this type of battle. As such, he took a deep breath, and then began to speak to grant himself powerful confidence, “Last winter, I lost under you because of two reasons. The first was because you possessed the most powerful soul weapon of this entire world. The other reason is that you hid your cultivation, deliberately restricting your cultivation before a breakthrough point. That was why I underestimated your cultivation.”

“Right now, you are after all still just a State Master level cultivator.” As he spoke, this Shadow Sacred Expert’s expression became cold and powerful. “Even if it is the peak of State Master level, the distance to Sacred Expert level is still like that of a giant mountain. That is why there is no way things will play out like they did last winter, for me to produce an error in judgment regarding your cultivation. That is why there is no chance of me losing today.”

“If we view this as an ordinary battle in Central Continent City, then for the sake of the satisfaction of the spectators, then we can indeed speak a few extra words of nonsense.”

Lin Xi chuckled and said, “In reality, compared to all of the brilliant and varied Sacred Experts who have come out of Central Continent City, you are still but one of the most second rate ones. It is because you only dare assassinate from the dark. In a frontal battle like this, I fear that you won’t be able to adapt at all. Last winter, after surviving, you should’ve obediently left Central Continent City to live out the rest of your life. Now that you dare stand before my path, there won’t be a good ending.”

Shadow Sacred Expert’s heart that had already calmed down began to tremble again. He could sense that these words Lin Xi spoke weren’t for him to hear, but rather for the sake of easing the mood of those Central Continent City commoners outside.

He didn’t wish to say any more.

He felt like if they continued talking, his confidence would begin to melt again.

As such, he looked at Lin Xi and released a vicious roar.

The power he released through his mouth formed a perfectly straight white line in front of him.

A streak of dead leaf like sword radiance flew out from his sleeves. It stuck along the ground and swept through endless white snow, instantly sending it all flying into a snowy mist, hiding his figure within.

The white snowy mist surged in all directions, but Lin Xi instead stood in place without moving, remaining within it.

Snow filled the air with the rise of a sword; all of Central Continent City streets’ countless observing cultivators were inwardly shocked. They thought to themselves that Sacred Experts were Sacred Experts. This type of power was enough to devour a hundred heavy cavalry within snowy mist. Lin Xi didn’t reach the sacred level yet, so what could he rely on to prevail over this Sacred Expert he vocally expressed disdain towards?

What left all of these cultivators even more shocked was that within the great blasts of snowy mist, it was as if countless lumps of flour were stretched into sword shadows. 

These sword shadows were all formed through the movements of the Shadow Sacred Expert’s flying sword.

Several hundred to over a thousand white colored sword figures all aimed at Lin Xi within, as if there were over a thousand white flying swords that floated outside Lin Xi’s body. No one knew which one was the real flying sword.

All of the spectating cultivators in the streets felt the terrifying might of this warping sword intent.

The Imperial Court’s Consecrators were Imperial Court Consecrators after all. Many cultivators who normally resided in Central Continent City had their own pride, but when they saw this type of thousand swords, they were certain that they definitely had no chance of blocking this type of sword.

However, Lin Xi, who was surrounded by these thousand illusion swords instead only raised his head up slightly.

The instant he raised his head up, that longsword on his back flew out, seemingly defying all reason. It quickly flew about in front of him in an agile manner. In this instant, countless criss-crossed transparent small swords also floated in front of him.

What was different was that these small transparent swords that seemed to be streaks of ice reflections were instead all real, all of them carrying true power.

The instant these transparent sword lights interweaved in front of his body, a certain streak of white colored snowy mist abruptly burst apart. That dried leaf-like flying sword flew out from within, stabbing into the countless streaks of transparent sword lights.

A burst of alarm sounded.

Before the cries of alarm sounded, this Shadow Sacred Expert’s face already became extremely pale. With a chi sound, a tearing sound erupted in front of his right arm. The soul force that was originally surging crazily increased its output a bit further. The dried leaf flying sword accelerated once more, stabbing towards Lin Xi’s forehead with an even more vicious stance.

The instant his flying sword made contact with the first crystal-like sword light, all of these criss-crossed sword lights in front of Lin Xi suddenly shone, also erupting with even greater power. In just a fraction of a breath of time, countless small crystal swords cut into the Shadow Sacred Expert’s flying sword.

The Shadow Sacred Expert’s flying sword that wanted to quickly rush through was forcibly slowed from the cuts. Countless fine streaks of bright fiery light erupted on the sword body.

The impact of the soul force within the sword made the soul force in the Shadow Sacred Expert’s body surge. His entire body staggered. However, together with many spectating cultivators, he discovered that under this type of clash, Lin Xi’s body wasn’t shaken in the slightest.

“Celestial Sword?”

The Shadow Sacred Expert immediately reacted, these words appearing in his mind. Then, he roared out in horror with even more certainty, “Sunset Light Sword!”

Lin Xi smiled.

