Book 16 Chapter 11 - Become the Devil

Qin XIyue looked at Zhang Ping.

Zhang Ping was also looking at Qin Xiyue. In Purgatory Mountain, not only did he forget how to smile, it was to the extent where when he met these people who he previously shared so many joyful memories with, his heart still seemed to be wrapped in hard iron and stone. Only when Qin Xiyue’s eyes made contact with his did his heart secretly throb intensely.

When Lin Xi’s voice faded, he hung his head slightly, avoiding Qin Xiyue’s gaze. After remaining silent for a moment, he didn’t reply to Lin Xi’s question, only saying, “I know what all of you are worried about.”

Bian Linghan frowned slightly. She felt like Zhang Ping’s attitude was a bit too cold.

Lin Xi put away his smile. He looked at Zhang Ping and said seriously with a quiet voice, “We only want you to truly come back.”

Everyone understood the deep affection and meaning within Lin Xi’s words. All of them knew that the ‘come back’ Lin Xi spoke of wasn’t Yunqin Empire returning to Yunqin Empire’s territory.

Zhang Ping remained silent for a moment. Then, he raised his head to look at Lin Xi. “I still need to return to Purgatory Mountain for a period of time.”

A bit of true happiness appeared in Lin Xi’s eyes. He nodded, not saying anything.

Zhang Ping somewhat wearily supported his own head. Then, he said in a somewhat cold manner, “Purgatory Mountain is still waiting for me to change it. There are some prisoners and others who I need to release, as well as some slaves who I want to bring out from Purgatory Mountain. As for how they are going to continue living after leaving slavery and the bitter Purgatory Mountain, I still have to think over while doing what I need to do… Since such a great price was paid before finally obtaining Purgatory Mountain, just letting Purgatory Mountain become destroyed like this is something I can’t bear to see. At the very least, we have to make Purgatory Mountain help us do some things.”

Lin Xi looked at Zhang Ping and said, “There is nothing wrong with your thinking. Cultivation techniques and cultivation lands are not good or bad inherently. Since Principal Zhang changed Green Luan Academy according to his own wishes, you can naturally change Purgatory Mountain according to your own wishes.”

Zhang Ping didn’t say anything, instead reaching out a hand, producing a black and red metal chest from beside him.

Then, he pushed this square metal chest to Lin Xi.

“What is this?”

Lin Xi couldn’t help but ask.

Zhang Ping gave him a look and said, “This is the even more powerful Devil Transformation.”

Zhang Ping’s voice was still calm and cold, but in Lin Xi and everyone else’s ears, these words instead made all of their bodies tremble.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed slightly.

He, Gao Yanan, and everyone else had long see the cloaked Flame Titans who were standing next to the giant emperor carriage, holding their breaths, moreover releasing terrifying sacred level auras. Only Zhang Ping alone knew about everything that happened in Purgatory Mountain. They didn’t even know the details regarding how Zhang Ping killed that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder and obtained the position of Patriarch. However, even after seeing these two powerful closed fiend beasts, Lin Xi still didn’t ask anything. It was because Zhang Ping hiding some life preserving power before was completely understandable. However, when he heard Zhang Ping’s words, Lin Xi instead became quiet.

After several breaths passed, he looked into Zhang Ping’s eyes, seriously asking, “I can learn it?”

Zhang Ping’s expression didn’t show the slightest change as he said. “Purgatory Mountain’s Devil Transformation is the foundation for this type of more powerful Devil Transformation. Bodies that can accept devil Transformation can cultivate this type of even more powerful Devil Transformation.”

Lin Xi looked at him, gently saying, “Then why didn’t you try to tell me before Thousand Leaf Pass? You should understand that if I cultivated an even more powerful Devil Transformation, my chances of winning against Purgatory Mountain Patriarch should be a bit higher.

“It is because there are some things here that come from unknown lands. Only by having the medicinal force contained within these things can you cultivate the more powerful Devil Transformation.” Zhang Ping said. “Also, only those who have successfully cultivated Purgatory Mountain’s Devil Transformation can accept this type of medicinal force. Before Thousand Leaf Pass, I didn’t have the ability to acquire these things from Sky Devil Prison Plains’ unknown lands for you.”

When he thought about how he had just truly doubted Zhang Ping’s identity just now, Lin Xi wanted to apologize. However, when he thought about his relationship with Zhang Ping before even if they mutually had some doubt and questioning, there didn’t seem to be any need to apologize. As such, he momentarily couldn’t help but become a bit stunned.

Zhang Ping didn’t say anything else either, only reaching towards his own inner pockets.

Lin Xi was a bit stunned.

Qin Xiyue, Gao Yanan and the others couldn’t help but exchange a look, all of them seeing shock in the others’ eyes.

It was clear that Zhang Ping wanted to bring something out from within his clothes.

Only, Zhang Ping was already the esteemed Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. Just what kind of thing was it that he viewed with such great importance, for him to have to keep so close to him?

Zhang Ping’s hand reached out from his collar.

In his hands was only a small cowhide scroll.

Then, he handed this small cowhide scroll to Lin Xi.

Lin Xi knew that this scroll that looked no different from a secret letter was definitely no small matter. As such, his expression couldn't help but become a bit solemn. He received this small cowhide scroll, and then carefully opened it.

