Book 16 Chapter 9 - The Sounds of Snow

There were snowflakes that scattered down from Aleurites Town’s skies.

When the first expanse of sparkling snowflakes fluttered down into the small courtyard Green Luan Academy’s young cultivators rested and cultivated in, Lucky jumped to the eaves and then jumped high into the air, excitedly trying to use its small black claws to catch the sparkling snowflakes.

However, the instant its small black claws were about to touch this expanse of snowflakes, a streak of sword radiance that dazzled with even greater brilliance than snow flew out from the courtyard ahead, landing in the courtyard behind it.

The winds produced by this streak of sword radiance made these snowflakes instead fly into the sky.

Lucky was a bit unhappy, but when it raised its head and chased after these snowflakes, it saw even more snowflakes fluttering from the skies, so it became happy again.

Lin Xi was precisely in the courtyard where that streak of sparkling sword radiance landed.

Right when the winds produced by the streak of sword radiance pushed open the door he didn’t completely close like a normal person, the air behind him also trembled fiercely, sword radiance flying out from behind him. The instant the door opened, it flew in front of his body who knew how many times. The thin sword radiance and energy streams that didn’t scatter formed hazy lights and shadows, as if forming an expanse of sunset radiance out of nothing.

The sparkling sword radiance that pushed open the door stabbed straight into this expanse of sunset light.

The instant this sparkling sword radiance made contact with the first extremely fine strand of sunset light, every single strand of light in this sunset radiance underwent extremely fine changes. The gentle sword shadows and energy streams suddenly condensed and erupted with endless heaven and earth vital energy, as if countless transparent crystals formed between every single streak of sunset light.

Countless true shattering noises sounded.

Only now did this sword radiance that pushed open the door and entered suddenly become slow, its appearance became clearly visible.

This was an entirely transparent thin small sword that carried a bit of extremely pure light blue color, as if it was made from the purest core of a glacier. Right now, it was piercing through an expanse of expanding transparent crystal threads.

The transparent crystal threads were extremely complicated, truly like a crystal flower that didn’t exist in this world.

When the true crystal shattering noises had just sounded, the entire room rumbled with noise. All of the black tiles on the eaves jumped slightly, while several wooden windows released crack sounds, shattering into many pieces before flying outwards.

Lin Xi’s flying sword returned to his hand.

When this flying sword named Spirithorn[1] landed in his hand, that crystal flower in front of him was still cracking, it still didn’t completely disappear from the sky.

“This house is going to start leaking now.”

Lin Xi’s innocent eyes looked at the even more innocent roof, saying this with a bit of helplessness.

That transparent small sword that carried a bit of glacier feeling didn’t continue, instead floating in the air. Not long after his voice disappeared, Nangong Weiyang walked into the courtyard, arriving in front of this transparent small sword. After picking up this small sword like a leaf, she didn’t care about the damage that resulted because of this sudden sword test at all, only nodding her head in an appraising manner as she said, “Even though I only used thirty percent of my strength, you were able to block it like this… This Sunset Light Sword is indeed equal to the Celestial Sword.”

Lin Xi was about to say something, but Nangong Weiyang then furrowed her brows, shaking her head. “Also, this sword is a new sword, I’m not proficient enough with it… Even though the power of your Green Luan Academy’s Frozensilk Sword is even a bit greater than my previous Heart Sealing Frost, before I become accustomed to it, my strength will still be a bit weaker. That is why even if the emperor is only someone a bit stronger than that Shadow Sacred Expert, with your current strength, you are still not his match if you face him alone.”

“You are the most powerful Sacred Master now, so your judgment naturally carries the greatest authority.” Lin XI looked at the deadly earnest Nangong Weiyang, also realizing that his own anxious expression towards this house’s damage was rather unreasonable. As such, he couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Then in your opinion, how much longer will it take before I can head into Central Continent City and give him a beating?”

“At least peak of State Master level.” Nangong Weiyang thought for a bit, and then said seriously, “If you can reach this level without any other assistance next winter, then that is already enough to leave me surprised again.”

Lin Xi chuckled and said, “I actually instead hope nothing unexpected happens.”

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed. “Regarding Yunqin Emperor, you really aren’t in the slightest bit of urgency?”

“I really do not even feel the slightest bit of urgency,” Lin Xi said with a bit of mockery, “He has already started to play the part of a good emperor, the things he is doing are all good things favorable for the people. These things have made him do a bit more good… Moreover, someone like him who has clearly already gone mad, if he wants to pretend to be a wise, calm and capable good emperor, I believe he himself eventually won’t be able to take it.”

