Book 15 Chapter 63 - An Aura Above The Secular World


Xu Shengmo cursed in disdain.

Everyone also felt like this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s voice seemed extremely idiotic at this type of time.

This wasn’t some Central Continent City battle between cultivators for the sake of reputation.

Even if it was Ye Wangqing publicly issuing a challenge in the beginning, it was nothing more than to try and kill that previous Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, force out the individuals in the two rear giant imperial carriages.

Now, the Lin Xi everyone was waiting for had finally arrived. Moreover, he indeed brought back sufficiently shocking power. In this current battle situation, using a besieging method to kill this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder was obviously the safest choice.

That was why even Xu Shengmo who was proud and aloof wouldn’t wish to fight against this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder for something like prestige.

However, while he was cursing the other party, because of the powerful Yunqin spirit Ye Wangqing and the others displayed and because Lin Xi truly brought decisive power that led to Purgatory Mountain side’s already collapsing situation, there was suddenly a bit of change produced.

This bit of change came from that giant carriage that was tightly sealed by the imperial canopy and long banners, the carriage that didn’t release even a bit of aura.

A certain long banner that covered this giant imperial carriage suddenly had a corner break off.

Then, this broken banner corner was blown by an indescribable wind, passing over everyone’s heads, and then fell like a meteor towards Xu Shengmo.

Ni Henian suddenly sensed something. He still didn’t release any of his aura, but he began to move from a state of absolute stillness, starting to slowly step on the dead leaves between the forest, walking in Thousand Leaf Pass’ direction.

Xu Shengmo who had just cursed out the word ‘idiot’ immediately narrowed his eyes.

His hands both rose upwards. Because of the soul force surging out crazily, his sleeves released explosive sounds. However, the shrill sword cry still covered all other sounds. When this banner corner was still a dozen or so steps from him, his flying sword became exceptionally bright and cold, hacking down on this banner corner.

Everyone only felt the air shake fiercely.

Xu Shengmo’s flying sword that hacked out not only wasn’t able to cut through this banner corner, it was instead pressed down by this banner corner. Only after moving backwards several feet was he finally able to forcibly stop it, hold back this banner corner in the sky.

However, meanwhile, Xu Shengmo himself was blown by the vital force rippling between his flying sword and this banner corner until his feet slid back a few feet. A mouthful of blood also gushed out with a pu noise, spurting out.

This bit of change was instead the most powerful sound from the start of the battle until now.

Even if Xu Shengmo wasn’t as powerful as Wenren Cangyue, nor could he necessarily kill a Purgatory Mountain Great Elder like Ye Wangqing, he was definitely a top level existence among sword controlling Sacred Experts.

In terms of cultivation level and sword skills, there weren’t many sword controlling Sacred Experts who were superior to him.

However, just a single corner of the banner that was blown out by the one in the carriage, through several hundred steps of distance already left him seriously injured; this type of thing, if it happened at a different time, how unimaginable was this?

At this instant, that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s vicious screaming stopped.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

Lin Xi raised his head to look at that imperial carriage, doing his best to remain calm. However, his heart failed to live up to expectations, beating intensely.

In reality, he had already used an instance of his unique Divine General ability. However, even after using up several halts of time, he could only confirm that the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s true body was still in the giant imperial carriage. The arrow he fired towards this final giant imperial carriage already broke apart before it made contact with the long banners. That was why he was only certain that this last imperial carriage also had an even more formidable great figure, just that he wasn’t certain if this was the last Purgatory Mountain Great Elder or if it was Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Right now, this type of power didn’t seem like something a Purgatory Mountain Great Elder could possess. Moreover, the other party’s attack made Lin Xi feel a type of pride that was entirely different from these Purgatory Mountain Great Elders.

Purgatory Mountain’s side was currently already close to collapse.

Xu Shengmo was only equivalent to a vanguard army, only about to use the rest of his power to kill some more Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators.

Lin Xi, Nangong Weiyang and even Chi Shan who displayed astonishing abilities were all far more important than Xu Shengmo. However the one in this giant imperial carriage’s strike still only dealt with the last, with Xu Shengmo.

This was completely a type of arrogance and confidence that wasn’t worried about the current battle situation at all.

This was like the will of someone seated high up on a throne, amusingly looking at weak figures who he could crush with a single finger.

Was the one inside truly Purgatory Mountain’s Patriarch?

The Purgatory Mountain ruler who made Principal Zhang even maintain a cautious attitude, viewed as an enemy of the same level?

This type of paramount figure who seemed like he was high up in the heavens truly descended here?

The minds of all those at Lin Xi’s side became extremely complicated, extremely nervous. All of their minds were filled with these thoughts right now.

Xu Shengmo was extremely unresigned. He clenched his teeth as he stared at that giant imperial carriage. He wanted to advance and use his sword to launch an attack. This type of feeling was just like when two fought,  but one side definitely couldn’t win, yet he still thought that it was good even if he could land a single blow.

