Book 16 Chapter 16 - Killing a Sacred Expert as an Offering

This was a day that was destined to be recorded in history.

Even when Xiyi Fifteen Division obtained victory step by step and began to approach Central Continent City, or perhaps when Nanmo Country’s army of three hundred thousand were about to reach Meteor City, everyone in Central Continent City still ate breakfast like normal after getting up, still tending to many things that had to be taken care of. But now, all of Central Continent City stopped operating.

Many noodle and breakfast shops didn’t open, but most Central Continent City people weren’t in the mood to eat either. They all gathered in front of the Imperial City.

Many people were alarmed. They didn’t know which direction this empire raised up by Green Luan Academy and the Changsun Clan were headed in after today. They had faith in fending off external enemies, but they didn’t have the confidence to face changes in their own empire.

Many people were in grief. They just couldn’t figure how Green Luan Academy and Central Continent Imperial City actually ended up in this type of state.

Yunqin Emperor only took a step out from the palace gates, and then he stopped.

This represented his attitude and dignity. Taking a step out from the palace gates was still leaving the palace gates, representing that he didn’t fear leaving the palace gates to meet Lin Xi. This single step also meant that Lin Xi wasn’t worthy of this son of heaven taking more than a single step.

His expression was extremely calm. However, the instant he saw Lin Xi’s face clearly, the majestic aura surging from his body couldn’t hide the incomparable rage and the complicated emotions surging within him.

The accumulated snow and icicles on the palace bridge in front of him shattered, sweeping together into a wave of snow, directly forming a clear boundary line between him and Lin Xi.

Lin Xi gave this awe-inspiring monarch dressed in lavish dragon patterns and that clear snow boundary line an indifferent look. He laughed.

“It is already lunar New Year’s eve today, moreover I can meet you here. This should be quite a happy thing.”

He smiled as he looked at Yunqin Emperor, saying, “Yet I find that I don’t feel all that happy.”

Lin Xi’s voice wasn’t all that loud, but some cultivators in the crowd, some people instead heard his words clearly, starting to quietly repeat them to others. Thus, even those further back heard these words Lin Xi currently spoke.

Yunqin Emperor never expected Lin Xi’s first words would be like this. However, the countless Central Continent City commoners in his line of sight made his violently surging emotions calm down again. “All of them are this Emperor’s people after all…” After coldly saying this inside, through the greater power that surged within him because of this, he coldly looked at Lin Xi and replied, “Why is that?”

“Because of many people, many people inside this city, many people outside this city.” Lin Xi calmly looked at him and said, “They shouldn’t have died, all of them should have lived good lives.”

An even more mournful aura surrounded the Imperial City.

Many Central Continent City people recalled their family members who died in war.

Yunqin Emperor became silent.

“When you saw me come alone, did you feel surprised?” Lin Xi didn’t stop talking. Under the ice-cold air, when he looked at the currently still extremely calm and dignified Yunqin Emperor, he felt even more loathing. As such, the corners of his lips also produced an ice-cold smile of ridicule.

“That is because our Green Luan Academy is different from you. We don’t like to forcibly tie others to our own wills.” Without waiting for Yunqin Emperor to speak, he then coldly said this.

These words made many Yunqin officials and Central Continent City people’s hearts unable to help but tremble.

When one spoke of glory, who in Yunqin Empire possessed greater glory than Green Luan Academy?

Even if the events before Yunqin was established were disregarded, just how many things has Green Luan Academy done for Yunqin Empire? Just how many cultivator lives did they sacrifice? Just like the first snow of last year, when Lin Xi entered Central Continent City with Big Black on his back, as long as he wanted to, he could have spurred on the power of endless common people. However, regardless of whether it was this time or many times before… Green Luan Academy rarely appealed to others, they would rather fight themselves like proud and aloof lone hawks. Green Luan Academy has always isolated themselves in Heaven Ascension Mountain Range like this precisely because they didn’t wish for innocent people to die because of this.

I will take care of my own battles, so that all of you can live peaceful lives.

This was precisely the stance Green Luan Academy had taken over all these years.

Many people understood clearly themselves just what kind of price Green Luan Academy had paid over the years. However, when Lin Xi faced Yunqin Emperor, when he spoke these words out of his own mouth, this type of emotion became exceptionally strong. It was to the extent where many people’s hearts and throats felt like they were plugged up by something.

Yunqin Emperor’s brows jumped. He raised his head to look at Lin Xi. “Who hasn’t made mistakes before?”

It was only these simple words, but these words were the most powerful retaliation.

It was because he was the ruler. What he managed was the entire imperial court, the entire empire. The things he had to face were many times greater than an ordinary person, so there was no way he wouldn’t make any errors.

Meanwhile, right now, he clearly also adopted the stance of acknowledging his mistakes.

Almost all of Central Continent City’s ordinary people were unaware of many of the things that had already happened. Most of them couldn’t bear to see this.

“I’ve already given you too many chances.” However, Lin Xi’s reply was instead extremely simple, to the extent where he didn’t even speak about any concrete reasons. He only used a tone that felt rough to others to say to Yunqin Emperor. “Thus, please abdicate.”

Many Yunqin officials felt as if their own hearts were smashed by hammers. The complexions of many officials loyal to the emperor became exceptionally snow-white.

