Book 15 Chapter 74 - Today’s Rainbow

An arrow of blood rushed out from Chi Yuyin’s mouth.

The instant Lin Xi threw out Big Black, she who was previously already warned by Lin Xi had already poured all of her soul force into the seven gemstones without any regard for her own life.

She was a cultivator who was already extremely close to the sacred level. If a cultivator like her released soul force without any regard for her own life, even if it was only into an ordinary soul weapon, the power would still be extremely shocking, let alone this gemstone that contained the power of an ancient world of cultivation.

This mouthful of blood was caused by an excessive release of soul force.

However, in this moment, she didn’t have any time to wonder about what happened at all either. The runes of light released by the seven gemstones which then formed a green screen of light directly shattered into countless green firefly-like lights. The space between Lin Xi and herself seemed to have been fiercely struck by an incomparably massive divine hammer, both her and Lin Xi’s bodies couldn’t help but fly out! The seven gemstones also flew outwards along with her and Lin Xi.

When several dozen cracks appeared on Ni Henian’s body as if he had been cut by sharp swords, Lin Xi and Chi Yuyin’s bodies flew out backwards with endless shards of green lights. Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s remaining upper body was also like a piece of rotten wood that flew through the skies, not landing on the ground.

Big Black still continued to crack apart, those streaks of black light released from the cracks still continuing to pour out.

There were many streaks of black radiance that rushed into the skies above, but there was similarly a lot of black radiance that swept towards Purgatory Mountain’s people.

The clouds above were directly blown away without a trace by the black beams’ tremendous energy. Rings of especially dazzling heavenly radiance descended from the sky.

On the ground, all of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators who were swept by the radiance weren’t hacked into two like Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, but were instead directly blown into dust.

Big Black completely broke apart, turning into a pile of butterfly-like ashes itself as well. The black radiance it released also began to fade.


Countless streams carrying granules blasted out from the dozens of cracks on Ni Henian’s body. His body shook fiercely, momentarily unable to move.


The remaining upper half of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s body fell heavily onto the ground.

Most of his power had been gathered in his lower body, and it already vanished along with his lower body’s collapse.

When he landed on the ground, the rest of his power also began to pour out from his body, scattering away.

Apart from Purgatory Mountain Patriarch and Ni Henian, no one else could even react or think during this extremely short amount of time. When half of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s body landed on the ground, only then did all of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators feel fear, only then did they release screams of horror, discovering that many of those standing around them already disappeared.

Only then did they realize what exactly happened.

Then, they were even more scared, scared to the point where many of them couldn’t stand steadily at all, instead sitting on the ground while frantically shaking.

This type of fear came from Purgatory Mountain Patriarch being struck down, from how they couldn’t dodge at all just now. Those people who disappeared didn’t even have time to think about what happened when the black radiance swept over their bodies. Meanwhile, the reason they could still live right now was only because the black radiance just didn’t land on their bodies, or else the one standing here would be those beside them, while the ones who disappeared would be them.

Chi Yuyin landed heavily on the ground.

When her body made contact with the hard surface, after a mouthful of blood spurted out from her mouth again, only then did she finally recover her ability to breathe. She gasped for air, and only afterwards did she recall what happened through some fragmented scenes in her head.

Lin Xi destroyed Green Luan Academy’s legendary divine weapon Big Black!

The shattered Big  Black released endless terrifyingly powerful black radiance.

Only a single strand of black radiance passed by her and Lin Xi, yet just this bit of collision already destroyed the power she activated with everything she had.

Where was Lin Xi?!

What happened to him?!

At this time, she somewhat understood why Lin Xi waited until this type of time before having her use the seven gemstones’ power.

However, despite this being the case, she still couldn’t properly protect Lin Xi!

After reacting to what happened, she turned around as if she went completely crazy. She saw Lin Xi’s motionless body that fell not far from her.

Her entire body became rigid.

However, right at this moment, with an ‘ugh’ noise, Lin Xi’s body suddenly twisted, and then he began to cough intensely, as if he wanted to cough out all of his lungs.

Lin Xi’s appearance looked extremely painful, but Chi Yuyin instead began to laugh like a lunatic, laughing to the point where she also began to cough crazily, as if she also wanted to cough out her lungs.

Lin Xi was still alive, and he was coughing rather forcefully. For her, this was already this world’s best news.

Everyone in Thousand Leaf Pass woke up from their tremendous shock.

Even more people couldn’t control their emotions, starting to scream like madmen.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who was already truly unrivaled in this world now only had half his body left. Moreover, the power and lifeforce of his remaining half were quickly dwindling, turning into nothingness.

Ni Henian stood in place without moving, as if he would collapse if he moved even a little bit.

The Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators had their numbers shaved by two-thirds. RIght now, there were only twenty or so Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators who were still alive and standing on the mountain path covered in grooves.

Even the skies above Thousand Leaf Pass seemed to have been blasted through, the bright pillars of light descending like a dream, falling downwards, making everything on this mountain path exceptionally bright.

Most people were shocked to the point of becoming numb.

Their bodies were numb as they looked at this completely unforgettable scene. They then realized another fact.

The instant Lin Xi destroyed Big Black, the over a hundred streaks of black radiance Big Black released, the black radiance seemed like petals in full bloom, spreading in all directions. They then turned into long and narrow black swords that stretched over a thousand meters in length, sweeping straight outwards.

Two-thirds of Purgatory Mountain’s people died under this attack.

