Book 15 Chapter 68 - Plugging Up the River

Radiance erupted from Lin Xi’s eyes. Then, he also began Devil Transformation.

From the very start, he never believed that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch would definitely win. This was because they grasped many powers Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t know about.

For example, Nangong Weiyang merged with the most powerful fiend beast’s soul since Yunqin’s establishment. For example, they still had the seven gemstones left behind by those ancient cultivators.

If we were to say that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was a large river that surged forward, then when the number of large rocks that fell into the river without his notice became many, this large river might also eventually be plugged up.

Moreover, what he was sure of was that the academy’s power wouldn’t be limited to Zhang Ping who became a Great Elder, nor was it limited to just the the Unmoving Sword and Xu Shengmo.

This wave of wind carrying a feeling he was familiar with precisely represented another share of the academy’s power, a source of power that might possess decisive effects.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s eyes that were dignified like an ocean suddenly contracted.

A sapphire colored metal arrow without any runes suddenly appeared in front of him.

That wave of wind was still high up in the air, but this sapphire colored metal arrow instead already arrived in front of his face.

No one knew how this arrow arrived.

It was because this arrow’s speed already completely exceeded everyone’s perception. Even Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s perception couldn’t keep up with this arrow’s speed, unable to sense this arrow’s trajectory.

This sapphire metal arrow’s winds caused winds to surge in the nine heavens above, but this arrow’s speed left all of these winds behind it. It was if it leapt through space, and then reappeared in the space in front of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Nangong Weiyang’s previous sword was definitely the heaviest sword in Yunqin Empire’s history.

Meanwhile, this arrow was definitely the most astonishing arrow in the history of Yunqin Empire.

This type of astonishment didn’t only come from the soul force and force of impact this arrow carried, but also from the power of the arrow’s material itself.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch discovered that he couldn’t use his most powerful method to melt down this sapphire colored arrow.

He discovered that before this sapphire arrow appeared in front of him, it already experienced intense air friction within the air, absorbing shocking amounts of heat, thus reaching a strange melted state.

That was why right now, this arrow was actually a streak of molten metal, extremely soft. The most crucial part was that he could sense that because of this arrow’s vital characteristics, it could still absorb terrifying amounts of heat.

That was why if he produced terrifying heat only he could condense, it wouldn’t be able to directly burn this arrow into waste. Instead, the heat he produced would be absorbed by this arrow, and then converted into flames that would be used against him.

When facing this arrow that already exceeded his perception, time was already exceptionally precious for Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. This momentary discovery made Purgatory Mountain Patriarch display a bit of sluggishness, thus losing a bit of reaction time.

When he made the final decision on how he was going to defend against this arrow, it already truly made contact with the clothes outside his body.

What left him in a bit of disbelief and made his killing intent towards Lin Xi grow even stronger, was that the streak of arrow radiance Lin Xi fired also landed on his back right at this time.

If it was a different time, even when Nangong Weiyang, Hu Piyi and Zhantai QIantang’s three flying swords attacked at the same time, he could still easily erase this streak of arrow radiance. After all, Lin Xi still wasn’t a Sacred Expert. The amount of power he released, for a Sacred Master who far exceeded Sacred Experts, really was too weak.

However, at this time, he had no choice but to concentrate all of his perception and mind on this Green Luan Academy sapphire blue arrow. He didn’t have any time to get rid of Lin Xi’s arrow before it arrived.

One arrow in front, one arrow in back. Two arrows landed on Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s body, directly pressing up against Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

A blast of sparks first erupted where the sapphire arrow made contact with Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s divine robes, and then the light quickly spread. The divine robes were as frail as paper curtains before flames.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch stood in place without moving.

His limbs already didn’t have time to make any other movements, but his soul force instead directly rushed out from his chest with unimaginable speed.

An incomparably massive world seemed to have suddenly appeared in front of him.

This type of feeling seemed to be caused purely because of the great aura released from him rapidly releasing soul force.

Layers of black jade-like soul force appeared between his skin and the sapphire arrow.

At the same time, there was also soul force that rushed out from behind him. The black arrow radiance was stopped by his soul force, actually unable to advance further!

To prevent powerful soul weapons from approaching his body purely through soul force, this type of cultivation realm was already like the Undying Sacred Body recorded in ancient texts!

This type of cultivation realm was enough to make any cultivator tremble inwardly in fear.

However, this sapphire arrow that gathered the hopes of Green Luan Academy’s counterattack was definitely not that easily stopped either.

