Book 16 Chapter 13 - Requirements

Qin Xiyue didn’t avoid it, but Zhang Ping’s hand instead froze, and then lowered.

This was an extremely small movement, hard for ordinary people to even detect. However, in the perception of cultivators, this type of movement was instead already extremely clear.

“I don’t want any charity.”

Zhang Ping looked at his own fingertips and said.

Qin Xiyue’s expression was a bit complicated as she looked at him, her voice a bit low as she said, “Thank you for giving us a bit of time.”

Zhang Ping remained quiet, and then slowly withdrew, sitting back down.

“How much longer?”

His voice was a bit empty, like the winds outside the metal shrine. “A lifetime’s worth?”

Qin Xiyue felt a bit of pain inside. “Just what did you experience in Purgatory Mountain… for you to seem like you’ve already depleted your entire lifetime?”

“A nightmare no one even wants to think about, a nightmare you cannot wake up from.” Zhang Ping said emotionlessly.

“If you are willing to see me as your next life,” Qin Xiyue gathered a huge amount of courage, biting her lips as she looked at Zhang Ping and said, “then at the very least, the two of us need to be like Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, able to see deeply into each other’s heart, able to understand each others’ inner world.”

Zhang Ping remained silent for a moment, and then said, “Not everyone can be like Lin Xi.”

“You misunderstood my intentions.” Qin Xiyue looked deeply at him. She seized Zhang Ping’s eyes, also hoping that Zhang Ping could clearly see into her heart. “I admire Lin Xi, but that doesn’t mean I can only accept Lin Xi. I only feel like when two are truly together, apart from mutually having some traits that attract each other, there must be mutual understanding. For the sake of a sentiment, you dared head to a place like Purgatory Mountain, moreover obtained such accomplishments. For nearly any girl, this type of bravery and stirring emotions would be enough to move them, I am naturally no exception either… Your current cultivation and status is similarly enough for many girls to look up to  you. If your story circulates through Central Continent City, I believe that there will be many outstanding girls who would be fond of you if you just walk through Central Continent City. However, when I stand in front of you right now, I instead feel like you are a bit unfamiliar, a bit more unfamiliar than even when we were back in Green Luan Academy. I don’t know why, perhaps it is your experiences in Purgatory Mountain, but it has made it so that even if I want to accept you, you yourself have pushed people away, not wishing for others to see into you.”

“Also, have you ever truly understood me?” Qin Xiyue walked forward a few steps. Then, she raised her head to look at his slightly drooping eyes. Her beautiful hair scattered down her shoulders, her slightly trembling red lips appearing even more beautiful. “You wanted to obtain a sufficiently high status, feeling like this would be enough for you to be a match for me… But have you thought to yourself before that as early as when the academy began practical cultivation, I already broke off all relations with Qin Family? Even after so many things happened, Qin Family still didn’t recognize me, I was already no longer Qin Family’s esteemed daughter. The reason was only because I didn’t wish to obey my father’s wishes, to be married to someone whose status was sufficiently high back then. What I want isn’t identity or authority, what I want is only someone who truly understands me, someone who can make me happy. Becoming Purgatory Mountain Patriarch is already something that cannot be changed. I do not know if this is a good or a bad thing, but at the very least… What I want isn’t someone who is trapped in the past, someone who feels even more unfamiliar to me, not a Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who, because of his strength and my lack of ability to see through his innermost being, gives me even a bit of anxiety and fear.”

Qin Xiyue had always been an extremely strong and independent girl. However, with all of the events that took place in the past few years piled up in her mind, right now, she mysteriously felt a bit wronged, her eyes becoming a bit red as she said, “Aren’t my requirements way too high?”

Zhang Ping remained silent for a moment. Then, he quietly said, “I will try to truly understand you, at the same time try to let you understand me.”

The scarlet metal shrine was gradually covered by white snow, becoming white colored, merging with this vast world.

Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others had already stopped playing around in the snow.

While looking at Zhang Ping and Qin Xiyue who walked out from within the metal shrine side by side, Lin Xi’s eyes and heart both became extremely warm.

Even though there was clearly some distance between Zhang Ping and Qin Xiyu, Zhang Ping still seeming as if he forget how to smile, for the two of them to be able to walk out side by side like this was already a very good start. Every single reunion was indeed worth remembering and cherishing.

Zhang Ping and Qin Xiyue walked up to Lin Xi and the others. Then, Lin Xi and Zhang Ping slowly left everyone in an extremely natural manner, slowly beginning to stroll through the snowy land.

“How was it?” Lin Xi quietly asked.

Zhang Ping lowered his head to look at his own feet that continuously entered the snow, quietly saying, “I could not understand her as well as you.”

“There’s no rush, take your time.” Lin Xi chuckled, but his eyes were instead filled with strong melancholy. “I previously already told Li Kaiyun that good women hate clinginess. He never gave up. Even though he was not able to remain at Leng Qiuyu’s side, he truly obtained Leng Qiuyu’s heart. That is why you absolutely cannot easily give up.”

He turned around to give the distant Qin Xiyue a look, and then looked at Zhang Ping, a bit emotional as he said, “The more I think of Li Kaiyun and Leng Qiuyu, the more I hope you and Qin Xiyue can walk together.”

