Book 16 Chapter 2 - New World and Trial Pt.2

“Great Elder… he is running towards Sky Devil Prison Plains!”

A red robed Divine Adjudicator whose status now wasn’t low recognized Zhang Ping’s route of escape, urgently shouting this.

Then, his mouth was filled with dust, unable to say anything else.

It was because the instant he finished saying this, his tongue was burned to dust by a strand of Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s flames.

This red robed Divine Adjudicator clutched his own throat, to the extent where he didn’t dare spit out the dust in his mouth. Only after a few breaths of time passed did he finally understand that his mistake was that he shouldn’t have called him Great Elder, but rather Patriarch.

“If you don’t know how to speak, then just don’t speak anymore.”

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder laughed coldly inwardly. He didn’t believe Zhang Ping’s fleeing possessed any meaning, but he quickly discovered something that made him even more shocked and feverish… Zhang Ping’s Devil Transformation already exceeded the time of Purgatory Mountain Devil Transformation. Even those who could use Devil Transformation and had more soul force than Zhang Ping, after this much time, would still already have collapsed weakly onto the floor.

“Which means that you obtained a more powerful Devil Transformation in Sky Devil Prison Plains…”

While looking at Zhang Ping who showed no sign of weakening, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder laughed coldly, quietly saying to himself, “That is why I won’t let you die so easily. I will make you spit out all of your secrets.”

He hoped that Zhang Ping could always continue this Devil Transformation.

The more powerful Zhang Ping’s Devil Transformation was, the happier he would become, because in the end, this would belong to Purgatory Mountain, belong to him.

He could also complete the final work on that armor. As long as these two things could be completed, then after succeeding Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s position, he would become this world’s most unrivaled existence.

Zhang Ping passed by Purgatory Mountain’s southernmost palace.

This palace was the boundary line between Purgatory Mountain and Sky Devil Prison Plains.

Right at this time, he stopped, standing on a giant tongue-like blanket of stone made from congealed black magma. He turned around, looking at Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder who was already extremely close to him, to the extent where he was about to stop him from escaping.

When he stopped, Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who didn’t wish to kill him quickly also stopped.

The blood tide like Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators behind him also all stopped, making this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder seem just like a black reef in front of this red sea.

“I originally thought that your Devil Transformation would never fail, that you would never get tired.”

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder looked at the black sweat covering Zhang Ping’s body, saying with cold mockery, “If you kneel and beg for forgiveness, I might consider leaving you with your life.”

Zhang Ping’s chest rose and fell fiercely. His rippling soul force was weakening, but a cold and ruthless expression instead appeared on his face. “I believe the one who should kneel down should be you.”

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder felt like things were extremely strange.

He didn’t utter any sounds, because he suddenly sensed a terrifying wave of aura.

This volcanic eruption like powerful scorching aura came from the Sky Devil Prison Plains behind Zhang Ping.

A giant shadow walked over from within the scorching hot smoke.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s eyes immediately narrowed.

Cold air was immediately sucked in by the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators behind him.

This tall and sturdy giant that seemed to be made of five people mixed together released the aura of a fiend beast that was completely different from that of cultivator, its teeth also filled with wolf-like fangs. However, his hands instead each grabbed a thick chain, at the end of each chain a sickle-like giant blade.

His body released red radiance, the chain and giant blade also flowing with red light.

“This is a Flame Titan. Some of Purgatory Mountain’s cultivation methods merely imitate it.”

Zhang Ping gave this frozen Purgatory Mountain Great Elder a look.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder no longer felt that this was interesting or a pleasant surprise. It was because he sensed that even further away in Sky Devil Prison Plains, there were other auras that were just as powerful approaching, meaning that this wasn’t the only Flame Titan.


He was no longer calm. After releasing a fierce shout, his body shot viciously at Zhang Ping.

A bronze chain rushed out from the thick black smoke and flames, releasing a screaming noise as it shot towards Zhang Ping.

However, Zhang Ping instead stood in place without moving.

The Flame Titan behind him charged crazily, as if he was racing with his chains. When it discovered that it couldn’t make it to Zhang Ping in time, its massive and heavy body leapt high into the air. It was just like a giant boulder flung out from a stone catapult, aiming at Zhang Ping’s head.

Two sickle blades shot out from its hands with terrifying speeds. They were like two giant wheels that crushed towards Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder could kill Zhang Ping, but if he focused his strength on him, his body would also definitely be swept by these two blades whose power definitely reached the sacred level.

This humanoid fiend beast who was called a Flame Titan, but even though it was a sacred level fiend beast, he was after all a Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, someone who could easily kill Sacred Experts.

As such, ordinary bronze chains that seemed extremely ordinary flew upwards, the chains starting to quickly extend outwards on their own.

