Book 3 Chapter 16 - My Enemy is You

At the first glimmer of dawn, Xu Shengmo was still standing on the valley’s rocks like a black hawk, watching Lin Xi slide down the silverthread zipline, and then skillfully landing.

“You broke the record of the Direct Spear Strikes dead playthings, so according to reason, you can childishly strut around in front of my  face again, so why aren’t you as happy as you were yesterday?” After giving Lin Xi a cold look, Xu Shengmo asked with a sneer.

Lin Xi laughed and said, “Turns out teacher was already aware.”

Xu Shengmo spoke with mockery, “I also know that you didn’t exchange that point for the things needed for cultivation. Since you already obtained a point of reward, why didn’t you go and exchange it, not acting like how you did yesterday, make me watch how easy it is for you?”

Lin Xi said, “Because I still haven’t asked Teacher An about what I should exchange for. Also, even though teacher doesn’t view me favorably, I won’t doubt teacher’s intelligence. You likely won’t fall for the same trick twice.”

Xu Shengmo released a cold snort. “Who would have thought you would have such great trust in Associate Professor An.”

“It is Professor An now, she has already officially been promoted to the title of professor, two levels higher than you.” Lin Xi looked at Xu Shengmo and said, “Also, teach, you asked me why I’m not as happy as I was yesterday today. It is because I realized that even after completing your morning training, in a while, I’ll still have to attend your Martial Skills class. This really leaves one with a bit of an annoying feeling.”

Xu Shengmo didn’t become angry, instead revealing an expression of mockery. “You should forget about using your clumsy methods to anger me, don’t you love using a blade… however, I must regretfully tell you that from today on, you will have to practice the sword. Even though I don’t feel like you’ll have the ability to cultivate to the Sacred Expert level cultivation where you can control a flying sword in the future, someone decided that you had the potential to be a Braveslayer. Go over there, practice drawing your sword and hacking out one thousand times before you leave this valley to attend my Martial Skills cultivation class.”

“This is a soul weapon?”

Even though he knew that Xu Shengmo won’t easily let him off, the moment he saw the longsword Xu Shengmo threw among the rocks, Lin Xi was still immediately given a fright.

This was a seven foot long sheathed longsword, the scabbard and hilt completely made from a type of special glowing green metal, a bit similar to the color of jade. However, the deep coldness and countless natural patterns unique to metal reminded Lin Xi that this was metal that had undergone endless tempering.

Even though he couldn’t see the sword body yet, just looking at it from the scabbard and hilt, the sword seemed to also be made of a glowing green metal.

In addition, regardless of whether it was the scabbard or hilt, they both had beautiful, vine-like runes.

Lin Xi silently sucked in a breath of air, picking up this sheathed longsword. It was extremely cold to the touch, as if he was holding an ice-cold mountain spring. It wasn’t that heavy, about the same weight as ordinary Black Steel.

Only, this material, color, and runes, for someone like Lin Xi who came from a different world, naturally carried great novelty, even more so feeling that this shiny green longsword was extremely beautiful.

Xu Shengmo gave Lin Xi a cold look. “This is a ‘Green Edge’ sword. Of the academy’s sword category soul weapons, it is the one with the lowest quality materials, as well as the weakest power. Only, the runes are a bit special, able to automatically draw out some soul force. That is why it is dedicated to training sword form and sword intent. Of course, even in the hands of a Soul Expert, killing someone with your level of cultivation is still easily done, like slaughtering a dog.”

Lin Xi didn’t pay the ridicule in Xu Shengmo’s voice any attention, only asking, “I only need to complete the drawing and slashing motion a thousand times?”

Xu Shengmo coldly said, “In the Green Luan Twenty-Four Forms, the third form contains precisely the motion of drawing a sword and attacking. As long as you act according to those movements, you will naturally understand what the meaning behind this training is.”

Lin Xi didn’t say any more either. When he exerted some force, it unexpectedly felt as if the sword was sucked into the scabbard. When he tried to pull it out, it actually still remained completely unmoved.

Right now, the force he exerted was already at least a hundred something jin of strength, yet the sword still remained undrawn, immediately leaving his mind feeling a bit numb. After exerting force several times, abruptly pulling it out, he felt a hint of heat seep out from his dantian, passing through his arm. With a light zheng sound, the longsword was fiercely pulled out, drawing an arch through the air like autumn waters. The sword itself was glowing entirely green as expected, flickering with light.

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed slightly. This sword could only be pulled if he exerted all of his strength, and he had to erupt with power in an instant.

By constantly training with this sword, one will naturally develop explosive strength the moment the sword is drawn, the momentum of that blow will definitely possess extremely astonishing strength.

