Book 15 Chapter 65 - Dark Noble

After Gu Yunjing placed this stern high ranking officer and the Black Flag Army into Lin Xi’s hands, Lin Xi never asked this stern high ranking officer about his background, to the extent where he never even asked for his name.

He didn’t know what kind of secrets this stern high ranking officer’s body carried, but since Gu Yunjing had him trust this stern high ranking officer, then he chose to trust him. That was why at this type of time, when he heard that this stern high ranking officer was sure he wanted to deal with that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder alone, Lin Xi only nodded his head, saying the words ‘be careful’.

The stern high ranking officer still moved together with everyone, not rushing out alone. While everyone in Thousand Leaf Pass looked at this clash between powerful individuals and Purgatory Mountain, they didn’t know through what kind of way this heaven shocking battle was going to unfold.

Everyone remained extremely cautious. Lin Xi’s side and Purgatory Mountain’s people advanced, the two sides continuously approaching each other, but their speed of advance was extremely slow, the atmosphere extremely stifling. It was because everyone understood clearly that the first one to take action or charge at the front had a high chance of instantly dying.

If Zhantai Qiantang were to guess, the first one who would make a move would definitely be Nangong Weiyang.

It was because out of everyone here, not a single person acted more willfully than Nangong Weiyang. Nangong Weiyang would act if she wanted to, she wasn’t the type who cared about who she was facing at all.

However, what Zhantai Qiantang never expected was that today, Nangong Weiyang was more low-profile than ever before. It was to the extent where her body didn’t even ripple with any intimidating powerful auras.

The first one to act was instead still the seemingly weakest Chi Shan.

A full bearded cultivator behind her reached out his hand, firmly gripping her clothes. Otherwise, Chis Shan might start flying because of her crazily surging soul force again.

Just like when she faced that old Sea Fiend King before, the skin on her face became pale to the point where it was even a bit transparent. However, the already withering dark green long grass that killed more than a hundred slave cultivators in one go instead began to extend in Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s direction with shocking speed.

This type of dark green long grass’s speed of spreading was already close to that of an arrow to begin with, truly hard to imagine. Moreover, during this type of tense situation where both sides were moving slowly, what was produced would even more so make everyone who saw this scene feel like they couldn’t breathe.

At this time, almost all of the Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators frantically released their soul force. All types of fiery radiance and cold metal formed powerful waves, wishing to stop the incoming dark green grass.

However, right at this moment, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch on his throne only gave Chi Shan a look, saying indifferently, “These types of things, we have them in Purgatory Mountain as well.”

His perception was more powerful than anyone else here.

That was why in his eyes, all things moved extremely slowly.

That was why his tone and movements made others unable to help but feel like everything slowed down as well.

While he was speaking, several pieces of bamboo shot out from who knew where on his body, landing on the ground, entering the spreading grass.

Then, these black and red alternating bamboo branches began to grow. Even more fine bamboo began to grow from the ground, every single bamboo releasing scarlet flames, carrying terrifying heat, instantly forming a sea of flames.

All of the dark green grass was burned up like ignited hair in a single breath.

Just like cultivators who possessed flying swords, when certain types of profound vital energy clashed, the aftereffects made Chi Shan’s body suddenly feel as if it was struck by a huge hammer. A mouthful of blood immediately sprayed out from her mouth.

Chi Yuyin’s fingernails instantly dug into her own palms.

After the crazy heat burnt up all of the dark green grass, they formed waves of flames that reached four or five meters in height, now instead sweeping towards all of them, burning everything until even the world before them seemed to distort.

She wanted to attack, but Lin Xi didn’t let her, so she could only endure.

Hu Piyi and Zhantai Qiantang wanted to make a move as well. They didn’t believe those under the sacred level could stop this attack from Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

The things Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was talking about was precisely Purgatory Mountain Devil Bamboo. This type of bamboo had appeared when Purgatory Mountain and Wenren Cangyue faced Li Ku together, something only one of the six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders could control. However, right now, this unique secret was casually brought out by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch just like that, moreover, its power and might completely not what that Great Elder displayed in the past against Li Ku could compare to.

Only, at this moment, Nangong Weiyang took a step to the side, blocking right in front of the two of them.

This slight movement made Hu Piyi and Zhantai Qiantang understand Nangong Weiyang’s intentions to stop it, both of them thus forcibly restraining the soul force they wanted to release.

Right at this time, in the skies above, there was also suddenly an expanse of goose feather like white snow.

After the goose feather like white snow substance descended, it was actually really endless fluttering white snow.

These snowflakes that were who knew how many times colder than ordinary white snow came from the two small claws released from within Lin Xi’s sleeves.

