Book 15 Chapter 67 - Unrivaled

Lin Xi listened to the entire conversation between Purgatory Mountain Patriarch and this stern high ranking officer, hearing a story that was grim, not beautiful at all. His best friend instead became one of the skeletons on his way to the top. The current deemphasized conversation instead allowed Lin Xi who experienced Jadefall City understand just what kind of unforgettable thing this was.

He who gradually shouldered more and more things after leaving Jadefall City also already understood that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was precisely Principal Zhang and Vice Principal Xia’s lifetime enemy.

He understood that the biggest reason why they were willing to pay any price to bring back Gu Xinyin was so that after Vice Principal Xia passed away, the academy would have enough power to intimidate and contend against Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

However, any perfect plan had a chance of changing because of some people, because of some events that happened.

Gu Yunjing had to kill Tangcang’s Imperial Uncle Xiao Xiang, or else he wouldn’t be Gu Xinyin, or else after being locked up in the water prison for so many years, he would have long become an inhuman monster.

In the end, he returned to Yunqin. However, the price he paid for the sake of killing Xiao Xiang instead made him unable to truly replace Vice Principal Xia’s position. That was why the current Purgatory Mountain Patriarch could remain unrivaled in the world and descend upon this place.

Only, Lin Xi was similarly certain that after all these years, apart from Gu Xinyin, Green Luan Academy definitely prepared many other things for dealing with Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Even if we ignored Gu Xinyin who was previously viewed by Green Luan Academy as the only hope, since Purgatory Mountain Patriarch suddenly initiated peace talks, the most powerful armor Zhang Ping was currently preparing in Purgatory Mountain wouldn’t make it in time, so Lin Xi was sure that Green Luan Academy definitely prepared other sources of power.

These powers were like him, definitely only waiting for the best time to make their move.

This stern high ranking officer killing Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder was originally also just another unexpected variable, but it triggered Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s true anger. Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s attack didn’t succeed, so he unconsciously used even more power, but Lin Xi instead became certain that the opportunity he was waiting for had already arrived.

Lin Xi officially made his move.

Black arrow radiance rose from Big Black, this legendary soul weapon, flying towards the sky.

Apart from Lin Xi, Chi Xiaoye, Chi Yuyin and these Fiend Race cultivators, no one knew that Nangong Weiyang already succeeded in merging souls with a sacred level Sea Fiend King that only existed in an unknown land.

Nangong Weiyang was originally precisely an extremely important secret weapon, a power Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t expect.

That was why previously, she never made her move, always remaining extremely low profile, to the extent where she didn’t want to draw any of his attention, didn’t want Purgatory Mountain Patriarch to launch any attacks towards her.

She was only waiting for Lin Xi.

When Lin Xi took action, she knew that it was already time for her to make her move.

She raised her head, revealing the most fierce radiance.

It was as if an exceptional sword finally left the scabbard.

The entire Thousand Leaf Pass’ mountain path shook, as if a Sea Fiend King fiercely stepped down. Even Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s throne’s red radiance was forced back by the sword winds. Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s clothes were even blown until they fluttered backwards.

Her flying sword flew through the air.

A Sea Fiend King’s figure appeared behind the flying sword. It was as if a Sea Fiend King was supporting her flying sword, bringing it towards Purgatory Mountain Patriarch!

Even Ni Henian who was still slowly moving through the forest stopped his steps, completely unable to imagine that this type of sword would actually appear at this moment.

He was one of the cultivators in Yunqin who lived the longest. In all his years, he had never seen this type of sword, this type of shocking power, the weight that seemed to crush even the throne and the giant imperial carriage under Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Hu Piyi and Zhantai Qiantang also finally understood that Nangong Weiyang was the power Lin Xi relied on the most. The two of them immediately reacted, knowing that they had already reached the moment of the true decisive battle, and that this was the only moment to take action.

As such, Hu Piyi released an explosive roar, completely merging his many years of glory into the flying sword in front of him. His sword turned into thunder, flying towards Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Zhantai Qiantang directly carried out Devil Transformation, his body expanding like a demon. His entire body was covered in terrifying indigo blue blood vessels. At the same time, an indigo blue flying sword already flew out from in front of him, its surface covered in dazzling flames.

When Lin Xi made his move, especially in the instant Nangong Weiyang took action, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch on the throne already knew that he made a mistake.

Getting angry over something he already admitted was a failure and then using too much power, this was precisely a mistake.

However, in the end, he was still an unrivaled existence in the current world, which was why he still had strength, still had time to fix some mistakes he made.

Some of the power that already previously left his finger was decisively cut off and abandoned by him.

The soul force that flowed out from his body afterwards instantly changed directions, pouring into a long black banner beneath his feet.

Then, this long banner became just like a living black demonic dragon, rising from the ground and binding Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

The power this long banner gathered couldn’t be considered powerful, not enough to subdue Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword, but this was precisely the basis for Purgatory Mountain’s unmatched might.