This type of practice naturally brought tremendous benefits to Lin Xi, but right now, there was something that was really bothering him. Because he didn’t have to put on airs before Xu Shengmo, he directly said with a sunken voice, “Teacher, are you trying to avenge private wrongs through public office? Even though this will indeed allow me to familiarize myself with the sword, moreover allow me to understand how to draw my blade in the most vicious manner, to continuously do it a thousand times… how am I supposed to receive Teacher Tong’s special lesson?”

Xu Shengmo gave Lin Xi a look of contempt, coldly saying, “I can clearly tell you one thing. Even though you suffering while under my hand is guaranteed, I know how to act properly. Even if I don’t view you favorably, I will still teach you what I need to teach you, I have never avenged private wrongs through public office. The Green Edge Sword is the weakest of the academy’s sword type soul weapons, only using up a bit of soul force. With your soul force cultivation, there is still a chance of achieving a thousand draws. Moreover, the runes of the Green Edge Sword are quite special, whenever you draw the blade, because the soul force moves along your arm when it is drawn, it will bring great benefits to your arm’s recoverative abilities and strength. I already calculated everything for you, if you continuously practice a thousand times, it will only make your arm sore for a large half of the day at most, it won’t stop you from cultivating in the evening.”

After a slight pause, Xu Shengmo gave Lin Xi a look that carried even more indifference and disdain, “Moreover, there is no harm in telling you right now, even though I hold different opinions than many other people in the academy regarding our way of teaching and the academy itself, to the extent where I don’t agree with Vice Principal Xia’s viewpoint, since I am an academy lecturer, since this is my duty, I can ensure that even if I torment you, even if I humiliate you, it will still contribute to your cultivation. As for whether you can endure it or not, that is none of my business.”

Lin Xi looked at Xu Shengmo, saying, “It seems like teacher is still someone who upholds his principles.”

Xu Shengmo coldly turned around, clearly not willing to say anything else to Lin Xi.

“I know that the greatest dividing line between you, Teacher Tong, Vice Principal Xia, and the others is that their so-called humanity, in your eyes, is soft-heartedness.” However, Lin Xi still looked at Xu Shengmo, seriously saying, “You want to prove that they are wrong, you want Green Luan Academy to become even more powerful, and in this way achieve your ambitions. However, the issue is, what if you are wrong? What if you discover that your aspiration instead causes Green Luan Academy’s situation to become even more difficult, if so, may I ask teacher, what will you do then?”

Xu Shenmo still didn’t look at Lin Xi, but his brows instead furrowed deeply, saying with a sunken voice, “Such a clear reasoning, how could I possibly be wrong?”

“As long as we remain human, then there is a chance that we are wrong. Furthermore, towards different issues, each person will have different opinions.” Lin Xi still stared at Xu Shengmo’s side profile, saying, “Just like how you feel like there is no way I can become a Braveslayer, that there is no way I can obtain great achievements in cultivation, yet I will definitely prove you wrong.”

Xu Shengmo released a cold snort under the cool morning breeze. “Fine, since that is the case, then I will have to wait and see. I do not wish to waste words with you right now, just complete these thousand repetitions of drawing and hacking first.”


Lin Xi didn’t waste any more time speaking. The longsword returned to the sheath, and then with all of his strength, he suddenly drew it again, displaying the sword drawing attacking form from the Green Luan Twenty-Four Forms.

He naturally understood that Xu Shengmo’s way of thinking was deeply rooted. In reality, it was just like how the absolute majority of people in this world believed that monarchical power was the mandate of heaven, blindly following the ruler already almost integrated into their bloodlines, there was no way these beliefs could be altered through mere words. The way of thinking of a modern man like Lin Xi from a different world was naturally entirely different from that of the people of this world. If Lin Xi were to publicly protest for human equality, that the blood flowing through the emperor’s body was the same as that of a normal person, his behavior would definitely be viewed as utterly disgraceful and rebellious by others.

As a tourist, Lin Xi didn’t have any great ambitions to completely change this world. For him, this really was too difficult and too troublesome. However, whether or not he would obtain the strength of a Braveslayer, this was related to his own cultivation… this was a battle between him and Xu Shengmo.

Lin Xi, who clearly understood that he had the same aptitude as Principal Zhang, naturally had confidence that he could obtain extraordinary strength in this world… that was why he had great faith in facing Xu Shengmo, by winning against him in this battle, he could tell Xu Shengmo that at the very least, on this matter, he was gravely mistaken.

Not only did he have to abruptly release his strength, his movements had to be fast as well. Otherwise, the sword’s edge would almost be stuck to the sheath, the obstruction even greater.

The sword drawing form of the Green Luan Twenty -our Forms was the complete coordination of the legs, waist, abdomen, shoulders, arms, wrists, and others to begin with. This made it so that each time Lin Xi drew the Green Edge Sword, it would be exceptionally fast and fierce, drawing out a continuously flickering arc of green light.