However, his flying sword, after moving a few times, the result of forcefully transferring soul force only made him spew out another mouthful of blood with a pu sound, ultimately sitting down in ruin on the ground.

The air in Thousand Leaf Pass became a bit heavier.

Lin Xi took a breath of air, his brows raising slightly.

Everyone felt like the one in this giant imperial carriage was precisely Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. Many people already became completely vigilant, at the same time wondering how his true body was going to be exposed.

However, right at this time, the long banner that covered this giant imperial carriage slowly drifted outwards, rolling up, rolling onto the imperial canopy above.

A wave of indescribable and imposing aura spread from the giant imperial carriage, to the extent where it made one feel as if it was an aura that didn’t belong to this secular world.

The flickering red radiance scattered in all directions, bathing all Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators in the red radiance.

This dignified bright red radiance came from a throne on the giant imperial carriage.

This was a giant throne that seemed to have been naturally formed from red gemstone, extremely large and tall. When one sat on it, even one’s feet would be several feet above the ground.

Seated on the precious throne was a man dressed in red robes, on his head a tall hat.

The red robes he wore were covered in endless flame-like runes, also forming flame lotuses that seemed like they would grow endlessly.

The first feeling he gave off was precisely that he was extremely old. However, while looking at his face that was bathed in red radiance, he instead also seemed extremely young. Another look would make him seem old, and then another look young again, the presence of this person seemed to be in this type of continuous disorder.

Next to his precious throne, by the border of that giant imperial carriage, stood three puppets whose upper bodies looked like they were dressed in simple and unadorned battle armor, their lower body instead a single metal wheel.

Before his throne and figure completely appeared, just that wave of indescribable dignity, when that aura that didn’t seem to belong to the secular world surged outwards, all of the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators, including all of the Great Mang officials in Thousand Leaf Pass and even Great Mang Emperor completely knelt down, pressing their bodies extremely low, their faces even sticking to the dirt.

The one in the giant imperial carriage took the initiative to reveal himself.

Lin Xi instead didn’t carry the slightest misgiving towards his actions. He knew that this was precisely Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. He understood the other party’s terror and arrogance well.

When it was the decisive time to take action, if the one in that imperial carriage still continued to hide instead of making a grand display, then that person definitely wouldn’t be this current world’s unrivaled Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

Principal Zhang specially left a message on that stele for him, telling him that this world didn’t have any unrivaled existences, but those words were mainly referring to a single person being unable to face an endless army alone, that one person couldn’t slaughter all enemy armies and cultivation lands alone. From a certain perspective, in that age, when Principal Zhang forced those six Great Elders and Purgatory Mountain to remain hidden, not appearing in the world, when Principal Zhang traveled unhindered through the world, single-handedly establishing the world’s most powerful empire, Principal Zhang was precisely unrivaled.

Meanwhile now, after Vice Principal Xia passed away, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch instead also became a truly unrivaled existence.

Lin Xi’s hands were always resting on Big Black’s three strings, but he couldn’t be certain that his full force strike could pose any threat to Purgatory Mountain Patriarch. As such, he only gave Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who bathed in the throne’s red light a look, not in a rush to take action. He only used a voice only he and Chi Yuyin could hear to quietly say to Chi Yuyin, “Before I tell you to make a move, no matter what happens, do not make a move.”

Ever since Chi Yuyin left Green Field City, while following Lin Xi day and night here, she was always wondering just who it was that made Lin Xi, Nangong Weiyang, as well as countless Yunqin experts seem like they were facing their final life and death decisive battle, yet they still didn’t have any confidence in victory, just what kind of cultivator this was.

Right now, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch on the throne only released a corner of a banner, only released his true face and aura, yet it already overwhelmed her to the point where she almost couldn’t breathe. Only after Lin Xi’s voice sounded did she snap out of her daze, thinking over just what exactly Lin Xi said.

Her palms were completely covered in cold sweat. She knew that the one in the giant imperial carriage throne was even more terrifying than she had imagined.

She couldn’t completely understand the meaning behind the words Lin Xi spoke, but she still rigidly nodded her head, firmly remembering the words Lin Xi said.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was also sizing up Lin Xi, Zhantai Qiantang and the others. His eyes even swept past Ye Wangqing who was unconscious after going through An Keyi’s treatment.

He looked like he was examining pieces of sweet candy.

“Lin Xi, you didn’t leave me disappointed after all.”

In the end, his eyes stopped over Lin Xi’s body, speaking, only indifferently saying this.

Everyone was crushed under the aura he released to the point where they couldn’t speak.

This type of aura actually wasn’t that powerful, and it wasn’t deliberately released. However, when one faced something far greater than themselves, they would always unknowingly feel a mountain-like pressure.

Lin Xi was also a bit speechless. Only, he knew that this was the most crucial moment. Since Green Luan Academy’s fate was closely tied to himself, in the end, he still straightened his body, calmly saying, “I do not really know what you are trying to say, but I reckon that in the end, you will still be disappointed today.”

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