Book 15 Chapter 72 - Hatred

“You should not forget that in the end, you are at least a Yunqin citizen.”

“You have persisted with the dao you acknowledged, focused wholeheartedly on cultivation, which is why you have obtained the cultivation you have today. You might feel that you are returning Changsun Jinse a favor, that you are just doing this in passing, but you were born in Central Continent’s common streets. The ones who gave birth to you and raised you are all Yunqin’s people. Every drop of water you drink, every grain of rice you eat… the reason you could become a cultivator is related to Yunqin. Your entire life has Yunqin deeply engraved into it. Without Yunqin, without those people in Central Continent City, you would have never reached where you are today. You owe so many Yunqin people kindness, could it be that you don’t wish to return any of it?”

“If you absolutely must kill me, it will at the very least have to be after we join together to first kill Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. We can first join hands to kill him, and then decide life or death after.”

Lin Xi didn’t stop while talking. He didn’t have any extravagant hopes of these words being able to move Ni Henian, because he understood extremely clearly that the thoughts of figures at the level of Ni Henian and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch couldn’t be understood by ordinary people at all. This was all because he was already weak to the extreme, scared that if he didn’t continue speaking, if his mind slackened even a bit, then he might just directly go unconscious.

However, the pain in his expression and eyes right now wasn’t only because of his body’s terrible condition, it was also because he had to give up on some things extremely important to him and the academy. He indeed thought of a type of power that he could rely on, just that this type of power had no trouble killing any Sacred Experts, but whether it could kill Sacred Masters or not was still unknown. The most crucial thing was that only he alone had a chance of doing this, so he had to try and recover a bit of strength in order to have a chance of doing it.

Ni Henian’s turbid eyes released many different types of radiance.

This type of radiance was just like the moisture between Central Continent City’s banana trees, also like lantern light released by a certain white walled black tiled small alley under the setting sun.

Anyone could tell that Ni Henian wasn’t someone filled with nostalgia who longed for his own place. However, everyone could also tell that when the road Ni Henian paved for himself was nearing its end, he still couldn’t help but recall many unforgettable times.

Everyone vaguely felt that a turning point might appear, which was why right now, even the sounds of breathing completely stopped. There was only Lin Xi’s light coughing sounds.

Ni Henian entered a state of silence while numerous feelings washed over him.

He thought for a long time, and then finally raised his head.

What made all of Green Luan Academy people’s hearts instantly drop to rock bottom was that Ni Henian shook his head. “I admit that the things you say carry some reason, but the feeling you give me is instead even more dangerous, which is why I will still try to kill you first.”

“Are you purposely playing with me?!”

Xu Shengmo roared out in an almost flustered and exasperated manner. No one else thought that Ni Henian was deliberately messing with him, yet he felt like in this situation where Ni Henian showed signs of already being persuaded, yet suddenly directly refused, moreover making this same decision after seeing the hidden power Lin Xi had Chi Yuyin reveal, it was simply playing with all of their emotions on purpose.

“Ni Henian, could it be that your entire brain is filled with sh*t? Could it be that you were raised on sh*t by Yunqin’s people before? That is why you are trying to get revenge on Yunqin now?!”

Xu Shengmo cursed in an extremely vile manner, extremely harshly.

However, his unpleasant cursing instead then suddenly stopped.

It wasn’t because Ni Henian wanted to deal with him at this time, but rather because another trace of familiar black color suddenly appeared in the mountain forest to the side. 

Xu Shengmo’s eyes instantly brightened. Then, he was even more so completely disappointed, almost directly fainting from a bad breath of pent-up air.

That type of familiar black was Green Luan Academy’s color. He thought that some new savior had arrived.

However, the one who appeared was instead not some expert from the academy even he didn’t know of, but rather someone the same age as Bian Linghan and the others, a female student who seemed even a bit slimmer than her.

This seemingly weak and even a bit overcautious Green Luan Academy female student was Ai Qilan[1].

Apart from Lin Xi and the others, none of the other cultivators here knew the name of this Green Luan Academy female student who suddenly appeared.

However, just from the black robes that covered even her head, the dark colors seemingly continuously swirling about, this made many people guess that she was precisely the one who appeared previously in East Scenery City’s battle, this generation’s Green Luan Academy Watchman.

Watchman should always be concealed.

However, when they saw this thin and weak Green Luan female student walk up to Lin Xi with her head lowered, not uttering a single sound and then continuing to stand in front of Lin Xi stubbornly without saying a single word, looking at Ni Henian, everyone understood her intentions.

With her cultivation, regardless of whether it was a hidden attack or fighting in the open, compared to Ni Henian’s current strength, it didn’t make any difference at all.

She only wished to express a single message: If Ni Henian wished to kill Lin XI, then it would have to be over her corpse.

This place seemed to have suddenly become a bit more quiet.

The expressions in the eyes of Purgatory Mountain’s red robed Divine Adjudicators became even more complicated.

From the very start, Lin Xi never fought Purgatory Mountain Patriarch with his strength alone. This was especially the case after unimaginable powers appeared one after another… Ai Qilan’s current move at the very least added one more unknown element to Lin Xi’s side.


Right at this time, an exceptionally pleasant sound could be heard on this silent mountain path. This sound was just like that of some wind chimes hanging from some Central Continent City eaves. However, immediately afterwards, many people felt a piercing pain by their eardrums, feeling as if this sound seemed to have a blade’s cutting edge added to it.