These chains were shooting out quickly to begin with. Together with his power, the speed of these chains became extremely terrifying, almost becoming like Tong Wei’s arrow. As if they directly pierced through space, they stabbed into the Flame Titan’s body.

After stabbing into the Flame Titan’s body, this chain didn’t stop at all, instead continuing to quickly extend. It pushed through, instantly rushing out and boring its way through the titan’s body. It was as if more than ten bronze vipers were rushing in and out of this Flame Titan’s body.

This Flame Titan hacked out with its two sickle blades. They actually still had soul force running through them, still landing on his body.

This was definitely not some fiend beast’s instinctive reaction.

The only possibility was that this humanoid fiend beast didn’t have much of a consciousness of its own, it was completely controlled by Zhang Ping.

This little fella who was raised up to Purgatory Mountain’s peak in one go by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch on a whim, despite having Purgatory Mountain Great Elder status, was just a small figure this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder never truly regarded as anything, yet he actually concealed such powerful secrets, always endured patiently to this type of degree!

Dang! Dang!

Two loud noises and powerful attacks scattered all of the smoke and black flames around this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body.

Only now did all of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators clearly see this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s true appearance.

They only saw that this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s entire body was wrapped in a layer of air-tight thin bronze armor, making it so that this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder didn’t seem like a living person, but instead more like a pure bronze sculpture.

Any Purgatory Mountain Great Elder had powerful methods and secrets.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s deepest secret was that he was Purgatory Mountain’s, as well as all of Great Mang’s most formidable great craftsman.

The two sickle blades that could hack through iron pillars dug into the thin bronze  armor’s shoulder plates, but it instead only pushed his body another foot into the soil, to the extent where it couldn’t even draw out any blood from his shoulders.

After exposing his secrets, using his own body to forcefully endure this Flame Titan strike, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who already knew that the key to all of this laid with Zhang Ping’s body’s right hand suddenly let go of the bronze chain. His five fingers spread out fiercely, and then a blast of black flames rushed out from his hand like flying swords, shooting towards Zhang Ping’s body.

Even though Zhang Ping’s Devil Transformation effects still didn’t completely disappear, he didn’t have sacred level power at all. That was why in this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s opinion, Zhang Ping definitely had no chance of blocking his strike.

This was already a true life and death crisis.

That was why even if he wanted all of Zhang Ping’s secrets, he had to first kill him.

At this time, Zhang Ping raised his head.

In this instant, a beautiful face appeared in his mind.

Then, all types of scattered and smashed scenes immediately flooded his brain.

That fragrant and boiling hot body, the instant he accepted the Devil Transformation medicine crystal, that giant human face in Sky Devil Prison Plains… Countless scenes flashed past his mind.

He also reached out his hands.

A blast of purple-red flames emerged from them.

The black flames that fluttered over made contact with these purple-red flames.

The purple-red flames weren’t destroyed by the black flames, instead devouring these black flames.

This lump of purple-red flames continued to fly out, moving towards this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.

The instant the purple-red flames devoured the black flames, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder screamed in incomparable terror.

Zhang Ping understood this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s fear extremely well.

It was because this type of purple-red flames that could devour all other Purgatory Mountain flames was something only Purgatory Mountain’s Patriarch had the privilege of cultivating, only he had the privilege of controlling them. Moreover, this type of flame, during Purgatory Mountain’s countless years, was something only cultivators with the purest Shentu Clan bloodline could successfully cultivate, a flame of judgment that protected Purgatory Mountain to begin with.

There was naturally no chance of him possessing the same purest Shentu Clan bloodline like Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

This was something that completely didn’t make cultivation sense, which was why this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder would scream out in fear.

In this instant, Zhang Ping’s eyes returned to being cold and indifferent.

That Flame Titan above him descended, the crushed innards and lava-like blood rushed out, yet those two sickle blades instead smashed down with even greater power.

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body lowered by another foot. With a pu sound, he spat out a mouthful of blood. His right hand grabbed at the falling bronze chains again, the bronze chain flying out, tangling with this purple-red flame.

An explosive boom sounded. This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body was directly fished out from the ground, but then the Flame Titan’s two sickle blades crushed down, making Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body sink down again.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s entire body shook. He pulled out all of the chains in this Flame Titan’s body, wishing to use them to attack Zhang Ping.

However, the Flame Titan’s power crushed down again.

His body suffered another fierce collision. Countless explosive sounds erupted from within his body. His chains were instead powerless to fly out again.

The Flame Titan’s sickle blades crushed down again. Then, this Flame Titan’s massive body fell forwards, falling like a mountain in front of Zhang Ping.

At the same time, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s skull sunk down fiercely.

His body was stuck in the earth. Even though he didn’t die yet, everything in his body had already been smashed apart. His shoulder bones and spine were all completely shattered as well, so there was already no way he would survive this.

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