Book 15 Chapter 71 - Chaotic Situation

Thousand Leaf Pass’ distinguished gathering was the result of Yunqin Emperor and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s dual-sided urging. Ni Henian’s appearance here originally wasn’t enough to leave everyone shocked. In this type of situation where sacred level existences were like moths flying towards a flame, an Imperial Court Consecrator wasn’t much either. What was truly shocking was Ni Henian’s current strength.

Apart from Yunqin Emperor, no one knew that Ni Henian already broke through the Sacred Expert level[1].

Earlier, when he fought Zhong Cheng and Nightingale, all peak level cultivators thought that Ni Henian’s path to Sacred Master level had already been cut short.

This was especially the case during last year’s Autumn Sacrifice, after he faced the broken legged Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, most people even thought that Ni Henian might die soon.

After that, Ni Henian never made an official appearance. It was to the extent where many people thought that he had already died.

However, no one expected that the Ni Henian who appeared would release an aura exceeding the Sacred Expert level!

This was a development not even Lin Xi thought of. What he was always waiting for was just for when that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch used the three single-wheeled puppets. In his opinion, after Purgatory Mountain Patriarch used the three single-wheeled metal puppets, together with the seven gemstones, they still had a chance of killing Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, just like how they dealt with that aged Sea Fiend King.

However, the aura Ni Henian appeared with now already completely made the current situation go out of control.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Ni Henian’s body. All of them wanted to know what Ni Henian’s objective for coming here was.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch faced Ni Henian. His hands once again turned, striking back the two single-wheeled metal puppets.

When an expression of disbelief appeared in his eyes, a bit of regret also appeared in his heart.

If he knew that Ni Henian not only didn’t die after being seriously injured, but instead broke through the peak of Sacred Expert level, then he definitely wouldn’t have come here today.

Originally, for someone like him, the only enemy he had during these past few decades was Green Luan Academy. Regarding empires like Great Mang and Yunqin, he didn’t actually have much interest towards them. However, at this moment, he instead felt a type of true anger. He really wanted to completely destroy Yunqin Empire.

How could this empire possibly continuously produce so many cultivation geniuses, how could it have produced so many Sacred Masters?!

Even when facing Ni Henian, he was still the most powerful existence of this world. That was why he still felt it beneath him to hide his current emotions. Everyone here could feel his shock and anger.

Ni Henian also sensed Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s anger. “You are extremely angry?” When Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s palms once again struck against the two single-wheeled metal puppets, still releasing otherworldly explosive noises like battles between gods and devils, he instead suddenly spoke out, calmly saying, “I can understand the reason for your anger. Actually, your anger is entirely without reason… It is because many Great Mang people, before they could obtain greater achievements, they were already turned into dogs by you, or killed by you. Someone like you is the true reason why Great Mang’s world of cultivation can never compare to the brilliance of Yunqin’s.”

At this type of time, Ni Henian speaking so much seemed a bit like he was wasting his time, a bit senseless.

However, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch felt that he had the qualifications to speak to him like this. As such, his rage instead decreased a bit. He struck the two single-wheeled metal puppets back with another strike, at the same time calmly saying, “I admit I underestimated you.”

Ni Henian spoke with a completely ordinary expression. “That is of no matter, there were too many people in this world who looked down on me.”

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch looked at him, his tone becoming a bit cold. “You came because you wanted to kill me?”

Ni Henian nodded. “I came to kill you.”

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch thought for a bit, and then said, “You came to kill me for the sake of Changsun Jinse[2]?”

Ni Henian shook his head. “It is me who wants to kill you.”

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch and Ni Henians’ current conversation seemed a bit senseless in itself. However, because the two of them were currently the world’s most powerful great figures, their simple words also carried the truest killing intent, that was why there was instead a type of indescribable thick killing intent that spread like an iron curtain, crushing down on everyone’s bodies.

“Why?” Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s brows furrowed slightly, a bit confused as he added, “If you wish to kill me, there is no chance of you surviving.”

Ni Henian looked at Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, a slight smile appearing on his face. “People like you and me, we have chased after becoming the strongest our entire lives. I am not like you who had Shentu Clan, who naturally had some things, which is why my thoughts are even simpler than yours. In this life of mine, I have only thought about how I would defeat the powerful individuals who towered before me one after another. Right now, before me, you are the only one left. If I don’t try to defeat you, if I don’t try to kill you, my remaining lifespan will also become meaningless.”

At this time, these brief sentences instead completely portrayed Ni Henian’s entire life.

Everyone knew that they were wrong.

Previously, everyone thought that Yunqin Imperial Court’s Great Consecrator was a dog most loyal to Yunqin Emperor, loyal to the point where he didn’t hesitate to use his life to eliminate the formidable opponents of Yunqin Emperor one after another. However now, everyone already understood that in Ni Henian’s eyes, everything else was already completely meaningless. During this entire life of his, his sole objective had only been a single thing, which was to defeat the cultivators standing in front of him one after another.

This was a true cultivation idiot.

However, this type of stubborn conviction was instead enough to leave everyone moved and in admiration.

