Book 15 Chapter 69 - Not Dead

When a flying sword moved through the air, all cultivators understood the transcendent power that was stored up within it. However, when a flying sword killed, it was just like a flicker of light, the scene not all that magnificent.

Many of Purgatory Mountain’s cultivation methods were related to flames. Many formidable cultivators used flames to face their enemies. Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s purple-black flames were one of the most formidable types, this type of flame was something only the patriarch could inherit, the true power that allowed Purgatory Mountain Patriarch to control all of Purgatory Mountain.

Only, this type of flame didn’t really look all that astonishing from the outside, which was why previously when Nangong Weiyang, Hu Piyi and Zhantai Qiantang’s three joint sword attacks were all broken down by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, it didn’t look all that impressive either.

However, when Tong Wei who was hidden who knew where released this sapphire arrow and Lin Xi’s Devil Transformation released unimaginable radiance, the crazy winds moving even the incomparably heavy giant imperial carriage, flames burning the gales into endless spiraling streams, flying sword stirring up a torrential rain… This scene was already exceptionally grand, completely like a legendary battle between gods and devils, not like a battle in the mortal world at all.

Now, all of the rest of the attacks’ effects have already disappeared, only Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword blasting through the endless whirling streams in front of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, landing on his body. This flying sword, in everyone’s eyes, already became abnormally clear.

A muffled pu noise sounded.

The ice-cold flying sword stabbed into Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s body.

The radiance around Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi’s bodies shook intensely, the two of them seeming like they were about to be lit aflame. However, at this moment, Nangong Weiyang’s entire body still smashed forward, the power of the sword increasing a bit more!

The sword tail that was exposed outside was forcibly smashed in through placing her own body at risk, completely entering Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s body.

A horrifying ripping noise sounded over the entire Thousand Leaf Pass mountain path.

It was as if the entire world was being ripped apart.

A terrifying streak of sword energy rushed out from behind Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

A Sea Fiend King void figure rushed out behind this streak of sword energy, coming out behind him.

This streak of sword energy directly landed on the path, carving out a deep sword groove that was who knew how many meters deep.

The heavy giant imperial carriage that originally slid backwards, just through this sword energy’s recoil force, already completely stopped moving backwards, instead rushing forward into the mountain path.

Just what kind of power did this sword possess?

All of the cultivators saw this sword pierce through Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s chest.

A fist-sized sword opening was made in Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s chest and back.

If it was any other cultivator, all of the flesh inside, including the heart, would naturally be torn to pieces, all life force instantly cut short.

However, what made everyone find it hard to believe what their eyes were seeing was that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was still standing, he still didn’t die.

His hand that was burning with purple-black flames landed behind him, crushing that Sea Fiend King’s void figure and then seizing the flying sword that emerged following the sword energy.

His palms joined together.

Countless fine flames eroded through Nangong Weiyang’s ‘Heart Sealing Frost’. It was as if endless devil screaming sounds rang out, endless fine purple-black flame wisps shooting out from between the blade’s runes and the gaps between his fingertips.

Even the runes of this type of rare flying sword that could only be stumbled upon, not something that could be sought, became blurry in his hand, turning into a scorched red chunk of rotten steel.

The pure light passage between Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang was cut off.

Nangong Weiyang could no longer stand. She sat down onto the ground.

Lin Xi’s body also quickly shrunk. The two-folded injuries of Devil Transformation and releasing Radiance made him weak to the point where he couldn’t even raise a single finger.

Among Nangong Weiyang, Zhantai Qiantang and Hu Piyi, the only one who could still barely control a flying sword was Hu Piyi. Right now, his heart and mouth were both completely filled with bitterness.

Previously, there was a Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who turned himself into a zombie-like existence, not dying even after being seriously injured.

Now, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was also like this.

The things Purgatory Mountain Patriarch had, these Purgatory Mountain Great Elders might not have, but the things these Purgatory Mountain Great Elders had, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch instead seemed to possess them all.

Some dirty medicinal liquid like foul smelling sweat permeated Lin Xi’s clothes.

He was already weak to the point where he needed to be supported by both Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi, moreover still continuously sweating. It was as if even his blood was going to suffer two folded injuries from Devil Transformation and Radiance, become this type of sticky and foul smelling excretion.

However, there was instead a hint of a smile that appeared on his face. He released a light cough and said, “Do you feel any regret yet?”

Right now, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch looked as powerful as a true demonic god, still unrivaled. However, while gripping the scrap metal like ‘Heart Sealing Frost’, he instead didn’t immediately make any other movements, only remaining in this somewhat sluggish manner. This made Lin Xi certain that even if Purgatory Mountain had a seemingly invincible body, having this type of hole blasted through it definitely inflicted severe injuries.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch threw away the ruined sword in his hands.

ding noise sounded. The noise of the ruined sword landing on the ground was exceptionally intimidating.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch raised his head. His eyes also shifted from the hole in his chest, landing on the lightly coughing Lin Xi.