The arrowtip couldn’t pierce through, but immediately afterwards, it began to spread out with astonishing speed like hot oil along the black jade soul force.

This sapphire colored arrow turned into liquid, spreading through Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s entire body like it was forming a layer of sapphire film. It completely wrapped Purgatory Mountain Patriarch within, and then froze into a completely sealed shell.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch released a fierce shout.

He knew that if this sapphire colored molten liquid really did make contact with his skin, it wouldn’t be as simple as just cooling on his skin. Together with powerful impact force and heat, the molten liquid would not only burn through his skin surface, it would also enter his body through his pores. At that time, it would precisely be endless sapphire colored fine needles that condensed within his body.

The soul force by his chest even more so erupted powerfully, as if it was creating a black jade bowl. It completely gathered all of the arrow’s melted liquid, and then like a black jade lotus leaf, it held a sparkling sapphire dewdrop.

In the next instant, this sapphire dewdrop was directly flung out from the center of this black jade lotus, released forwards.

This arrow that represented the greatest retaliative power of the academy was actually forcibly blocked by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch!

However, right at this time, Lin Xi’s black arrow radiance that landed on Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s back seemed to have obtained freedom once more. It was like a bloodthirsty demonic spawn that smelled fresh blood, greedily drilling its way forward.

The black jade-like soul force in front of this black arrow radiance was now already thin, unable to completely stop its advance.

The black arrow radiance stabbed through Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s back.

At the same time, the skin over Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s chest, due to excessive soul force release, already vaguely produced some dry cracks. That area looked just like a cracked field that hadn’t experienced rain for a long time.

Right at this time, Lin Xi completed Devil Transformation, his entire body starting to release pure and dazzling radiance.

His body looked like a demon’s, yet it released the purest radiance.

This was an unimaginable scene, one that was just too shocking.

In reality, from the moment he knew that his opportunity came, to when he released his arrow, Nangong Weiyang, Zhantai Qiantang and Hu Piyi’s cooperation, to now where Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s back was struck by his arrow and to the cracks that appeared in Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s chest, it all happened in but a mere brief moment.

That was why this scene and cultivation realm that were just too horrifying, the impact it delivered to everyone’s minds within this extremely short breath of time, they were hard to describe with words.

That was why everyone was a bit numb, they didn’t have time to think over what Lin Xi wanted to do right now.

Only Nangong Weiyang understood clearly.

It was because she was a true freak… She had never cared about what kind of cultivation realm Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was at. There was only a single thought running through her mind, which was to strike down her enemy.

That was why at this time, she also released a fierce roar, taking a step forward. She then poured all of her power into her flying sword.

With her current injuries, pouring out soul force with everything she had would easily result in a quick death. However, she knew that she wouldn’t die, because she had Lin Xi.

She was just like Lin Xi’s flying sword.

The pure radiance Lin Xi released completely concentrated on her body, forming a tunnel of radiance between Lin Xi and herself.

Her flying sword that was staggering in the air once again became heavy like a mountain.

Before the endless heavy waterdrops fell, a dark blue Sea Fiend King instead already reformed behind her sword.

She moved her sword again, sending it flying towards Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

The countless raindrops falling from the sky were also spurred on by her sword’s vital energy, like countless small swords as they stabbed towards Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Only now did the wind produced by that sapphire arrow reach the giant imperial carriage.

The terrifying gales actually blew the entire giant carriage until it was moved, making it slide backwards along the mountain path.

After being flung out by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, that lump of sapphire molten liquid just happened to land on the body of a Purgatory Mountain disciple.

This Purgatory Mountain disciple immediately became a sapphire metal person, frozen on the mountain path, completely becoming one with the path below, turning into a statue.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch reached out a hand.

His palm was covered in purple-black flames.

This type of flame even burned the crazy winds in front of his body until they became endless whirling streams, as if they were about to form a giant black hole.

Lin Xi’s streak of black radiance that entered his body seemed to have been completely devoured by his body, only leaving behind a small hole on his back. Apart from the blood that gushed out when it first entered, now, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s back wound didn’t even have a single drop of blood leaking out.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who was standing on the giant imperial carriage that was blown by the crazy winds still possessed the initiative, still basked in an invincible feeling.

He prepared to grab Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword, wishing to completely destroy this flying sword of hers that could pose a true threat to him.

However, his hand that grabbed out didn’t reach anything.

In his perception, Nangong Weiyang’s sword was aimed between his brows.

However, right now, Nangong Weiyang’s sword instead aimed at his left chest, it aimed at his heart.

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