After just briefly scanning the contents of this small cowhide scroll Zhang Ping gave him, his expression instantly changed, his hands unable to help but become taut.

A wave of soul force trembled, reflecting the shock currently in Lin Xi’s heart.

“What is it?”

Lin Xi rarely ignored her questions, but after a deep breath, he raised his head to look at Zhang Ping, saying with a bit of disbelief, “This world actually has this type of cultivation method?”

“Since Yunqin has a soul merging technique that allows for the absorption of some of a fiend beast’s power, all power can also scatter into the endless imperceptible natural energy all around us, then for this world to previously have some techniques that can acquire some vital energy from cultivators isn’t something too far stretched either.” Zhang Ping supported his head in an even more weary manner, saying this.

Everyone heard something from Lin Xi and Zhang Ping’s words, all of them entering an even greater sense of shock.

“Don’t tell me that this is a type of cultivation method that can absorb a cultivator’s inner power, and then use it for one’s own?” Jiang Xiaoyi couldn’t help but cry out in shock, “The reason why Ni Henian was unrivaled before in Central Continent City was precisely because he could forcefully infuse soul force into the enemy’s body. Everyone’s soul force is entirely different, that is why no one could accept his soul force. How can a single cultivator use the soul force of others?”

“It isn’t necessarily soul force.” Zhang Ping said with his head hung. “Soul force can also be condensed and formed through even more finer powers. This cultivation technique precisely absorbs a portion of the moer natural power.”

“Of course… this type of power, for ordinary cultivators, is still similar to those poisonous but extremely effective things. It isn’t something ordinary people can use.” After a slight pause, Zhang Ping continued to say, “However, bodies that have cultivated the true Devil Transformation can endure some of this unfavorable power’s corrosion, moreover able to transfer most of this power into one’s own. It can also be said that everything Purgatory Has, including the more powerful Devil Transformation they previously didn’t have, was all for the sake of this cultivation technique. This is the true ‘devil’ dao! Purgatory Mountain’s Shentu Clan was only flaunting their bit of superficial knowledge previously acquired from Sky Devil Prison Plains!”

Zhang Ping’s calling Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, this type of unrivaled figure, someone who deceived the world for reputation seemed a bit too crazy. However, for all of these people who already heard just what kind of cultivation method this was, the all felt cold, felt shock, not feeling like Zhang Ping’s words were crazy in the slightest.

“This cultivation method can directly seize the vital energy of an opponent during battle?” Jiang Xiaoyi’s breathing became a bit uneven as he looked at Zhang Ping. “It can directly replenish one’s own soul force? Or is its use in one’s own body, equivalent to increasing your cultivation?”

“One portion will replenish your soul force, one portion will be equivalent to increasing your own cultivation.” Zhang Ping still said without much emotion. “When you kill your opponent, the instant before the enemy’s consciousness scatters, only at that moment will this cultivation method seize a bit of their power. It is equivalent to devouring a bit of the enemy’s scattered consciousness.”

Jiang Xiaoyi’s face paled slightly. “Then if you continuously kill cultivators… wouldn’t this be equivalent to continuously increasing your own cultivation?”

Zhang Ping nodded. “This is the case in theory. However, I have said before that some of the powers in the body is also like poison, you need some time for your body to endure it. If you take in too much power, you will die… That is why this is still a type of restriction, digesting and eliminating the poison like unfavorable power will also need time. That is why in the end, this type of cultivation method is equivalent to always having some pill medicines that can increase your cultivation, not like our Green Luan Academy that only has medicines for those under the State Knight level. In the end, it will be equivalent to increasing one’s cultivation speed to several times that of ordinary cultivators.”

Lin Xi took a deep breath. His eyes shifted from this small scroll, and then turned around to look at Jiang Xiaoyi, saying with a bitter smile. “To put it simply, if we are to say that if an ordinary cultivator smoothly survives all types of battles, able to live through this type of environment for more than twenty years, they would already more or less become Sacred Experts. However, cultivators who cultivate this technique might only need four or five years to become Sacred Experts.”

When they heard Lin Xi’s words, it wasn’t just Jiang Xiaoyi’s expression that turned pale, the others also became even more shocked.

If even four or five years of battle could bring you to Sacred Expert level, just what kind of concept was this?

Just how terrifying was this cultivation technique?

“What is this cultivation technique called?” Qin Xiyue couldn’t help but look at Zhang Ping and ask.

This was the first time she spoke, the first time she spoke to Zhang Ping, which was why Zhang Ping’s body also couldn’t help but shake slightly. A wave of visible black aura surged, scattering like a ripple.

“This cultivation technique is called Become the Devil.” Zhang Ping looked at her and said.

Gao Yanan gave Lin Xi a look.

Lin Xi understood Gao Yanan’s intentions. Even though he still carried too many doubts inside, for example, what was going on with all of the ordinary Yunqin people outside… right now, he was just like Gao Yanan, feeling like they should give Zhang Ping and Qin Xiyue some time alone.

That was why he nodded towards Qin Xiyue and Zhang Ping, withdrawing from this shrine with Gao Yanan and the others.

There was only Qin Xiyue and Zhang Ping left in this entire scarlet red metal shrine.

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