Book 15 Chapter 73 - Divine General’s Attack

“I learned Priest Hall’s Radiance.”

Yuhua Tianji’s voice sounded just like the sounds of nature.

Even though there weren't any pauses in between, Lin Xi still felt as if he was still centuries away.

His pent-up breath suddenly loosened, his entire body breaking out into sweat again. Even his line of sight was already starting to blur, to the extent where he couldn’t see Yuhua Tianji at his side properly. However, his voice became calm and serious again. “Then we can try to kill them”

Nangong Weiyang still didn’t understand what Lin Xi was thinking.

“Use the Radiance on me.” She, who was still confused, decided to use her own method, so she said this to Yuhua Tianji.

“This has to be done by me.” Lin Xi did his best to adjust his breathing. He lightly shook his head. “You would at most take down Ni Henian or Purgatory Mountain Patriarch with you, it wouldn’t do much in the end.”

Nangong Weiyang frowned. However, when Lin Xi was extremely certain, she wouldn’t argue much with him. That was why she looked at Yuhua Tianji, indicating for him to listen to Lin Xi.

Yuhua Tianji didn’t say anything else, only starting to release Radiance.

Wisps of pure and extremely dazzling streaks of light left his body, landing on Lin Xi’s body.

The aura on his body began to quickly weaken. Meanwhile, the aura on Lin XI’s body began to quickly flourish, as if this was a relaying of life.

When Ni Henian and Lin Xi began to speak, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch on his giant imperial carriage always remained quiet, as if he was a neglected guest.

However, the instant Yuhua Tianji’s body released Radiance, he instead took a step back.

With just this step alone, his dignified figure seemed to have turned into a strand of cool breeze, silently appearing again several dozen steps behind the giant imperial carriage.

An existence like him, even if he only acted like a silent spectator, he still had a considerable amount of this world in his grasp. The reason why Ni Henian didn’t make his move was ultimately still because he remained silent all this time.

Ni Henian had to remain vigilant from an attack from him the instant he launched his attack against Lin Xi and the others.

His silent and unmoving body was precisely a three-sided check of powers.

By stepping back right now, he stated his attitude. He allowed Ni Henian to no longer have to worry about his own threat. Meanwhile, his step backwards formlessly manipulated the beginning of Ni Henian’s battle with Lin Xi and the others.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch stepped back, but Ni Henian instead didn’t move.

However, just because he didn’t move from the mountain path didn’t mean he didn’t fight.

The reason he didn’t move was because he was a truly great figure from Central Continent City whose shoes weren’t even worthy of being wiped by lower level cultivators. He had witnessed the battles between Principal Zhang and countless experts when he entered Central Continent City for the first time.

That was why he understood extremely clearly that Divine Generals like Principal Zhang and Lin Xi, their timing and grasp over changes was more precise than any other cultivator. As such, when facing a Divine General, the best way was to use consistency to face endless changes, to focus completely on perception, and wait for the Divine General’s attack to arrive.

“All of you should back up a bit.”

Lin Xi’s body flickered with light. His eyes focused on Ni Henian’s body, but he instead said this first. Then, he turned around to look at Chi Yuyin at his side. “You don’t need to bother with anything… I only need you to use these seven gemstones.”

The meaning of Lin Xi’s words was clearly to have Gao Yanan, Nangong Weiyang and everyone else leave, to only have Chi Yuyin remain at his side to defend him.

At this moment, no one stepped back.

Everyone began to wonder if Lin Xi was going to use some type of suicidal method.

“Don’t worry, I want to try to kill them, not kill myself.” Lin Xi looked into Gao Yanan’s eyes, seriously saying this.

Gao Yanan was undoubtedly the one who understood Lin Xi the most. While looking at his expression, she nodded her head and then no longer said anything else, quickly turning around and withdrawing to Thousand Leaf Pass.

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed slightly, but she no longer felt any hesitation either, following Gao Yanan’s body in retreat.

All of them moved back. Apart from Chi Yuyin, everyone moved back like a tide.

Ni Henian’s brows furrowed.

He raised his head. The air around his body instantly became absolutely calm, as if it turned into a piece of glass. Then, he gave Gao Yanan a look from the distance.

Lin Xi instead began to laugh, saying with a bit of mockery, “Great Consecrator Ni, things like bluffs are completely useless against me.”

After saying this, he threw Big Black out in front of him.

Ni Henian originally still wanted to say some things, but with Lin Xi’s movement, both him and the distant Purgatory Mountain Patriarch momentarily found it a bit hard to react.

