Book 15 Chapter 75 - Distinguished Meeting's Conclusion

This was the most beautiful rainbow Lin Xi had ever seen in this life, or perhaps we should say out of the two different worlds he had experienced.

He knew that he would forever remember this scene.

He felt like everything he did had meaning. What was more important was that Jiang Yu’er and Li Kaiyun… these fellow students of his, the sacrifices of his friends also became more meaningful.

All of the Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators stopped under this type of rainbow. They didn’t dare continue forward, nor did they dare withdraw further backwards. They were just like children abandoned by the heavens, in despair, twitching, sobbing and cowering on the ground.

These Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators normally viewed themselves like deities in this human world, but in front of Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elders and Patriarch, they actually viewed themselves exceptionally petty and low. They were trained into ants that worked under Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, lived or died through Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s favor. They also viewed Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elders and Patriarch as true divine existences. They were only believers who lived in fear within Purgatory Mountain. Their innermost beings were distorted to begin with, so now that even Purgatory Mountain Patriarch died a painful death, they already became weak to the point where they were even beneath ordinary people.

Meanwhile, behind them was still that seemingly mixed army, yet it was the world’s most powerful army, the Black Flag Army.

The Black Flag Army similarly stopped the Divine Elephant Army’s path down the mountain, so they had completely no retreat route.

That hunter-like Black Flag Army soldier’s female baby widened her eyes, looking at the beautiful and dazzling rainbow with wonder. She was extremely happy, revealing a sweet and brilliant smile.

The entire Black Flag Army was still awaiting Lin Xi’s orders.

Seated on the giant White Divine Elephants, the expressions of all of the Divine Elephant Army soldiers were extremely pale. Their hands that were gripping weapons continuously shook, the metal armor covering their bodies, because of their trembling, began to release rings of unconcealable light.

They knew that this distinguished meeting had already ended. Following Purgatory Mountain Patriarch and Ni Henian’s deaths, their wave of power that originally played a critical role was now already a dispensable existence.

Lin Xi also understood extremely clearly that as long as he gave the order, this Divine Elephant Army would definitely be completely killed by the Black Flag Army. He raised his hand, but his eyes had already seen too much scattered ashes, too much blood and corpses, too tired. For the sake of some great figures’ aspirations, too many people who shouldn’t have died already passed on today. Moreover, he knew that as long as he gave the order, even though this Divine Elephant Army would be completely wiped out, the Black Flag Army would similarly lose a lot of men.

After Ni Henian and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch died, both he and Green Luan Academy could already deal with this Divine Elephant Army at any time. That was why he felt like it was already time for this distinguished meeting to end. At the very least, he didn’t wish to kill any more today, he didn’t want more people to die.

That was why he raised his hand, not giving any military orders, only wearily waving it in the air. “Just let them go.”

The Divine Elephant Army didn’t utter any sounds.

Right now, both Ni Henian and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, these types of people, were already all defeated. They didn’t have the qualifications to say anything, nor would anyone care about what they said.

All of them hung their heads. When the White Divine Elephants began to turn around, Lin XI released another light sigh. “I do not wish to see you all again.”

This was advice, similarly the most severe warning.

All of the Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators who were still alive didn’t even dare breathe too loudly. They began to await Lin Xi’s judgment.

“I will let Zhantai Qiantang decide how to deal with all of you.”

Lin Xi thought for a bit. He looked at these Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators, and then said, “I believe all of you know what you ought to do.”

All of these Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators could tell that Lin Xi wouldn’t kill them, but they really didn’t know what they should do… However, after remaining silent for a bit of time, there was finally someone who understood what he had to do.

A Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicator knelt down, bowing down to Zhantai Qiantang.

The tall and pointed hat fell down when his head lowered, but this Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicator already didn’t dare reach out his hand to pick it up again.

When they saw this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s actions, the other Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators finally understood that they weren’t the true gods and devils. From today forth, they had to serve the people. They couldn’t wantonly enslave Great Mang’s people any longer, they had to serve Great Mang.

There were no more battles that happened.

In Thousand Leaf Pass, Great Mang Emperor who didn’t dare get up ever since Purgatory Mountain Patriarch first appeared still didn’t dare get up.

His greatest hope was just to continue living. Right now, he was still alive, so he didn’t extravagantly hope that he could sit on that dragon throne at all.

Right now, he even felt a hint of rejoicing, a bit of delight in calamity.

It was because he thought about another emperor in this world, one who, when compared to himself, possessed greater true authority.