It was because he only needed to stop this sword.

Nangong Weiyang, Hu Piyi and Zhantain Qiantang’s attacks, in the eyes of ordinary cultivators, didn’t have any gaps between them. Three flying swords carrying different power already reached the giant imperial carriage, yet in the eyes of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, these three flying swords naturally had a gap between them. He only needed to first isolate Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword, and then he would have enough time to receive the other two flying swords.

It was to the extent where he didn’t even bother thinking about why Lin Xi’s arrow radiance didn’t descend yet.

It was because he felt that when Lin Xi’s arrow radiance truly reached him, he would naturally have enough time and strength to deal with it.

This was a type of terrifying confidence founded on absolute power.

The long black banner began to split apart.

Nangong Weiyang’s sword exposed itself through the banner surface.

Right now, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch already reached out his hand, gripping Hu Piyi’s flying sword.

Since his movements really were just too fast, no one’s eyes could keep up, the feeling it gave off was as if his hand was there to begin with, and Hu Piyi’s flying sword seemed to have moved into his hand on its own.

A layer of faintly discernible purple-black fiery light already flashed past the moment Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s palm and this flying sword made contact.

These flames that only Purgatory Mountain Patriarch possessed, they represented Shentu Clan’s most efficient and powerful flames, yet they didn’t even contend against Hu Piyi’s soul force, only burning through a streak of his flying sword’s runes.

When the end of this line of runes was burned through, it could no longer contain Hu Piyi’s soul force.

The flying sword lost its radiance, as if it died.

All of Hu Piyi’s strength seemed to have suddenly vanished into thin air. His chest froze up momentarily. Even though he wasn’t injured, he felt such discomfort that he almost vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch precisely gripped this dim and lightless flying sword, brandishing it outwards, using it to smash against Zhantai Qiantang’s flying sword that arrived the latest.

As if a great craftsman was examining just which material was better between the two sword cores, the two blades met. A nick was produced in Hu Piyi’s flying sword, while Zhantai Qiantang’s flying sword’s flames were extinguished and the sword itself was hacked flying.

pu sounded. Zhantai Qiantang who had just completed Devil Transformation spat out a thick clump of blue-black blood.

After leaving Turtle Edge Mountain, he already formally broke through into the sacred level. However, if he didn’t already use Devil Transformation now, he might have directly become seriously injured at this time, let alone still being able to barely control his flying sword.

Ni Henian was the only one who could clearly sense all of the changes that were taking place here.

He wasn’t like Green Luan Academy, able to obtain some information from deep inside Purgatory Mountain, but right now, when he saw Purgatory Mountain Patriarch use power above the sacred level, he understood why Purgatory Mountain Patriarch would truly and gloriously appear in this world.

The recordings on some ancient texts weren’t mistaken after all.

In the past world of cultivators, there were indeed cultivation methods that allowed Sacred Master level cultivators to use their strength without exploding and dying.

Meanwhile now, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch already obtained some of these types of cultivation methods.

Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword flashed past Ni Henian’s mind. The instant he completely understood everything, it already broke through the banner’s restrictions, stabbing towards the space between Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s brows.

The remains of the banner were draped over that Sea Fiend King void figure. It was like a mountain that pressed against this flying sword, crushing towards Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s left hand was also releasing soul force.

Only, during this amount of time, even if it was Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, this type of existence, there was no way he could use his soul force to gather the vital energy between heaven and earth and then turn it into flames again.

However, this soul force didn’t turn into anything else.

It was only this burst of soul force that struggled free from Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s hand, smashing into Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

This amount of soul force was sparkling like black jade, condensing into tangible matter. It was completely like a black jade flying sword.

When soul force didn’t scatter after leaving the body, the power as great as soul weapons, this was precisely the display of a Sacred Master’s power.

Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword that carried the power to crush everything suddenly stopped in the air.

The Sea Fiend King’s body shattered into thousands to tens of thousands of streaks of dark blue vital energy, turning into tens of thousands of heavy raindrops that flew in the air.

Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword flew outwards.

She took three steps back in succession, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The throne underneath Purgatory Mountain Patriarch revealed cracks, and then it shattered to pieces.

However, he still steadily stood up, raising his head incomparably proudly. He looked towards that streak of black arrow radiance descending towards him.

A trace of a proud smile already rose on the corners of his lips.

Even though using soul force to this degree also made it feel as if there were endless blades moving through his flesh, hacking at his body and making him feel pain, this type of feeling… This type of unrivaled feeling instead brought him unprecedented joy.

This type of feeling truly was great.

It was because in this entire world, after all these years, only he alone could experience this type of true unrivaled feeling.

The black arrow radiance still didn’t descend.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch decided he wouldn’t make any more small mistakes. That was why he was just going to kill Lin Xi first.

Right at this time, a gust of wind suddenly appeared in this world.

This wind stream came from the heavens above, as if a meteor crashed down from beyond the nine heavens.

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