Book 15 Chapter 62 - Still Have Strength To Kill?

For a cultivator at Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s cultivation realm, their greatest weapons would precisely be their hidden secrets.

Xu Shengmo’s expression was extremely ugly.

He didn’t want to give Lin Xi any credit, but he couldn’t help but think if it was he himself who faced this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, by the time his flying sword entered that black smoke and black flame shrouded fake body, he himself would have definitely already have died.

There were actually people with such thin bodies in this world? This person who was like a ghost with a layer of human skin was the true Purgatory Mountain Great Elder? Then what in the world was inside the black smoke and flames?

Everyone’s eyes gathered on this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body. Most of them didn’t hear Lin Xi’s words, which was why they were all in shock and confusion.

When so many people looked at this body that was thin like a sheet of skin like they were looking at animals at the zoo or at a ghost, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder couldn’t help but tremble in the air.

“All of you must die!”

He released this type of sound.

This voice was no longer released from figures wrapped in black smoke and flames, but rather sounded as if it was released from his belly. However, after this voice sounded, that black flame and black smoke shrouded figure fiercely twisted. All of the chains on the giant imperial carriage completely separated, all of those mad slave cultivators who already lost all humanity were released.

“So when this dog is cornered, he releases dogs to bite others?”

The crazy roaring and charging of these over a hundred bloodshot, completely mad and berserk cultivators was extremely terrifying, yet Lin Xi instead only frowned. He said this line in mockery, and then turned around to look at An Keyi behind him, quietly asking, “Can they be saved?”

An Keyi looked at him, shaking her head.

Lin Xi also shook his head. Then, he looked at Chi Su and Chi Shan, nodding his head.

Chi Su was still extremely scared, but this time, he didn’t reveal much hesitation, quickly sending soul force into the wooden vessel in his hands, producing a dark green seed and handing it to Chi Shan.

Chi Shan made her move.

Apart from her emerald green hair making her look a bit sinister, she didn’t look much different from an ordinary girl next door. However, everyone began to realize that just like Nangong Weiyang, the tender-faced cultivators who followed at Lin Xi’s side were all monsters.

The soul force surging from Chi Shan’s body was extremely majestic and intense.

The surging air streams truly made her clothes spin about, moreover bringing her into the air several feet above the ground.

This dark green seed was directly thrown into the mountain path several feet in front of her.

Thousand Leaf Pass’ level mountain path was made of some large stones and earth that was stepped on until they became as hard as rock. However, when this dark green seed was thrown down, it was as if it entered a water surface, producing a great ripple.

This was a dark green ripple.

It was just a single seed, yet streaks of long and thin dark green grass grew like the hair of a witch. They grew with astonishing speed, and then extended out from the mountain path like a water stream.

The fresh flowers that covered the entire path instantly wilted, replaced by this dark green grass. The solid mountain path became a grassland.

Over a hundred bloodshot slave cultivators rushed into the grassland.

The dark green long grass fluttered crazily in the wind like hair, cutting against their feet.

At this time, the expressions of all the cultivators and red robed Divine Adjudicators in Thousand Leaf Pass solidified.

All of these slave cultivators fought by relying on animal-like instincts. They didn’t cherish their soul force, only wishing to tear apart Lin Xi and the others in front of them. That was why their bodies were all flickering with yellow light, soul force surging to their body’s surface. The skin on their bodies was even harder than well-tempered steel, the arrows shot by lower level cultivators might only leave behind a faint cut on their bodies.

However, this dark green grass, when it cut through their legs, instead went straight through, just like cutting tofu.

Chunks of flesh and even the bones inside were easily cut through and crushed, falling off.

These slave cultivators all became legless cultivators.

However, under the cruel stimulation and modification of Purgatory Mountain, they already became wild beasts who didn’t understand pain or fear at all. They continued to howl, continued to use their hands to charge crazily.

That was why this scene became even more bitter.

Chi Shan closed her eyes.

The dark green wild grass continued to surge crazily, chopping through these slave cultivators’ hands, and then it cut through their bodies.

