Book 15 Chapter 70 - Great Consecrator

Chi Yuyin couldn’t understand why Lin Xi didn’t just let her use those seven gemstones all this time.

She didn’t understand just what Lin Xi was still waiting for.

Cultivators like them who came from behind Great Desolate Swamp didn’t really know much about Yunqin and Great Mang’s cultivators. They might still be able to easily kill those Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators, but in terms of absolute power, their methods were just like the small tricks of ruffians, completely unable to inflict any type of fatal damage on Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Hu Piyi and the others also couldn’t understand why Lin Xi still insisted on remaining here, still wished to continue fighting instead of running.

The academy’s arrow and Nangong Weiyang’s hidden power already far exceeded their imaginations, already made this battle no longer seem like a battle in the mortal world.

If they knew that Lin Xi could bring over these Fiend Race cultivators who could sweep through all other hindrances ahead of time, aware of the academy and Nangong Weiyang’s power, they would have definitely had great confidence in winning against Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

However, even with all of this, they still couldn’t kill Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. All of the Sacred Experts already couldn’t fight any longer, so what other methods did they still have that could kill Purgatory Mountain Patriarch?

Right now, only Lin Xi knew that he still had things he could wait for.

It was because when the Thousand Devil Nest’s Devil Eye Flowers bloomed, he was the only one who had that conversation with Zhang Ping who had already become a Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.

That was why when Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was already a bit tired, pouring out a bit of soul force to undo the seals of those three single-wheeled puppets, he forcefully blinked his eyes to allow himself to see them a bit more clearly.

Three waves of auras erupted from the three single-wheeled metal puppets’ bodies, as if three giant smelting furnaces became filled with raging flames and molten metal.

In this instant, many Yunqin people’s expressions became deathly pale.

These were clearly auras only sacred level existences had… These three metal puppets actually possessed sacred level power?!

Sacred level metal puppets, moreover, they didn’t need the continuous infusion of soul force from a cultivator, these things had never appeared in this world before!

A hint of a satisfied feeling appeared in Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s eyes.

He was extremely satisfied with the expressions on the faces of Yunqin’s people right now. The significance of these single-wheeled metal puppets wasn’t only in that they were three sacred level existences, they could further make the people of this world feel Purgatory Mountain’s mysteriousness, make people feel like Purgatory Mountain had things that transcended this world.

This type of thing made Purgatory Mountain seem even more detached from the secular world, imperceptibly make him seem even less like a human, but rather truly like a demonic god.

He had always been extremely satisfied regarding these single-wheeled metal puppets, which was why Zhang Ping was also directly promoted to a Purgatory Mountains Great Elder by him.

This type of twin cannon metal puppet that possessed extremely fast mobility with just a spin of its single wheel, moreover able to adjust its center of gravity through this wheel was intimately called ‘obedient little things’ by him.

In his opinion, just these three ‘obedient little things’ alone, in this situation where the other party’s Sacred Experts were completely crippled, were enough to wipe out all of his opponents.

A Divine General like Lin Xi, a talent that was even more of a freak than Li Ku, if even these two were killed by these metal puppets, just the thought of it alone felt interesting to him.

However, right at this time, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s satisfied eyes suddenly became incomparably complicated.

The three metal puppets whose runes were sinister and bright suddenly spun around. They didn’t fly down from the giant imperial carriage, all of them instead turning to face Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Even though these three metal puppets turned around extremely quickly, they were naturally still much slower than flying swords. That was why all of the cultivators on Lin Xi’s side and the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators could see this clearly.

Apart from Lin Xi, almost everyone else widened their mouths in shock, as if they wanted to suck away all of the air in Thousand Leaf Pass.

Xu Shengmo whose expression had always remained extremely ugly, always felt like Lin Xi was unfit for anything, but after tossing and turning all day still accompanied Lin Xi to this trial of death stared blankly at all of these changes. His mouth had always been harsh, but he always said whatever he wanted. That was why right now, he couldn’t help but say, “What kind of stupid thing is this? Don’t tell me you feel like this victory is so easy, your opponents aren’t strong enough, so you are even adding three opponents for yourself as a handicap?”

Lin Xi had heard Xu Shengmo say many things, but he felt like these were the most humorous and pleasant words he had ever heard from this lecturer. He didn’t have the energy to praise Xu Shengmo’s words, so he only released a chuckle.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch raised his head.

The instant the three single-wheeled puppets turned around, he already understood that the issue could only be from Zhang Ping.

Only, he just couldn’t understand what kind of methods Zhang Ping used to make these three single-wheeled puppets turn against him at this time.

It was because these three single-wheeled puppets had already undergone much testing. He had also personally tested out these ‘obedient little things’ many times.

Why did nothing bad happen before, yet just happened to go wrong now?