The instant he flung out Big Black, his hand also began to shine with pure radiance, forming a dazzling beam of light.

The most dazzling light and Big Black’s dark black formed a stark contrast.

Could it be that when absolute radiance landed on the darkest black, some type of unprecedented power would erupt?

In this instant, both Ni Henian and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch were confused.

However, at the same time, they both realized that there was something else in the radiance released from Lin Xi’s hands.

It was a piece of azure crystal whose edges were extremely sharp.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch thought of a certain possibility. He reacted before Ni Henian, releasing a panic-stricken low roar. His body seemed to directly snap as he fell down, and then all of the soul force by the bottom of his feet poured out unendingly, making his body begin to quickly accelerate and fly along the ground.

Ni Henian only sensed fatal danger a bit later than Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, but he similarly understood clearly that Big Black was not far in front of Lin Xi, and right now, there was only several feet of distance between Lin Xi and the radiance. The radiance Lin Xi released was also extremely fast, so right now, there was no one in this world who could stop Lin XI from releasing this radiance onto Big Black, nor could they intercept that azure crystal.

During this time where only Sacred Masters knew what was currently happening, where only they could make any judgments, Ni Henian showed a response entirely different from Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. He didn’t focus all of his own power on withdrawing or evading backwards. He still stood in place without moving. The soul force in his body instead poured out continuously, condensing in front of his body layer after layer.

The strands of aura that came out from the bowstring made the solid azure crystal stone directly rupture into countless fine fragments.

The severed bowstring was still contracting and flying through the air, but countless fine cracks already appeared on this weapon.

It was as if a celestial body suddenly exploded.

Streaks of black radiance rushed out from these cracks.

Black was originally the deepest, most light absorbing color to begin with. However, this black colored radiance shone even brighter than the radiance Lin Xi released.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was incomparably alarmed.

He didn’t have any time to wonder why Lin Xi dared do this, why he knew the destruction of Big Black would release such devastating power. He only wanted to flee a bit faster.

It was to the extent where he moved out his hands, wishing to grab the two single-wheeled metal puppets on the ground behind him, using them as shields.

However, these streaks of black radiance that rushed out from Big Black’s cracks instead surged even faster than his soul force.

His body only just begun to finish accelerating, turned into afterimages that were hard to perceive by ordinary cultivators, yet a streak of black radiance already landed on his body.

Big Black was still releasing this type of black radiance.

The end of this streak of radiance was still connected to Big Black, which was why this black radiance seemed extremely long, as if it was a several li long longsword that swept past his body.

The instant the black radiance landed on his chest, it turned his expression of disbelief bright and pitch-black, and then his body was cleaved diagonally in half. In the final moment before this black radiance hacked through his body, he felt a bit of hesitation while in fear and disbelief, wishing to contend against it with the true power of a Sacred Master. Countless cracks began to appear on his body.

However, this type of hesitation only made the lower half of his body release a terrifying explosive sound. It burst into countless fine chunks, and then flew out in all directions along with endless ashes!

There was a streak of black radiance that swept towards Ni Henian even earlier.

The dark yellow barriers Ni Henian condensed in front of him through soul force broke apart like layers after layers of amber before this streak of black radiance.

When the black radiance smashed through these dark yellow screens, the instant before it was about to hack into his body, his body seemed to have already turned into a sieve covered in countless holes. Endless ice-cold power rushed out crazily from his skin and flesh.

After he broke through into the Sacred Master level, he knew that he could only truly fight once. That was why through the insights he gained from fighting the legless Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, even if he didn’t have Grand Secretary Zhou or Gao Yanan’s talent, he still forcibly took endless ice-cold vital energy into his body, completely turning himself into an ice sculpture that carried unimaginable ice-cold power.

This was a process similar to soul merging.

What was different was that the power obtained through soul merging would grow with the soul force itself, while the power he absorbed was forcibly suppressed within his soul force. It was like forcibly burying a sword within his own body.

From a certain perspective, he didn’t personally witness the battles between Li Ku and Wenren Cangyue, but he seemed to have obtained some insights through the information regarding those battles.

He was indeed Yunqin history’s truest cultivation genius.

Right now, he originally only wanted to increase the power of his attack, use it to face Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s flames. Vital energy and power that were equivalent to his very life were released from his body relentlessly, facing this streak of black radiance.


This streak of black radiance that was several dozen meters in length actually directly turned snow-white, forcibly frozen by the ice and snow, blocked in the air. This streak of black radiance snapped under the power released from within his body, and then scattered in the air.

However, at the same time, Ni Henians’ body was also covered in several dozen deep cracks that looked like they were hacked out by a sword.

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