Assassination always relied on extreme speed and ferocity. In the air, it was as if green arcs continuously flickered about.

However, this similarly resulted in not only a strain on his arms. After continuously drawing it more than a hundred times, Lin Xi’s entire body became sore, his arms even more so as if having lead poured on them. However, Lin Xi knew the benefits of cultivation. He wanted Xu Shengmo to know that he was wrong, which was why he still persevered on, moreover extremely happy to persevere.

Self Defense Department’s Martial Skills cultivation course.

After continuously completing a thousand repetitions of sword drawing, Lin Xi’s arms were both a bit swollen, even the unique shaking in his veins becoming more evident, but the few warm streams running through his arms also seemed to have allowed him to recover more quickly. However, when he and the other Self Defense Department students followed Xu Shengmo into another valley, his arms and his entire body were still weak to the extreme.

“This is a strength measuring apparatus, able to examine your cultivation results during this period of time.”

The always cold faced Xu Shengmo who left most of the students intimidated at first glance stopped over a millstone-like large rock. Within the large rocks, there was an iron chain with a ring handle, the thickness like that of a child’s arm.

Xu Shengmo didn’t speak any more than necessary. He had the Self Defense Department students line up one by one. “Pulling one segment of the chain means twenty jin of strength. It’s already been so many days since you all entered Green Luan Academy, let’s see how much of the iron chain you all can pull out.”

“Lin Xi, you seem to be Self Defense Department’s heaven’s choice, you are first.”

“Turns out it was through this type of method that he wants to humiliate me.” Lin Xi walked up to the large rock, grabbed the iron chain’s metal ring, and then shook his head slightly in self mockery before pulling with all of his strength.

Muffled metal chain sounds were transmitted from the rocks. Lin Xi barely pulled four and a half segments of the iron chain, and then he powerlessly loosened his grip.

“Ninety jin of strength? As Self Defense Department’s heaven’s choice, your cultivation was actually inferior to this degree?” Xu Shengmo looked at Lin Xi with a wooden expression, indifferently said this, and then gave Mu Shanzi who was rejoicing in Lin Xi’s misfortune a look, full of disdain. “You, come here.”

Mu Shanzi immediately walked over excitedly, forcefully pulling. The iron chains sounded, six segments of the iron chain pulled out.

Xu Shengmo said with a cold smile, “A hundred and thirty jin of strength. Seems like you didn’t eat for nothing.”

After a slight pause, Xu Shengmo’s eyes swept past Bian Linghan, Hua Jiyue, Li Kaiyun, and the others’ bodies. “If the rest of you don’t pull with all your strength, not only will I have you do it again, I will also deliver a set amount of punishment.”

“So disappointing. A glorious heaven’s choice candidate, yet he was Self Defense Department’s weakest!”

“Only ninety jin of strength. Looking at it from how his body was shaking all over, he was already at his limit… this type of heaven’s choice, no matter how well he learns, so what? This type of cultivation speed is simply a disgrace to our Self Defense Department.”

“Qiu Lu, even though you lost to him, with this type of cultivation speed, I fear that when you reach Soul Expert level, he might have not even reached high stage Soul Knight level. With a huge difference in soul force cultivation, no matter how great his martial skill is, it still cannot be compensated for. In the future, you might only need to use a single finger to defeat him.”

“In my opinion, Teacher Xu doesn’t like him either… his aptitude is two, in the future, he is doomed to not have many achievements.”

When the Martial Skills class concluded, suppressed discussions and sounds of mockery seemed to submerge Lin X on the mountain path.

There was no way for Lin Xi to dispute this, because his Braveslayer special training was just like the Windstalker special lessons, belonging to the academy’s secrets, they couldn’t be publicly revealed. He also knew that this cultivation test’s results would immediately be transmitted to the various departments. In the following days, perhaps the mockery and discussions he heard would become even greater, and he would experience even greater humiliation. However, Hua Jiyue and the others’ worries and discomfort were completely needless… He didn’t feel any gloominess or discomfort, Xu Shengmo’s actions instead seemed rather laughable, because he was the true opponent in Lin Xi’s heart right now… since Lin Xi already viewed a lecturer as his opponent, he didn’t view Qiu Lu and the others as opponents at all… then Qiu Lu and the others, as well as the other students’ viewpoints and mockery, why would it bother him at all?

“I really am just like that middle-aged uncle…”

What Xu Shengmo didn’t realize was that in Lin Xi’s mind, in reality, he was much more arrogant than Wen Xuanyu. Moreover, because of his absolute confidence… Lin Xi’s indifference, more of it was out of disdain and disinterest in dealing with it.

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