Book 15 Chapter 64 - Vow to Not Yield

Never had anyone dared to speak like this to Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Even though in Purgatory Mountain, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch granted Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elders the authority to stand before him, after Li Ku was killed that year, when a Purgatory Mountain Great Elder only slightly revealed a bit of doubt towards Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s strength, he immediately dropped to the point where his status was even beneath that of some Purgatory Mountain core disciples… It was because even if it were the core disciples Purgatory Mountain truly regarded highly, none of them would be sent to their deaths in Central Continent City.

However, when he heard Lin Xi’s voice, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t get angry, instead, it was as if he was fondly lingering in this secular feeling he hadn’t felt for a long time. After revealing a faint smile, speaking with a voice as if he was only elaborating on something, he said, “In the beginning, you were not able to fully discern my identity. This means that a Divine General cannot foresee everything.”

Lin Xi’s heart trembled. He could sense that this Purgatory Mountain Patriarch viewed things in a different way than ordinary people. He slowly breathed in and then wanted to speak some words that would bring those at his side more confidence, but the moment he opened his mouth, he suddenly understood that at this type of time, his spirit was more important than confidence.

As such, he didn’t retort against anything, only looking at Purgatory Mountain Patriarch with blade-like brows and eyes, saying coldly, “There are no people who can foresee everything in this world. That is why there is no way you can know whether you will leave this place alive, or if you will die here.”

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch still didn’t get angry, he naturally wouldn’t retort much against Lin Xi either. He only looked at Lin Xi somewhat amusingly and said, “If there was no you, then entering Heaven Ascension Mountain Range wouldn’t have brought me any suspense. When traveling on a level road without any suspense, no matter what one does, it wouldn’t be very interesting. That is why I am quite happy that you arrived so promptly.”

“Amusement in some things unknown is something only people like you would have.” Lin Xi thought back to all of those Yuqin soldiers who died, and then he thought about Li Kaiyun who would never appear again. He thought back to Gu Yunjing who should be enjoying his retirement in his hometown. His mood became more and more calm, but the blood within his body seemed to be burning. He stared into Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s eyes, saying seriously, “In the eyes of people like you, whether you can enter Yunqin or not, whether the people of the world live or die, all of this is just a game. However, we do not feel like this is a game. This world’s every stalk of grass, every tree, every person at our side, they are all incomparably real. You view cultivation level as everything, believe yourself unrivaled, but you cannot understand our emotions. That is also why you cannot understand why Ye Wangqing was able to kill that dog beneath you.”

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch became quiet.

He seriously thought over Lin Xi’s sentence, and then he nodded slightly, saying, “Your words might perhaps carry some meaning, but I believe that you aren’t able to understand my emotions either. If one person suddenly felt like nothing was interesting, then that is the most terrifying thing… Right now, this matter is something that is extremely interesting for me, and this matter is something I have thought about doing for a long, long time. Apart from this, I cannot think of anything else that can arouse my interest. Now that this matter is at a point where I have the most certainty of accomplishing it, if I shrunk back in fear and didn’t dare do it, then I would truly begin to doubt my entire life.”

In this world, Lin Xi was likely the one who was best at accepting different ways of thinking.

In reality, he could understand Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s thoughts and emotions quite well. He also understood that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch already couldn’t find anyone who would deny him or even show anger and killing intent right in front of his face. That was why even this conversation was extremely interesting for Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. Only, Lin Xi felt like this was of no interest at all. Even if he was bored to the point where he would tell Xu Shengmo the horror story of ‘Ring’, he still wouldn’t bother discussing what was life with Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

That was why he only coldly looked at Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, no longer saying anything else.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s brows furrowed.

However, immediately afterwards, he felt like this was even more interesting. He felt like he should first give the so-called emotions and spirit Lin Xi spoke of a try. As such, he no longer said anything to Lin Xi, his eyes shifting to Zhantai Qiantang, solemnly promising, “Zhantai Qiantang, as long as you give up on making me your enemy right now, I can complete your teacher’s wishes, to let you become Great Mang’s emperor, moreover let you use your own way to rule Great Mang. I can place Great Mang in your hands, and I will no longer interfere with any of Great Mang’s matters. I believe that with your ability, Great Mang Dynasty will welcome an unprecedented golden age.”

All of the Great Mang people lying on the ground had long been shocked to the point where they were numb, which was why Purgatory Mountain’s words didn’t bring them any greater shock or fear. They only felt like this was a promise filled with endless temptation, a promise that was completely impossible to resist.

Someone like Purgatory Mountain Patriarch could already do whatever he pleased in this entire world. He could do anything he wanted, which was why someone like him already felt that it was beneath him to put on any type of performance or speak any superficial words. Right now, everyone could hear the praise and sincerity in these words to Zhantai Qiantang.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s current intentions were also extremely frank and clear; after he entered a place like Yunqin, he no longer cared about a small place like Great Mang. Moreover, there was no way he could continue living forever and ever. During his remaining years, other places might possess greater appeal.