He understood clearly that following the end of this distinguished meeting was the arrival of a new age.

After Green Luan Academy’s Vice Principal Xia died, Principal Zhang’s age already began to come to a conclusion, becoming Purgatory Mountain and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s age.

However, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s age was incomparably short. When others had just seen it, it already ended. Now, it was already the age of the Divine General.

That monarch who possessed the greatest authority in Central Continent City suffered even more severely than himself.

Behind Great Mang Emperor, separated by a long black table, was precisely the splendidly dressed Liu Xueqing.

In front of Liu Xueqing was that Yunqin and Great Mang alliance book.

This distinguished meeting clearly ended with Green Luan Academy’s victory. He stalled for enough time for Lin Xi, which was why just like Lin Xi, he was one of the most outstanding ministers in this battle. However, right now, he didn’t feel any joy inwardly.

He didn’t wish for Green Luan Academy to die out, didn’t wish for Yunqin’s spirit to die, which was why after considering things over and over again, he still decided to listen to his innermost voice, choosing to help Green Luan Academy.

Due to excessive pressure and fatigue, he suffered from severe back ulcers, the pain preventing him from sleeping even if he took a large amount of medicine. Right now, his fever was even more so continuing, his body also extremely weak.

Now that he helped Green Luan Academy win, he instead had to truly face this new age, and start to face many things that were bound to happen.

Under the bright sunlight, he raised his head in incomparable pain.

He gave Lin Xi’s figure a look, and then he groaned in pain, bending down at the waist.

A Yunqin official at his side was worried about his sickness, turning around. However, immediately afterwards, this Yunqin official instead released a panic-stricken scream.

Everyone cast their eyes over with shock.

Lin Xi’s entire body also shook. He turned around. Both he and everyone else saw that there was a dagger inserted into Liu Xueqing’s chest, blood currently surging out from this dagger, pouring out onto the long black table  like an ocean wave, soaking through that alliance book.

“Why did he do this?”

Bian Linghan cried out in shock. Even though she didn’t see how Liu Xueqing sent this dagger into his own heart, just from the reactions of those Yunqin officials around him, she already knew that Liu Xueqing committed suicide. She couldn’t understand why in this type of situation where they already won, when everything was already settling, why Liu Xueqing instead chose to end his own life.

Lin Xi felt even more tired.

He looked at Liu Xueqing who already stopped breathing. After showing him an exceptionally grave deep bow, he then quietly replied to Bian Linghan, “He could not face himself.”

Lin Xi’s words were extremely simple, but Bian Linghan understood instantly.

Liu Xueqing was a statesman most loyal to Yunqin Emperor, the son of heaven, feeling his blood flowing through his very bones. Everything he did was for the sake of remaining loyal to the emperor… to assist the monarch, to make the holy son of heaven become a brilliant ruler, to bring Yunqin’s people peace and prosperity. This was his path, his faith.

However, he understood extremely clearly that after Green Luan Academy and Lin Xi won this battle, Yunqin Emperor, seated on Central Continent City’s dragon throne, could also only be like these Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators, awaiting his final judgment.

He couldn’t overlook the voice in his own innermost being, couldn’t choose to refuse to help Green Luan Academy for the sake of Yunqin’s people. However, he indeed betrayed his own faith, betrayed Yunqin Emperor.

All of the reasoning in the books he studied his entire life, the faith he had accumulated after all these years, all of the blood so many upright subjects had shed through death remonstrations made him feel like he had no honor left to continue living in this world. That was why he chose to no longer live in suffering, in the end, he chose to die in Thousand Leaf Pass.

The instant he saw Liu Xueqing’s blood pour over the long black table, Lin Xi thought about stopping Liu Xueqing from committing suicide. However, in the end, he silently thought to himself that there was no way he could convince Liu Xueqing to change his mind.

“Perhaps only this can finally end his suffering.”

Lin Xi knew that for an upright subject like Liu Xueqing, each passing day  in Central Continent City, while looking at Yunqin’s current situation, didn’t mean living in enjoyment, but instead suffering. That was why he decided to respect the decision of this Yuqin citizen who was worthy of respect.

“You previously wished to see my proof… but I previously told you that I didn’t have to prove anything.”

“It is because time will prove everything, time will prove who is acting for Yunqin. All of Yunqin’s people will naturally be able to see, naturally be able to understand.”

While slowly straightening his body, he inwardly said these words to Liu Xueqing in parting.

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