His flying sword already scattered waves of sunset light in front of himself again.

Under the Shadow Sacred Expert’s fierce shout, his dried leaf colored flying sword carried countless fine fireworks like fiery light, rushing out through the transparent wisps of light, forcibly breaking out like a fish rushing out of a net.

However, once again, the air around this flying sword instead flickered with countless transparent streaks of light.

His flying sword erupted with another burst of fiery lights.

After breaking through a formation of sword scars, his flying sword entered a new sword formation.

There were still countless transparent small swords that cut into his flying sword, blocking between his flying sword and Lin Xi.

The Shadow Sacred Expert continuously tore through six layers of sunset light, and then he could no longer control his flying sword. When another mouthful of blood rushed to his throat, he knew that there was already no way for him to control this flying sword of his again.

After this mouthful of blood rushed out from his mouth, he gave up his flying sword in horror.

He abandoned the flying sword he relied on, that sword that turned into a drifting dried leaf under the interweaving sword radiance. It was hacked flying, and then fell to the ground.

ding noise sounded. His flying sword stabbed into the snow. The instant it fell, all of the spectating cultivators could not believe their eyes.

Everyone thought that Lin Xi definitely had something he relied on, but no one expected that what Lin Xi would rely on wouldn’t be some other methods from the academy, but rather purely using a flying sword to defeat the Shadow Sacred Expert’s flying sword.

The Shadow Sacred Expert’s flying sword landed behind Lin Xi.

Under many pairs of eyes filled with disbelief, Lin Xi gripped the hilt of his flying sword, and then began to walk towards this Shadow Sacred Expert.

The Shadow Sacred Expert subconsciously took a step back, but he had nowhere to retreat to.

As such, he gathered his spirits again, gripping something in his sleeves.

Lin Xi’s figure turned into an afterimage. Within several breaths of time, he already reached less than ten steps from his opponent.

His longsword shook in his hands, as if it was going to fly again.

Right at this time, the Shadow Sacred Expert’s right hand reached out from his sleeves. What was in his hand was actually a purple sand colored golden small hand!

This small golden hand was only the size of a common Yunqin ‘backscratcher’, but its fingers were exceptionally detailed and graceful, as if they were picking a flower from the air.

Juliu Hand!

This was a powerful Juliu Hand that specialized in restraining flying swords, Juliu Clan’s most powerful soul weapon!

The instant he poured his own power into this Juliu Hand, this Shadow Sacred Expert who originally stood in place without moving also began to run along the ground with unimaginable speed.

In his opinion, as long as he used this Juliu Hand Yunqin Emperor obtained from Wen Xuanshu to suppress Lin Xi’s flying sword, then there was no way Lin Xi could prevail over him. After all, regardless of whether it was in terms of perception, reaction speed or soul force power, none of these aspects could compare to him.

However, right at this time, a black small claw reached out from within Lin Xi’s sleeves with a somewhat treacherous stance.

A blast of even thicker frozen mist instantly formed in front of Lin Xi.

The Shadow Sacred Expert released a vicious roar. He only covered his entire body with soul force, and then continued to reach outwards with the Juliu Hand.

In his perception, Lin Xi’s flying sword was already approaching his left side. Borrowing the cover of this icy mist, it began to weave about to form sword scars.


The icy mist and the soul force outside his body clashed, forming a layer of white ice fragments around him. At the same time, a blast of strange vital energy fluctuations instead erupted from the Juliu Hand in his right hand. Under the infusion of his soul force, it suddenly contracted. With a zheng noise, Lin Xi’s flying sword was firmly locked within its palm. The golden metal grinded, erupting with a blast of fiery light!

Successfully sealing Lin Xi’s sword, in this type of close combat, was equivalent to sealing his victory.

Even if Lin Xi wanted to run, with his speed and power, he could still stick right to him. Lin Xi had no chance of pulling open any distance between them.

Right now, this Shadow Sacred Expert subconsciously thought that by only relying on a flying sword and not bringing a bow like Little Black, Lin Xi made a completely fatal miscalculation!

However, right at this instant, his body went rigid because of the dual sided cold attacking from outside and the chilliness he felt from within.

It was because he felt like Juliu Hand had gripped down on a dead object.

Lin Xi’s strength had already completely left this sword before Juliu Hand gripped it!

He was completely at a loss. Right at this moment, two streaks of pure and dazzling light shot out from the frozen mist, piercing through his eyes with incomparable accuracy!

He knew that this was Lin Xi focusing his power into Radiance. However, his body could still move, so according to normal reason, Lin Xi didn’t have any chance of accurately aiming this light at his body’s weakest point.

It was also right at this moment that he realized more clearly than anyone else that Divine General wasn’t something that could be interpreted by normal reasoning at all.

Under the scorching light that burned even more fiercely than Priest Hall’s Radiance, all of the liquid in his two eyes instantly dried up, solidified and then even cracked open.

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