“Alright. Old Ni, you were a valiant fella after all. If you kill him, I will light incense for you every year.”

Xu Shengmo originally felt like Lin Xi would still fall short in the end, full of resentment. Now that the three single-wheeled metal puppets instead targeted Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, and then Ni Henian suddenly appeared to kill Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, he immediately became excited, shouting this out.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch also began to feel that out of Lin Xi’s entire group, the most loathful one was precisely Xu Shengmo. He really wanted to kill Xu Shengmo now. However, Ni Henian didn’t move yet, so he didn’t dare spare any attention in killing Xu Shengmo.

“I will kill all of you first.” However, right at this time, Ni Henian instead slowly turned around, giving Xu Shengmo a look, and then looked at Lin Xi.

Everyone was horrified.

Xu Shengmo stared blankly. He shouted out in disbelief, “Ni Henian, what are you saying?”

Ni Henian didn’t pay him any attention. He only looked at Lin Xi, calmly recounting, “I have always wanted to know, if a Divine General and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch truly met, who would be a bit stronger? Right now, it seems like Purgatory Mountain Patriarch is a bit more powerful. I seem to already be able to easily kill all of you. However, the Divine General talent is something no one can truly understand, so I must carry out a final confirmation.”

Lin Xi’s mouth was full of bitterness. He struggled to raise his head, looking at Ni Henian as he said with difficulty, “The final confirmation you wish to do is precisely to try and kill me?”

His words, for a Sacred Master, were extremely slow. From when he started speaking to when he finished, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s hands already struck the two single-wheeled metal puppets more than ten times.

Unknown if this was by coincidence or not, right when Lin Xi finished speaking his final word, a crystal stone shattering noise sounded from within the two single-wheeled metal puppets. All of the radiance on these two puppets finally dimmed, and then no longer rushed forward. When they were struck flying by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s power, they were like two tires, starting to roll down the mountain.

The mountain path finally became completely quiet.

Ni Henian looked at Lin Xi, nodding his head.

Xu Shengmo finally realized what was going on. He screamed out again, “Ni Henian, you freak!”

“I do not need to care about how others think.” Ni Henian still didn’t look at Xu Shengmo, only looking at Lin Xi as he said, “After all, without Changsun Jinse, there is no way I could have reached where I am today. Even if it is just one last favor for him, I will choose to kill you first.”

This was indeed quite the strange way of thinking. It was as if in Ni Henian’s opinion, the many things he did, all of the powerful experts he killed for Yunqin Emperor, these were all done for himself on his path of cultivation. It was as if only this single act of killing Lin Xi was for Yunqin Emperor’s sake, which was why only this act alone could be considered returning the emperor’s favor.

That was why everyone on Lin Xi’s side seemed to have fallen from the clouds down to a frozen abyss.

Ni Henian and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s battle would end in mutual destruction, dying together. This was something all of them hoped for. However now, the entire situation instead seemed to be adding hail to snow.

If they wanted to kill Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, they had to first kill Ni Henian.

A single Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was already unrivaled. Together with the Yunqin unrivaled Ni Henian, going two Sacred Masters, who could possibly face them?

Lin Xi coughed lightly.

This was a situation he completely couldn’t reverse even if he predicted it, even if he knew about it ahead of time.

His eyes were filled with pain.

Everyone thought that his pain came from Green Luan Academy’s destruction and Yunqin Emperor who would profit the most from all of this.

However, what no one expected was that after he forcefully wiped away the foul smelling sweat on his face, he looked at Ni Henian, saying seriously, “You cannot kill me. If you could truly do it, the final result is precisely that you will die under my hands, and then it might instead be Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who benefits the most. After I kill you, he might have a chance of killing me.”

Lin Xi’s words sounded extremely shocking and inconceivable for Gao Yanan, Nangong Weiyang and the others, but they could all tell that Lin Xi’s words were definitely serious.

An expression of shock appeared on Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s face again.

Ni Henian’s brows also furrowed again, starting to think to himself. However, before he could speak, Lin Xi instead already released a light cough, saying, “Chi Yuyin, give him a bit of proof.”

Chi Yuyin didn’t expect that in the end, she would be given an order by Lin Xi at this type of time.

Right now, the pressure was already great to the point where her entire body was shaking a bit. However, she still didn’t stop at all, pouring her soul force into the seven gemstones in her sleeves.

Seven gemstones that released an aura of great changes flew out from her sleeves, blocking her surroundings and releasing a set of ancient character-like shadows.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s eyes began to flicker intensely.

Ni Henian’s brows also furrowed even deeper.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch already didn’t even need to try and test it out, already about to feel the power of these patterns added to this world.

“This can at most block Sacred Expert level power.” Ni Henian looked at the seven gemstones that had never made an appearance in this world before.

“This is already enough. If you use power above the Sacred Expert level, you will also die.” Lin Xi looked at Ni Henian who experienced a bit of disapproval, saying seriously with difficulty but firmness, “Moreover, this isn’t the only source of power in our hands.”

1. B15C24

2. Yunqin Emperor

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