Ni Henian’s eyes that originally became cold flickered with different radiance again.

This sound came from Qin Xiyue’s hand.

Through this sound, he recalled the battle he had in Central Continent City against Zhong Cheng and Nightingale[2].

It was also this sound that made him feel like Ai Qilan and Qin Xiyue now represented even greater meanings.

“You two wish to get revenge for your teachers?”

When he thought about those powerful opponents that brought him some unexpected elements, but were still defeated by him without exception, he couldn’t help but laugh proudly and coldly. “By accompanying them in the grave?”

“Or could it be that you believe because Nightingale previously stopped me from killing Zhong Cheng, you can similarly stop me from killing Lin Xi?” Ni Henian greatly enjoyed the beauty of this current scene, enjoying the unrivaled feeling Purgatory Mountain Patriarch enjoyed not long ago. That was why he continued to say with mockery towards Qin Xiyue, “You should not forget…”

What he originally wanted to say was ‘you should not forget that if there wasn’t that other elder in Central Continent City, without that Yuhua Family elder, not even Nightingale could bring Zhong Cheng out of Central Continent City. However, when he was about to say this, he suddenly cut off.

It was because at this time, another black robed individual walked out from Thousand Leaf Pass.

This was similarly a Green Luan Academy student whose figure was thin and weak. Because it had already been a long time since he appeared before Lin Xi and the others, Lin Xi and the others found him a bit unfamiliar at first. However, the head of golden hair on this Green Luan Academy student’s head immediately allowed Lin Xi and the others to realize who this was.

“Yuhua Tianji!”

Bian Linghan couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

He last appeared during that contest against Thunder Academy. Even though it was during these youngsters’ worriless youth, the beginning of their bitter battles, it indeed already seemed too far away.

At that time, Thunder Academy was still at its very peak, yet now, Thunder Academy and Immortal Academy both already no longer exist. That was why those who participated in that contest already rarely thought about Yuhua Tianji who disappeared from their world after being seriously injured.

Lin Xi looked at this fellow student who previously criticized them for their desires and enjoyment, for not having faith. Thinking about that contest in the snowy mountains, a bit of warmth appeared in his heart. However, when he thought about how now wasn’t the time to reminisce about the past, he began to cough lightly in even greater pain.

“You don’t need to accompany us to the death.” He didn’t think too much, just subconsciously looking at the approaching Yuhua Tianji and saying, “Even though I have saved you, your Yuhua Family has protected my family, so we have long been even.”

“I am not here to return the favor you showed me.” Compared to a few years ago, Yuhua Tianji’s appearance didn’t experience much changes. However, there was already no trace of contempt or disdain in the eyes he looked at Lin Xi with, they were rather filled with true respect.

He said this to Lin Xi, and then looked at the pensive Ni Henian, saying solemnly, “I came out because I am someone from Green Luan Academy, but also because I wish to get revenge for my Yuhua Family’s people.”

Lin Xi whose mind wasn’t as clear as usual because of extreme weakness found it a bit hard to react these words. He thought that since Yuhua Family’s people appeared, then why would only a single Yuhua Tianji appear… Together with Yuhua Tianji’s current words, he suddenly thought of a certain possibility. “What did you say?” His body trembled fiercely, all of the muscles in his body starting to twitch because of this reaction.

“He killed all of Priest Hall’s people before coming here.”

Yuhua Tianji took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled, saying this.

Everyone’s breathing stopped again.

Gao Yanan’s originally pale face became even more snow-white.

“Only for the sake of not wanting Priest Hall’s people to join this battle, you killed everyone in Priest Hall?” She looked at Ni Henian, shouting fiercely. Her entire body was shaking from anger.

Xu Shengmo’s hands were already exceptionally ice-cold. After Tong Wei fired that arrow, yet still couldn’t kill Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, he already began to inwardly curse those Priest Hall elders. It was because he felt like as long as those Priest Hall elders were here, with their strength, they could still be of decisive use. However, only now did he learn why not a single one of those Priest Hall elders appeared here.

He already couldn’t curse Ni Henian further, because he simply couldn’t find any words to curse him anymore.

At this time, some cultivators among Yunqin officials within Thousand Leaf Pass and Great Mang officials felt even colder inside, because the words Yuhua Tianji spoke made them think of another reality. Even though Ni Henian’s body would definitely explode when he used power exceeding the Sacred Expert level, even if he always suppressed his strength to the Sacred Expert level when facing others, his perception was still at the level of a Sacred Master, his body’s reaction and attack speed will still exceed all those at the Sacred Expert level. The amount of soul force within his body was also far greater than Sacred Experts.

That was why the current Ni Henian and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch were still unrivaled at the Sacred Expert level. This was, unless they were forced to use power exceeding the Sacred Expert level.


Lin Xi coughed out blood.

When he thought about those Priest Hall elders he had previously interacted with he was already no longer cursing the helplessness from being unable to communicate with an abnormal freak like Ni Henian, but rather already filled with endless rage and killing intent.

“I hope you learned Priest Hall’s Radiance.” The blood coughing Lin Xi breathed with difficulty. He said to Yuhua Tianji. “You better not tell me… that you didn’t learn it.”

1. Luo Huoyan made her into a watchman, while Dark Priest Mu Xin Li told her to choose her own path, give Ni Henian a beating for him if she can B9C60 

2. Nightingale passed on the Sound Rippling Technique to Qin Xiyue B13C64 

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