Book 16 Chapter 1 - New World and Trial Pt.1

In the modern cultivation world, this battle that happened in Thousand Leaf Pass was the highest level recorded battle in all of history.

Together with the cultivators who died under Xu Shengmo’s sword, the number of cultivators who died in this battle already exceeded a hundred. Moreover, together with all of those Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators who were mostly at the State Knight level or higher, those two Purgatory Mountain Great Elders, and even State Master level existences like Ni Henian and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, in terms of the deaths of high level cultivators, it was something not even Principal Zhang’s battle of Meteor City could compare to.

Throughout this entire world, the battle of Thousand Leaf Pass possessed meaning just as great as Meteor City.

Ten years before Yunqin was established.

There was no Yunqin, only some feudal vassals around Central Continent, some rich and powerful families.

Juliu Clan and Changsun Clan carried out their final battle in Central Continent CIty.

The Xiyi Fifteen Divisions relied on Jadefall City’s natural heavenly blessings of fertile plant life to become more and more powerful. In the end, they were no longer satisfied with the green grass and fat sheep, they instead coveted after the world’s most prosperous Central Continent City.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who resided in Purgatory Mountain’s tallest divine palace possessed power that could control the world. A randomly played chess piece made Nanmo Country[1] start to nibble away at the world.

An obscure and unknown middle-aged uncle carried a soul weapon no one knew about on his back, he brought something he called a mandarin duck and a fiend beast he called Qilin with him into Central Continent City.

In Central Continent City, he defeated many powerful cultivators. Some of these cultivators he killed were Juliu Clan’s most powerful members.

Changsun Clan became Central Continent City’s ruler, starting to rule with humanity, through martial reverence, starting to make the feudal vassals and powerful families surrender.

This middle aged uncle left Central Continent, entered Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, and then became Green Luan Academy’s principal.

Xiyi Fifteen Divisions began to invade east. Changsun Clan couldn’t stop them, so their attacks reached all the way to Central Continent City. Most of the Fifteen Divisions’ experts only thought that taking down Central Continent City was imminent, yet they didn’t know that their iron hooves ended up destroying some places this middle-aged uncle had previously been through, some things he treasured.

As such, within a single night, all of Xiyi Fifteen Division leaders’ heads were completely removed, Xiyi’s Fifteen Divisions turning into stray dogs.

After that Nanmo Country’s army of three hundred thousand closed in on Meteor City, that middle-aged uncle and seventeen Green Luan Academy experts appeared in Meteor City, making Nanmo Country and Purgatory Mountain suffer endless casualties. In the end, Nanmo Country was eradicated and Great Mang Dynasty rose up. The powerful Zhantai Mang[2] who established Great Mang relied on Thousand Devil Nest to start a struggle against Purgatory Mountain.

Yunqin rose up, becoming the world’s most powerful empire.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t dare take a single step into Yunqin, instead choosing to go into hiding. After fighting against Green Luan Academy for several decades, he ultimately lost this battle in front of Thousand Leaf Pass.

Some people didn’t have to worry about their own fates, didn’t have to think about it.

But if your every word and action was under a single person’s control and this person suddenly died one day, departed from this world, and then there was suddenly no one to manage you anymore, then you will naturally become lost. You will wonder where you would go now, what you should do, or even what you could do.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was a most special existence, which was why after he died, after Lin Xi left Thousand Leaf Pass and all of their initial shock disappeared, those Great Mang officials who were kneeling on the ground already couldn’t help but wonder what they were going to do now.

As news of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s death was brought back to Great Mang, even Great Mang’s ordinary people couldn’t help but walk out into the streets and alleys, gathering together. They just couldn’t figure out how those Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators, those Purgatory Mountain Great Elders shrouded in pillars of smoke, and the Purgatory Mountain Patriarch seated in the tallest palace could have possibly died.

After their initial shock passed, these ordinary Great Mang people even began to think that turns out even if it was a deity, he could similarly be killed.

However, these ordinary Great Mang people also began to produce things they originally didn’t have at all.

It was because of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch and Ni Henian, the significance of the deaths of these types of individuals was just too great. All information related to Thousand Leaf Pass, this distinguished meeting, was like history’s unprecedented hurricane, blowing faster than any other time.

News reached Purgatory Mountain.

In Purgatory Mountain, there was still an extremely old Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.

He was precisely the Great Elder whose voice was unpleasant like two grinding bronze plates, the one who previously deliberately humiliated Zhang Ping.

He was also the most powerful of those old Purgatory Mountain Great Elders, which was why he was left behind in Purgatory Mountain to guard against any unexpected situations.

When he received the news brought back from Thousand Leaf Pass, this normally insufferably arrogant Purgatory Mountain Great Elder first curled up in his own palace, entering a deep state of fear. Then, a moment later, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder thought some thoughts he normally didn’t even dare think of. Within his heart filled with fear, a wisp of feverishness and crazy ecstasy began to burn like a wild flame.

The only person who weighed down above him in Purgatory Mountain was now gone.

He was now precisely the ruler of the entire Purgatory Mountain.

This type of emotion that spread through his heart like a wild flame even crushed all of his fear. His crazy laughter began to echo through his bronze palace.

He walked out of his bronze palace, his body starting to release raging smoke and flames. He decided he was going to immediately kill Zhang Ping.