When the snowflakes touched the flames, they turned into steam, also burned to the point of distorting.

Lucky’s strength alone had no chance of blocking Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s power… even if this wave of power was only some of the rippling after effects.

Gao Yanan knew that even with her own strength, it might not necessarily be enough. However, both her and these academy youngsters already fully grew up. Every single one of them understood clearly just like Lin Xi that when low level cultivators wished to face high level cultivators, the only way was to treat themselves a bit more creully. Among all of them, the ones with the greatest strength had to restrain themselves and wait for a suitable time, using their power on Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s body.

That was why she decisively took action.

Another wave of cold stream poured in, turning all of the flying snow into giant ice and snow swords that fiercely stabbed into the flame waves.

Giant ice and snow swords dissolved chunk by chunk, and then turned into cold streams. The temperature of the fiercely burning waves of flames suddenly decreased, ultimately turning into surging heat waves which were sticky like hot congee, battering against everyone’s bodies.

The burning Devil Bamboo’s remaining flames still didn’t go out, still releasing fiery red radiance. The space between Lin Xi’s group and these red robed Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators became filled with monstrous multicolored radiance, no longer looking like Thousand Sunset Mountain, and instead looking as if they were within a certain Purgatory Mountain magma cave.

Gao Yanan’s body staggered. Qin Xiyue at her side supported her.

“Yunqin’s Zhou Family is exceptional as expected.” Purgatory Mountain Patriarch said this indifferently.

All Yunqin soldiers and officials in Thousand Leaf Pass were extremely horrified.

All Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators became rapt with joy, their pride restored.

This was absolute power.

Even though this wave of power, under Gao Yanan and Lucky’s resistance, ultimately reached a level where Lin Xi and the others could endure it, all of these Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators could already tell that Chi Shan, Gao Yanan and Lucky already couldn’t take action again.

Even just a casual move was already equivalent to crippling Chi Shan, Gao Yanan and Lucky; this was precisely a type of unmatched aura.

That Purgatory Mountain Great Elder on the giant imperial carriage not far away no longer felt fear either. From the moment Purgatory Mountain Patriarch took action, he already felt like his life was ensured, while all these in front of him would die.

However, right at this time, a bit of a stunned expression suddenly appeared on his white haired covered face.

Purgatory Mountain’s Devil Bamboo couldn’t be considered an extremely powerful method of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, so Purgatory Mountain Patriarch no longer infused more power into this Devil Bamboo. However, despite this being the case, the heat of this Devil Bamboo was still extremely shocking, normal cultivators were definitely unable to silently pass through the flames.

That was why all of the Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators also began to part to the sides, not bothering with the region where these Devil Bamboos grew.

However, the one who suddenly walked out from between these flames that burned the surrounding air until it even distorted wasn’t harmed in the slightest. There were only waves of soul force surging, continuously spreading outwards, going from State Knight level to State Master level, and then eventually turning into the powerful aura only sacred level cultivators could release.

The one who made it through the Devil Bamboo completely unharmed, appearing in front of this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s giant imperial carriage was precisely the dark red metal masked stern faced high ranking officer.

Even Purgatory Mountain Patriarch seated on his throne slowly raised his head.

Within his eyes that were deep like the starry sky appeared a bit of a stunned expression. Even he found this a bit hard to understand.

Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder screamed.

He couldn’t understand why the Devil Bamboo’s flames didn’t pose any threat to this high ranking officer, but he knew that this stern high ranking officer naturally didn’t approach him because he wanted to have a chat. A wave of coldness that surged from within his bones made this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s soul force pour out like water at the bottom of a dam, pouring into a ruler in his hands.

This ruler flew out like a flying sword, but then spread out like a peacock, turning into a black fan.

Countless exploding sounds were released from this fan’s surface.

Countless fine needles smashed into the body of this stern high ranking officer who stepped onto this giant imperial carriage. They passed through the inside of his body, bringing long wisps of blood with them, as if they were sewing needles that carried red threads.

However, this stern faced high ranking officer didn’t seem to have noticed anything at all.

His body was just like a chunk of wood. The power of these fine needles that were even faster than flying swords didn’t make him lose any life force.

A red and black long banner in his hands suddenly unfolded. Under this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s incredibly shocked eyes, it swept towards his body.

This black and red long banner seemed as sleek as silk. However, when it landed on this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body, it instead seemed like a ghost claw, leaving behind five deep bloody gashes. Even the ribs and inner organs were torn apart and ripped out.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body flew out uncontrollably like a spinning top, falling off the giant imperial carriage.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch already understood. He reached out a finger. “You are a Dark Noble!”

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