When he discovered that the scheming came from someone he raised up alone, came from these three ‘obedient little things’, his expression already reached the brink of going out of control. Together with how currently, he already relaxed a bit from extreme weariness, now that he was also wondering just what kind of methods Zhang Ping used, he realized that he became a bit slower than before.

When he raised his head, the three single-wheeled puppets were already only a few meters from him.

Six lava-like flames carrying an unknown aura from an ancient world of cultivation already rushed out from these three single-wheeled puppets’ hands, focusing in on Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

However, under this type of close distance, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was actually still able to seize the small gap in time.

His body seemed like it crossed over space, directly appearing at a single-wheeled puppet’s side. A palm struck into this single-wheeled puppet’s chest.

The center of his palm swirled with two strands of purple-black fine flames. These two streaks of fine flames alone were already enough to separate this single-wheeled puppet’s attacks, not a single one of its flames could burn his body.

chi noise sounded, as if a burning iron fell into hard lard. His palm deeply entered this single-wheeled puppet’s chest, the clash of vital energies within this metal puppet made endless strands of flames gush out from the countless runes on its back. This single-wheeled puppet’s spinning wheel began to stop spinning, and then the heavy metal body flew out backwards along with the endless strands of flames gushing out!

While facing the joint attack of three volcanic eruptions like metal puppets, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch still sent a metal puppet flying with a palm strike, he truly was fierce to the extreme.

However, it was also at this instant that only Purgatory Mountain Patriarch could sense his body’s abnormality.

He could feel that his body seemed like it was about to expand endlessly, fly outwards.

This wasn’t a feeling of being unrivaled, but rather an omen of his self destruction.

However, he didn’t have the time to feel hesitation. That was why he didn’t turn his head at all. His hands instead flipped with speed not even flying swords could compare to, striking backwards.

The two strands of purple-black smoke scattered the flames released by those two metal puppets.

His body didn’t move, but because these two metal puppets could still approach him, his palms respectively pressed against the chest of the two metal puppets.

Bang! Bang!

Two giant bell rumbling noises sounded in this world.

Two single-wheeled metal puppets staggered backwards in retreat, two faint palm prints appearing on their chests.

In less than a breath of time, these two tottering metal puppets already rushed towards Purgatory Mountain Patriarch unsteadily again.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch turned around, brandishing his palms again.

Palm met armor. Two explosive noises sounded again!

The Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators with comparatively lower cultivations around the giant imperial carriage covered their ears one after another. Some of them even spat out a mouth of blood with a wah noise, their internal organs actually wounded from the soundwaves and air streams.

The single-wheeled puppets were blown back again, but they immediately rushed at Purgatory Mountain Patriarch again.

Loud noises sounded again, the single-wheeled metal puppets were blown back, but then charged again… After Xu Shengmo finished his first sentence, while he was speaking the rest of what he wanted to say, these two metal single-wheeled puppets and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch already clashed ferociously who knew how many times.

The Black Flag Army was currently waiting by the foot of Thousand Leaf Pass.

The loud noises that were even more shocking than thunder even made that baby girl whose ears were originally plugged up, always sleeping, wake up. She raised her head in a daze, but couldn’t see the giant imperial carriage and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, instead, she saw the giant White Divine Elephants who couldn’t help but back up in panic from the shocking loud noises and the battle that didn’t seem to be of this human world.

She felt like these White Divine Elephants that wore golden armor seemed to be scared of her, which was why she instead couldn’t help but laugh.

Terrifying clamoring and wind streams began to blast apart the trees at Thousand Leaf Pass’ sides.

Stalks of trees split into sharp swords like splinters, and were then blown even further back by the air streams.

Several pieces stabbed towards Ni Henian who was standing within the trees.

Ni Henian was already not far from the mountain path.

With his perception and reaction speed, he could still evade these fragments without using soul force, only by moving his body to evade.

However, right now, he was already certain that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s body already couldn’t use power at the peak of Sacred Master level.

Even though Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s power under deliberate suppression was still terrifying, he also learned some secrets from the body of that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who had his legs blown away, so he knew that there was no way that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s soul force was completely exhausted. These two single-wheeled metal puppets would still be beaten into scrap metal by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. However, right now, he felt like he already didn’t have to wait any longer.

That was why he didn’t evade these wooden fragments.

He directly walked forward, walking out from the mountain forest flying with countless wooden fragments, walking towards the mountain path.

When these wooden fragments were still a few feet from his body, they all stopped. Then, they split apart, turning into countless threads, flying out from around his body.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch suddenly turned around, his eyes flickering with an expression of disbelief.

Everyone else also sensed the aura surging from Ni Henian’s body when he made his formal appearance.

Even Lin Xi felt a bit of shock and numbness, because this was a change not even he was aware of.

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