Even though before Purgatory Mountain Patriarch died, he had never personally spoken any words of Zhang Ping being a traitor, those three single-wheeled puppets’ betrayal in that battle was already enough to make him certain that Zhang Ping was a Purgatory Mountain traitor.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder left his own copper palace, wrapped in smoke and flames as he headed towards Zhang Ping’s dwelling.

Zhang Ping was still in his cave’s deepest workshop.

Right now, there were already no slaves left in this workshop, only ten or so of Purgatory Mountain’s red robed master craftsmen.

A set of armor with a lot of parts rested on a large piece of level stone in this workshop.

In Zhang Ping’s eyes, this armor that was originally supposed to be used to face Purgatory Mountain Patriarch already only had a few final procedures that had to be completed.

However, even if there was only one final procedure missing, this armor still wasn’t complete.

He had previously always been waiting for that final judgment to arrive.

It was because Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s descent upon the world, whether he lived or not, also decided his own life and death.

Right now, he also already received news of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch dying in Thousand Leaf Pass. Even if he didn’t order anyone to investigate, he could still already imagine that the last Purgatory Mountain Great Elder was already heading towards his cave.

However, there was no fear in his eyes, only a trace of coldness and calmness.

When the powerful aura finally descended and began to pour into the cave, after remaining quiet for a bit, he produced an extremely complicated drawing from his inner pockets. He unfolded it, hung it on the walls of this workshop, and then he turned around to wait for this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s appearance.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder wrapped within smoke and flames finally entered this workshop.

“Kneel, you traitor!”

His bronze grinding, ear-piercing, but exceptionally grand and fanatical voice sounded in this workshop.

Many red robed Divine Adjudicators followed behind him like a tide.

The true elites and powerful existences among Purgatory Mountain’s red robed Divine Adjudicators already either died under Gu Yunjing’s attack or followed Purgatory Mountain Patriarch to Thousand Leaf Pass. That was why right now, most of these red robed Divine Adjudicators were only some low level cultivators. Most of them originally didn’t even have the qualifications to enter this mountain, all of these low level red robed Divine Adjudicators who didn’t even dare raise their waists behind this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder had their heads hung, yet they all reached out their fingers one after another, pointing at Zhang Ping and fiercely shouting, “Kneel!”



The ruthless and cold berating wrapped around Zhang Ping like a sea, the noise rippling continuously through this cave workshop.

However, Zhang Ping still remained silent. He only raised his head, looking at this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder without half a trace of obedience.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder erupted into crazy laughter, about to issue the order for all of the red robed Divine Adjudicators behind him to take action against Zhang Ping at the same time.

However, right at this time, he released a light cry of surprise. He saw that diagram Zhang Ping hung on this workshop’s wall, and then his eyes were deeply absorbed by this diagram. His expression then became filled with even greater feverishness, his eyes as if completely set aflame.

“Who would have thought that you were actually creating this type of armor here!”

“This is something only Green Luan Academy could design… and it experienced your modifications? Turns out you also obtained quite a few runes from Sky Devil Prison Plains!”

“Turns out you were a Green Luan Academy spy! You all originally wanted to use this armor to deal with the patriarch! Only, it is a pity that none of you expected that this armor… would end up in my hands!”

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder howled with laughter. The fear in his heart already disappeared bit by bit. As he came to understand this diagram, he laughed crazily.

The faces of all of the red robed Divine Adjudicators behind him became pale from the shock, until even blood trickled out from their ears.

However, under this crazy laughter, Zhang Ping only did a single thing.

He carried out Devil Transformation.

Zhang Ping’s body swelled under his imposing Purgatory Mountain black robes. The color of his skin wasn’t the ordinary bluish black of Devil Transformation, instead becoming a pure black color.

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s crazy laughter didn’t stop. Only, even greater astonishment and joy flickered in his eyes.

Zhang Ping’s body backed up. He smashed into the mountain wall behind him, and then this mountain wall collapsed, revealing a deep passage.

Zhang Ping charged madly into this passage.

“Seal up everything here. If even a speck of dust is missing, then not a single one of you can think about living properly.”

The bronze grinding like ear-piercing voice sounded again.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder greedily collected the diagram on the wall, placing it into his inner pockets. Then, his figure turned into a streak of black smoke, rushing into the passage Zhang Ping escaped towards.

Zhang Ping smashed out of the walls of this tallest volcano in Purgatory Mountain and then continued to run crazily.

Surging black smoke quickly rushed out from behind him. Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who appeared afterwards looked at his crazily running rear figure and Purgatory Mountain’s uneven peaks, only a cold laugh of ridicule sounding.

Even though Zhang Ping secretly dug out a path he could use to escape in his own cave, he was currently in Purgatory Mountain. Where could he possibly run to?

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder chased after Zhang Ping with a speed that wasn’t too fast or too slow.

More and more red robed Divine Adjudicators appeared behind him, following him as he chased after Zhang Ping.

Many low level disciples and red robed Divine Adjudicators who normally didn’t dare strut around Purgatory Mountain joined the ranks of this procession that chased after Zhang Ping. Even they themselves didn’t know that there were actually this many people in this originally grim and lifeless Purgatory Mountain.

With this blood tide like group of men behind him, the body of this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder seemed increasingly large and tall, while Zhang Ping who ran forward all alone appeared increasingly pitiful and lonesome.

1. Turned into Great Mang Dynasty after its defeat

2. The late Great Mang Emperor

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