Yunqin Emperor’s heart also jumped intensely. From the very start, he believed that Lin Xi would bring the imperial princess here, and then state his crimes in detail. However, Lin Xi coming here alone was already beyond his expectations. Now, he never expected Lin Xi to actually adopt such a simple and direct method.

He took a deep breath, doing his best to remain calm. Before all of Central Continent CIty’s common people, he still maintained the appearance of the most dignified and capable emperor.

He spoke with a calm and sincere tone, “Even if this Emperor abdicates, could it be that you can guarantee the Yunqin Imperial Princess’ rule will be better than mine?”

Lin Xi chuckled. “I can guarantee it.”

Yunqin Emperor suddenly raised his head. Judging from these words that didn’t use reasonings and Lin Xi’s current smile, he finally truly understood that Lin Xi didn’t come to discuss any logic with him today at all!

Even the last layer of frost covering the ground around him was swept up by the aura around his body, flying into the air.

“You are nothing more than a sinner who disregards the law! Even if Green Luan Academy has allowed you to represent them, what qualifications does Green Luan Academy even have to make this Emperor abdicate? You all better not forget that this Emperor is the true rightful son of heaven!” His eyes narrowed slightly, continuously speaking these sentences. It was because he felt like these words could bring him more power in Central Continent City.

“If you do not abdicate, then I will beat you down until you abdicate.” Lin Xi’s reply was still extremely simple. He looked at Yunqin Emperor and said, “This is precisely my qualification.”

Yunqin Emperor replied with a sunken voice. “If you can strike this Emperor yet I still don’t abdicate, are you going to kill this Emperor?!”

Lin Xi smiled. He obviously understood Yunqin Emperor’s intentions. However, since he already decided that he was going to do what he was going to do today, why wouldn’t he dare speak up at this time?

“Indeed.” He nodded. He chuckled and said seriously, “If you insist on remaining on the throne, I will kill you.”

An uproar erupted.

Originally, because of the emperor’s prestige and since everyone wanted to hear the conversation between Lin Xi and the emperor, they all did their best to remain quiet, even doing their best to suppress their breathing sounds. However, when Lin Xi’s words sounded at this time, countless people erupted with all types of sounds.

Lin Xi was too fierce and domineering, too unrestrained, too unfilial.

However, Lin Xi was also their most respected Young Sir Lin. During the past few years, they sincerely respected and loved this Young Sir Lin.

Young Sir Lin was no longer that Young Sir Lin in their minds at all, almost not even the same person, but why was that? Could it be that Yunqin Emperor was also not the Yunqin Emperor in their hearts either?

An extremely powerful clash of emotions spread through the minds of most Central Continent City people.

Yunqin Emperor’s hands began to shake slightly.

This was because of Lin Xi’s calmness, as well as the uproar raised in the entire Central Continent City. However, this place didn’t become a crazy surging tide, no endless people charging at Lin Xi.

“Green Luan Academy and his own prestige have both already reached a point where it can contend against this Emperor’s identity?” His entire body began to turn ice-cold.

“Time will prove everything.” Lin Xi said. However, the reaction that happened in this entire Central Continent City instead made him feel pride and happiness.

Lin Xi, do you really think you are Principal Zhang?

“Yunqin Emperor was established by Principal Zhang and the late emperor. When Yunqin Empire was established, you weren’t even born yet. You are merely stomping on the glory of your predecessors. What qualification do you have to make his majesty abdicate?”

An exceptionally cold voice surged through soul force. A gray robed man walked out from the Imperial Palace entrance’s shadows, as if shoving a piece of snow water that had just melted off the eaves into the hearts of everyone here.

This gray robed man looked at Lin Xi with disdain, saying with a sneer, “You are nothing more than a brat who still smells of his mother’s milk, someone who is nothing without Green Luan Academy. You actually dare claim that you will kill his majesty here?”

Lin Xi didn’t get angry. He understood Yunqin Emperor’s intentions.

Since he himself was already going to use the most simple and clear method to deal with this matter, then Yunqin Emperor would use all types of methods to muddle these waters.

Moreover, in his opinion, getting angry over this type of person wasn’t worth it at all.

That was why he only laughed. He looked at this gray robed man and said, “Just someone I already defeated before.”

This gray robed man was precisely the one who had his fingers broken by him last winter, the one who fled with serious injuries, the Shadow Sacred Expert.

Under Lin Xi’s laughter, the Shadow Sacred Expert’s eyes were filled with cold flames of fury. “That was with Big Black… but now, you already don’t have Big Black anymore.” He looked at Lin Xi, heavily saying one word after another, “I am a Yunqin subject. If you wish to kill his majesty, then you naturally have to kill me first… I will ask you right now, do you dare accept my challenge, fight against me here?”

“You really are just too disappointing.”

Lin Xi didn’t immediately reply to the Shadow Sacred Expert’s words, instead looking at Yuqin Emperor and saying, “Your choice has left me disappointed. Moreover, even someone like him dares challenge me… this really has left me disappointed as well. It seems like you already don’t have anyone left at your side.”

The Shadow Sacred Expert released a furious roar. The hard stone floor beneath him even began to produce countless cracks.

“Guess I’ll start with you as an offering to those who have died.” Lin Xi’s eyes shifted over to him, saying indifferently, “Come then.”

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