“Have you ever thought before that if she liked you from the start, then the one she likes might be someone like you?” Zhang Ping raised his head, looking at the wind and snow in front of him.

This was quite the sharp question for Lin Xi. Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment, and then he thought about it seriously. “Even if this was the case in the beginning, it doesn’t mean that it defines the ending… You’ve even achieved the miracle of becoming Purgatory Mountain’s Patriarch, I believe that as long as you don’t give up on this matter, you will be able to truly obtain her heart.”

Zhang Ping nodded. He slowly turned around to face Central Continent City’s direction.

He looked at Central Continent City emotionlessly, and then said, “I met Li Kaiyun and Meng Bai all the way back by Spirit Summer Lakeside, as well as my best friends in the academy… Even though Di Choufei is dead, Yunqin Emperor still remains among our enemies. I want to stay in Yunqin for a bit longer, I wish to see his end before I return to Purgatory Mountain.”

“You can stay in Yunqin as long as you want.” Lin Xi turned around to look at him. “However, if this ‘Demonization’ you’ve given me goes smoothly, it shouldn’t take too long.”

The white snow covered Central Continent City appeared even more majestic.

Yunqin Emperor stood in True Dragon Mountain’s palace, his back to that captured maid as he looked at Central Continent City.

Unknowingly when, he became fond of talking about some stuff about the outside world to this maid. Perhaps it was because this maid really looked similar to the imperial princes, or perhaps it was because in this entire imperial palace, he truly had no one else to chat with.

“A Green Luan Academy spy has become Purgatory Mountain’s Patriarch? This was for the sake of further displaying Green Luan Academy’s power?”

When she heard his words, the maid revealed a faint smile. She looked at his rear figure and said, “You might feel like this is preposterous, that this was deliberately exaggerated by Green Luan Academy, but since this type of information has come out of Purgatory Mountain, how could you possibly be so sure this information isn’t true?”

“Even if this piece of information is entirely true, even if it was a true meeting after a long separation, so what?” Yunqin Emperor fiercely turned around, breathing heavily as he said, “What difference does it make?”

The maid didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear, instead laughing even more splendidly. “It seems like you still don’t know the reason why Lin Xi isn’t coming to Central Continent City. However, I at least know that the reactions of those southern border high ranking officers have already made you unable to endure this type of waiting and torment.”

“Shut your mouth!” Yunqin Emperor’s vicious voice shouted out again.

The maid still didn’t close her mouth. She looked at him with a pitiful expression, laughing as she said, “I don’t know what meaning there is left in you continuing as an emperor. Every single day Lin Xi doesn’t stand in front of you is another day you live in fear and suffering. You still want to continue with this act, pretend to be someone you’re not… Have you never thought to yourself before that Lin Xi is also giving you an opportunity? You might as well hand over the imperial throne and truly abandon your ambitions, maybe then he’ll let you go.”

“What you said is correct, this Emperor cannot endure it any longer. This emperor indeed shouldn’t continue this charade.” Yunqin Emperor roared malevolently. “However, he still doesn’t dare come to kill this emperor… Because he knows this emperor’s True Dragon Mountain can kill many of his people.”

Lin Xi’s back garden in Aleurites Town had an ordinary wintersweet tree.

Growing in a side room behind this wintersweet tree were several old vines that tightly wrapped around a certain item.

After that Thousand Leaf Pass distinguished meeting, Lin Xi no longer deliberately concealed his traces. That was why there were many people in this world who knew that apart from the Fiend Race cultivators, he always carried a hidden item on himself.

However, not even those who noticed that Lin Xi and the others always carried something, would have expected that this thing would be an aged Sea Fiend King.

“You feel like ‘Demonization’ can even absorb this type of fiend beast’s power?”

Nangong Weiyang stood in front of the Sea Fiend King who was tightly covered in vines and straw, looking just like an old tree, asking Lin Xi this.

The moment Lin Xi walked into this room, she already knew what Lin Xi was thinking.

“Since Yunqin has always had a soul merging cultivation method, this means that cultivators and fiend beasts’ soul force have some common areas. Since ‘Demonization’ can obtain a bit of power from different cultivators, then I believe that there is a chance of acquiring the power of fiend beasts as well.” Lin Xi looked at the Sea Fiend King in front of him and said, “This Sea Fiend King is even more powerful than you purely in terms of soul force cultivation. If I can successfully acquire its strength, we might be able to march straight into Central Continent City… I can give it a try.”

Nangong Weiyan already heard Lin Xi say that Divine General was precisely giving anything a try. Even though she couldn’t understand the meaning of these words, just like many times before, after hearing Lin Xi say this, she only nodded her head, no longer saying anything else.

“Could this be the so-called limitless power?”

Lin Xi’s longsword flew out from behind him, scattering out endless sunset light. Countless transparent crystal flowers formed an even larger crystal flower, wrapping the Sea Fiend King within. The instant this Sea Fiend King’s life finally disappeared, he felt waves of natural vital energy around him entering his body. He couldn’t help but smile while saying this inwardly.

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