Even the unrivaled Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was currently dying.

However, Lin Xi didn’t die.

Chi Yuyin didn’t die.

Not even a single one of the Green Luan Academy cultivators behind him died.

There was similarly black radiance that passed by their bodies, yet not a single one truly landed on these people.

Just how did Lin Xi achieve this? How could he possibly have done this?!

Everything was inconceivable, unimaginable. In the end, there were only two words left in everyone’s numb minds: Divine General!

Lin Xi truly felt like he might as well cough out all of his lungs, felt like perhaps this would make him feel a bit better.

It was because only he alone knew just how many times he returned during this short breath of time.

The feeling of being weak to the extreme still hadn’t completely left his body, yet extreme weariness began to swarm all over him like countless ants.

Only, at the same time, he also felt joy.

Even if the academy forever lost a soul weapon like this that possessed special meaning, what this soul weapon represented to begin with was precisely a Divine General… Moreover, using this type of soul weapon to get rid of two of Geren Luan Academy’s most terrifying enemies, in his opinion, was extremely worth it.

A streak of pure radiance shot out from behind him, pouring into his body.

This streak of pure radiance was released by the tottering Yuhua Tianji.

Yuhua Tanji was originally already at his limit, releasing any more radiance might directly kill him. However, because he was worried about Lin Xi’s injuries, he still forcefully held on, releasing more radiance.

Lin Xi sat up from the ground.

He turned around to look at Ai Qilan, Qin Xiyue and all of the others that were crazily running towards him. He looked at the tottering Yuhua Tianji, shook his head, and then instead raised his hand to release a streak of even brighter radiance towards Yuhua Tianji’s body.

He could tell that his body’s condition was still a  bit better than Yuhua Tianji’s. Out of fear that Yuhua Tianji would just die, he immediately took this type of action. However, this type of reaction instead made it seem like they were shining light on each other, which seemed a bit laughable to him.

When he then thought about how Yunqin Emperor in Central Continent Imperial City would react once he obtained news of what happened during this distinguished meeting, he really couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Lin Xi smiled exceptionally brilliantly under the exceptionally bright sunshine. 

All of the red robed Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators began to shake all over, starting to unconsciously move backwards.

Some Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators who sat down on the ground couldn’t even climb to their feet again. Their feet continuously kicked against the ground, frantically trying to move backwards.

A Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicator stepped into something while staggering backwards.

He looked towards his feet, and then his body seemed like it was hacked by lightning, his brain going blank to the point where he didn’t even know what kind of emotions he was currently experiencing.

What he stood on wasn’t some tattered clothing or armor, but rather Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s body.

This was a scene that made one couldn’t help but want to burst out laughing, yet he couldn’t laugh out loud at all.

However, at this time, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t feel any anger. In his final moments, he only somewhat blankly recalled some fragments of his life. “I used up my entire life’s worth of time… yet I was still defeated under Green Luan Academy’s hands? I actually still died under a Divine General’s hands?”


He asked in pain.

However, no one replied to him. The instant he asked this final question, the rest of his upper body’s power also completely flowed dry. Then, his body broke apart like sand, becoming a pile of blue and black ashes.

That Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicator whose mind went blank stood precisely on this pile of ashes.

Ni Henian raised his head at this time.

White frost appeared on the sharp sword-like grooves on his body. He finally suppressed all of the crazily stirring vital energies within his body, stopping his body from breaking apart. He could still fight.

However, right at this time, an exceptionally stubborn figure and an extremely beautiful figure already appeared in front of him.

A sorrowful sound rang out. It was as if there were nightingales chirping, fresh flowers releasing their fragrance, as if there was a heroic visitor who lowered his cup of wine and tapped his finger against a blade.

The ice and snow within the cracks inside Ni Henian’s body suddenly released many light cracking noises.

His expression changed greatly.

He was just about to move forward, but his expression changed greatly again. He couldn’t help but stop once more.

A lump of thick black mist enveloped him within.

Countless fine sounds rang out, as if there were endless snakes swimming about underground.

Ni Henian was extremely familiar with this type of sound. He knew that these were the methods of a Dark Priest. The soul force in his body still wasn’t something these two Green Luan Academy young female students could compare to. However, at this time, Qin Xiyue’s Soul Rippling Technique just happened to be the bane of his body.

He had to control the shattering and spreading of soul force within his body, so he couldn’t move.

He felt endless grief.

The end of the path he chose for himself shouldn’t be like this. His life should have ended after reaching the greatest peak, after he defeated the Divine General, after he defeated Purgatory Mountain’s most powerful existence.

However, he instead became a Sacred Master who died without even having much of a chance to retaliate.

While in endless grief, he recalled Lin Xi’s words again, and then thought about how what brought him up were precisely the powerful cultivators in Yunqin who previously taught him, or made him their enemy. Meanwhile, in his final moments, he instead died under the disciples of these cultivators.

He was raised up by Yunqin, defeated by Yunqin as well.

Ni Henian released a scream of unwillingness, taking a step forward.

Endless long metal chains rushed out from the ground, stabbing through his body.

His body also broke apart at the same time, turning into countless chunks of scattered frozen dregs.

The finest granules within the frozen dregs melted into even finer droplets, and were then blasted even finer from the explosion of vital energy. Under the illumination of the bright sunlight, a beautiful rainbow cast itself over Thousand Leaf Pass’ mountain path.

Ai Qilan and Qin Xiyue stood precisely under this beautiful rainbow.

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