“If one no longer had any well-matched adversaries in life, then ten and twenty years of time makes no difference.” His voice was unusually calm. One could see the sky behind him through the hole in his chest, this giving others an extremely strange feeling. However, his expression was still extremely calm.

The words he and Lin Xi exchanged seemingly sounded extremely cryptic and mysterious, but right now, most people could understand what they were saying.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch and Nangong Weiyang were definitely two entirely different types of people.

What he treasured the most in this world might perhaps only be himself. Moreover, just like the six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders, he similarly feared death, similarly didn’t dare take risks.

Even if he could win this battle, suffering serious injuries that were hard to recover from would naturally make him feel regret.

However, his reply was also extremely clear.

If he could only live twenty years, compared to still being holed up in Purgatory Mountain, losing ten years of lifespan in exchange for ten years of being unrivaled in this world, still being able to enjoy controlling this world, still possessing the unrivaled feeling of being a ruler of the entire world, in his eyes, it was worth it.

Ten years and twenty years were only blurry concepts. No one knew if Purgatory Mountain Patriarch departed now, leaving with this type of massive injury, just how much longer he could live for. However, judging from his calmness and confidence, everyone could hear that at the very least, he wouldn’t die here.

Even if he could only live for a few more months, the things he wanted to destroy would be destroyed, the objectives he wished to accomplish would be accomplished.

Even Zhantai Qiantang began to feel a bit of despair.

He was more intelligent than most people here, had to think about the overall situation as well as the details more than anyone else. He knew that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s calmness and confidence still came from other areas.

Just now, when Nangong Weiyang’s sword passed through his body, the bit of sluggishness Lin Xi noticed proved that at this time, he was indeed already at his weakest point. If the academy still had other powers like that sapphire arrow, if Lin Xi still had another powerful secret weapon like Nangong Weiyang, then Lin Xi and Green Luan Academy definitely wouldn’t have given up on that opportunity.

“Your cultivation aptitude is the highest I have ever seen. If you can survive, if Li Ku also survived, then Li Ku’s accomplishments might even be inferior to yours.”

At this time, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t delay any more. After calmly saying this to Lin Xi, his eyes then shifted to Nangong Weiyang.

His eyes reflected Nangong Weiyang’s figure.

Then, while staring at Nangong Weiyang’s tiny figure, his eyes became two streaks of fiery light.

These two fiery lights left his eyes, turning into tangible matter, becoming two fine purple-black flames.

Hu Piyi’s expression instantly became deathly pale.

Hidden in his sleeves, a spare flying sword rushed out, fiercely hacking at those two fine streaks of purple-black flames.

An explosive noise sounded.

It was clearly a cold metal flying sword, yet the instant the fierce sword edge made contact with the two fine flames, the entire flying sword became like a paper lantern, fiercely combusting.

Chi Yuyin turned around to look at Lin Xi, her teeth clenched.

She was also a talented Fiend Race cultivator who was just a bit of opportunity away from breaking through into the Sacred Expert level. She was the best fighter in Green Field City, the cultivator who understood combat best, which was why she was certain that Hu Piyi couldn’t block this strike, and that Hu Piyi definitely didn’t have the strength to take action again.

However, she saw that Lin Xi didn’t look at her at all.

Right now, Lin Xi still didn’t want her to do anything.

Hu Piyi indeed couldn’t stop Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s attack.

The instant his spare flying sword erupted into flames, his body also fell backwards.

Zhantai Qiantang reached out his hand to support him.

The two of them were still standing to display their unyielding spirit, but both of them were already tottering, their appearances extremely miserable.

The two streaks of purple-black flames still didn’t disappear, still heading towards Nangong Weiyang.

It was as if no one could defy Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s will any more.

However, there was still someone who blocked it.

At this time, a stone sphere split open on the ground.

This was a Sacred Expert who was overlooked because the previous brief interaction was too intense.

This stern high ranking officer called a Dark Noble by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t die. Unknowingly when, his huddled body already rolled to a place not far from Lin Xi and the others, the stone shell around his body also still had a thin layer that didn’t completely turn to ashes.

Two cracked stone shells flew out like two shields, blocking the two streaks of purple-black flames.

Two light bo bo noises sounded. The two streaks of purple-black flames finally disappeared like sparks.

The stern high ranking officer who stood up from the cracked stone shell was already completely covered in bloody blisters, to the extent where he even released a bit of a roasted smell like that of a roasted chicken leaving the stone furnace. His appearance was even more sorry than Zhantai Qiantang and Hu Piyi.

However, in the end, he still blocked this Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s strike, and he was still standing unyieldingly.

“Is that all?”

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch felt like it was really hard for himself to understand these people’s unyielding attitudes, and it was also hard for him to understand why even at this point, they still chose to fight with Lin Xi. He felt a bit weary. As such, he no longer released any terrifying power, only casually releasing a bit of soul force, pouring it into the runes of the three single wheeled metal puppets, undoing the seals on these three metal puppets.

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