Furthermore, seeing just how far Zhantai Qiantang would take Great Mang was also something he felt was interesting.

One of history’s most wise and brilliant emperors, a most prosperous Great Mang, the peace and prosperity of countless Great Mang people might perhaps form because of this type of promise.

Everyone’s eyes shifted to Zhantai Qiantang’s body.

Freed from Purgatory Mountain’s control, freed from the shadow of Purgatory Mountain, this was something Great Mang’s Emperor and Li Ku always strove for, as well as the sole objective Zhantai Qiantang carried.

At this time, Zhantai Qiantang spoke. The pressure the aura Purgatory Mountain Patriarch released was also extremely great, his complexion also paling a bit. However, his voice was instead extremely calm. “Can you revive Li Ku from the grave? Can you revive all of those you killed in Thousand Devil Nest? Can you restore Thousand Devil Nest to how it was before, and then completely destroy all of Purgatory Mountain?”

He didn’t reply to Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s words, only asking these three questions.

The dead could not be revived. This was the most basic reasoning.

That was why everyone understood extremely clearly what kind of reply he gave Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch shook his head in a somewhat disappointed manner. Then, he calmly looked at every person at Lin Xi’s side, slowly saying, “Then is there anyone else who wishes to change their mind? I can also give them Great Mang.”

It was still the same promise, directly gifting out an entire empire.

Only, there wasn’t a single heart that was moved.

Xu Shengmo who couldn’t even control his own flying sword couldn’t help but open his mouth. Even though he couldn’t even block another strike of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, he still wanted to open his mouth and curse out the word idiot again.


However, a voice that was even louder and more bright cursed out before him.

This voice came from Bian Linghan whose soul force was similarly already completely depleted.

Many scenes flashed through her head at this time.

Changsun Wujiang’s death, Lin Xi’s coma, Jiang Yu’er’s death, Wenren Cangyue becoming the commander of Great Mang’s seven armies, the deaths of countless Yunqin people, Li Kaiyun’s death… many beautiful scenes were destroyed by burning chains and flames of war, moreover, there were some people who would never appear again.

Her eyes were filled with ice-cold, burning hatred.

The expression of Jiang Xiaoyi, Qin Xiyue and the others were just like her, burning with a similar ingrained hatred.

Everything seemed to be connected to Purgatory Mountain.

No matter how much more powerful Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was, for the sake of the destroyed bliss, for the sake of those who had no chance of coming back to life, how could they possibly yield, how could they possibly lower their heads? 

The Yunqin soldiers in Thousand Leaf Pass couldn’t understand the grudge of these young Green Luan Academy cultivators, but they could sense this type of spirit. Just this simple exchange of words already allowed all of them to fully understand something. Did Green Luan Academy do all of this for the sake of their country? They now completely realized just who it was that was truly fighting for Yunqin. The blood within their bodies also began to burn.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch gave Bian Linghan a look.

His gaze seemed to carry substance. There were clearly wind streams flowing through the air. However, he didn’t immediately deal with Bian Linghan.

Lin Xi couldn’t help but laugh.

He didn’t laugh because he was certain in his victory, but because of these friends who could travel with him through life and death, these friends who could make Purgatory Mountain Patriarch lose interest.

“That is why you are also scared… You feel that what I said is correct, that is why you don’t have the confidence in taking the initiative, is that right?”

He looked at the incomparably dignified Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who still made all of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators kneel in the earth like they were kissing dirt, warmly saying this with a smile.

Then, he began to move. He began to walk towards the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s giant imperial carriage.

He was also waiting for an opportunity to make his move.

Only, most of them had to approach Purgatory Mountain Patriarch before they could release their own most powerful attack. That was why what he needed to do first was to get closer to Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

At this time, he didn’t make any excessive movements. However, all of those at his side also didn’t show any hesitation, all of them taking a step with him, moving forward.

Zhantai Qiantang didn’t feel ill at ease over rejecting Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s promise, his steps instead becoming more steady than ever before. He knew that today, Yunqin’s courage was precisely brought by the deeds of Principal Zhang and countless other Yunqin cultivators. That was why he had faith that everything he did right now was correct.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch didn’t reply either. He only lowered his eyelids within the throne’s red radiance.

A fierce shout sounded from that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder by that giant imperial carriage not far out. All of the Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators completely stood up from the ground.

“Leave this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder to me.”

Right at this time, the dark red masked stern high ranking officer said this quietly to Lin Xi.

Lin Xi was a bit surprised, but he didn’t feel any doubt. He only gave this stern high ranking officer a look, asking quietly in confirmation, “Alone?”

This stern high ranking officer nodded. “Alone.”

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