Nangong Weiyang didn’t discuss Yunqin Emperor further, instead turning around to look at the snowflakes drifting into the house. “Zhang Ping said that he will cross the Thousand Sunset Mountains before snow covers its peaks?”

Lin Xi also looked at the snow descending from the sky, quietly saying, “Indeed.”

Nangong Weiyang said seriously, “It is already snowing.”

Lin Xi looked at her and said, “That is why right now, he should already be close to Thousand Sunset Mountain, or perhaps he might have already crossed it.”

Nangong Weiyang’s brows jumped slightly. “You are this certain?”

“I know what you are trying to say.” Lin Xi looked at her, saying quietly and seriously, “If, I am saying if… If he really begins to covet Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s authority and becomes just like the previous Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, if he believes he can contend against Green Luan Academy, win over all of us, then there is no need for him to write that he wishes to come back on the letter either. That is why regardless of what he is really thinking deep inside, since he has set this date, then he will most likely return during this period.”

Nangong Weiyang wasn’t too fond of guessing at things that weren’t certain to begin with. As such, she directly nodded her head. “Then we’ll just wait for him to come back first.”

A great snow descended upon Great Mang’s southern border earlier than the past years.

Inside this valley that was covered in snow, the Divine Elephant Army soldiers whose figures were much slimmer than before looked at their commander. All of them were silent.

The snow covered a lot of plants, making it even more difficult for these divine elephants who wished to use some coarse plants to alleviate their hunger. Meanwhile, if they stole food, the snow would quickly expose their traces.

Of course, they could still try to get rid of these traces, continue to flee, but what made them feel despair was that they didn’t know when this life as fugitives would end. Could it be that it would end only when all of the divine elephants died?

This great snow that arose abruptly was truly like the last straw that crushed the camel’s back, completely crushing the courage of most of these fugitive Divine Elephant Army soldiers.

Fen Mingning’s expression was still cold.

However, he also felt extreme pain inside. Instead of living here like rats, they might as well just make one last gamble, just slaughter their way through, die in complete corruption.

While he was feeling despair, in so much pain that he wanted to just stop hiding and turn the entire Divine Elephant Army into a true bandit army, directly plunder the mountain villages one after another, he saw a trace of strange white color appear in the brilliant white covered forest.

A man dressed in white robes appeared in front of them, saying quietly with a calm and dignified voice, “I know what you all want.”

Within the snow covered mountain forest.

This great snow that covered Great Mang’s southern border arrived a bit earlier than previous years. The sealing up of Thousand Sunset Mountains that were now difficult for carriages and horses to cross also happened a bit earlier.

A Yunqin high ranking officer wore a thick cotton gown, holding a Brass Hawkeye in hand as he stood on a cave tower.

The mountain pass path in front of him was already extremely slippery. This path had experienced continuous days of snow, and then yesterday’s half day of clear sky, when quite a bit of the snow melted. The temperature at night then dropped, thus covering the path in ice. Moreover, many areas caved in, large amounts of accumulated snow bursting from the mountaintop, collapsing along these areas, freezing into ice towers on the path one after another.

Right now, the sky was even more hazy. A big heavy snow was currently scattering down. This was definitely not weather suitable for traveling on the road, yet because of a certain message that was sent over, this Yunqin high ranking officer didn’t return into the tower for rest, instead somewhat nervously waiting, watching.

Suddenly, his hand that was holding the Brass Hawkeye went rigid, as if the Brass Hawkeye and his hand froze together.

Meanwhile, his mouth instead opened, almost releasing a cry of alarm.

Looking through his narrowed eyes, he saw a burst of flames suddenly rush out from a small mountain-like pile of snow.

Two massive figures first made their way through the snow.

Then, a red divine robed troop moved through the mountain-like pile of snow, walking out.

This troop that seemed to have suddenly emerged from the depths of hell silently walked on this mountain path plugged up with snow.

The endless snow and mountain-like collapsed snow instead couldn’t stop them at all.

All of the Yunqin troops that were guarding this pass had been transferred away, so only this Yunqin high ranking officer watched in shock as this fleet passed through this checkpoint, crossed Thousand Sunset Mountain, and then ultimately became a speck and disappeared on the mountain ridge.

Zhang Ping who sat in the giant imperial carriage with a decorated cover and long banners listened to the sound of snow landing on the banners outside. He hung his head slightly, inwardly thinking that he finally returned to Yunqin.

1. This is the flying sword Lin Xi previously found in Great Desolate Swamp. It previously belonged to Nangong Weiyang’s father B15C30 

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