Many Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators saw the twisting and diced up flesh, becoming so scared they wanted to vomit.

These hundred or so slave cultivators were similarly Purgatory Mountain’s secret trump cards. Normally, they were enough to wipe out a Yunqin great army, they may even be able to directly destroy a Yunqin city or a cultivation land. Yet right now, just through the methods of two strange Fiend Race cultivators at Lin Xi’s side, this tremendous power actually directly turned into piles of diced flesh.

All of Yunqin military also entered a state of absolute silence.

Since they had already fought against cultivators for a long time, moreover excelled at using all types of military equipment to surround and kill cultivators, that was why most Yunqin high ranking military officers carried a unique sense of pride. However now, this type of pride no longer existed. They also began to truly understand that when powerful cultivators gathered to a certain degree, even the most massive army couldn’t stop them.

The real and fake bodies on the giant imperial carriages began to tremble. Even this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder didn’t expect that his other trump card would also be so easily dealt with.

His rage began to quickly turn into horror and fear.

He knew that the ultimate victory or defeat were uncertain, but his safety didn’t seem ensured at all anymore.

Normally, a great figure like him, if he stomped his feet, all of Great Mang, and even the entire world would be shaken. However now, no one even cared about how he was feeling.

Bian Linghan said something quietly, giving the Fiend Race archer Chi Mang at her side a look.

Chi Mang knew what he had to do from her expression and Lin Xi’s certain gaze. As such, he didn’t show the slightest bit of hesitation, raising the light green longbow in his hands.

Today was destined to be the world of cultivation’s greatest and most splendid distinguished meeting.

Nowhere in Yunqin could such fast archery be found.

Six green long arrows, in the time an ordinary archer might not even be able to fire a single one, appeared in the sky, shooting towards Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s true body.

Within these six arrows, only two of them directly shot at this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s thin body that didn’t seem like that of a living person’s. The other four all locked onto different parts of Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body, not giving him any room to evade.

Only, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder didn’t have any intentions of evading.

After remaining at the top all this time, he naturally developed a type of feeling that if he had to evade in a sorry state against even the arrow of a mere State Master level cultivator, then it really would be too shameful. Even if he didn’t have any secrets left, he was still an existence at the sacred level who could easily kill other Sacred Experts.

He knew that Chi Mang’s six arrows were only to help Bian Linghan open up a path. For him, the true danger only lay in the Big Black in Bian Linghan’s hands, in that arrow that condensed the power of a Heaven’s Lens Mermaid.

Even if he was going to evade, it would be Big Black’s arrow.

That was why he only used a bit of energy, swaying his sleeve to brush his outgoing soul force away.

Gasps of cold air sounded one after another.

It was because all of the power was gathered inside of him, no longer flowing out. That was why the fake body Lin Xi called a leather silhouette no longer released smoke and thick black flames. Everyone saw that this really was a set of human skin.

This was a set of human skin covered under Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s black robes, runes engraved all over the skin.

This set of skin that lost the infusion of power fell limply on the giant imperial carriage. A burst of black flames instead flew out from this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s sleeves, sweeping through the two incoming green arrows.

In the eyes of anyone here, these two green arrows would definitely deviate from this move, flying past his body.

However, right at this time, the two green arrows suddenly scattered open.

The instant the sleeve and black flames made contact with these two green arrows, these two green arrows burst open like blooming flowers.

This type of extremely short instant was something not even a Sacred Expert could sense in time, nor could they react to it in time.

Only, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s expression changed greatly, releasing a fierce scream.

Everyone only saw the result of the transformation. These two green arrows turned into two scarlet red ‘octopus’, throwing themselves against this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s sleeves, landing on his arms, and then began to burn fiercely, releasing chi chi noises. It was as if they were chewing this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s flesh, wishing to burn into his bones.

An expanse of dark night rose. At this time, a streak of black arrow radiance that didn’t release any noise descended towards this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s head.

Previously, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder was always on guard against Bian Linghan’s arrow.

He originally had a chance of directly evading Bian Linghan’s arrow, but he couldn’t predict the changes that were taking place.

The intense pain his arm felt and the large amounts of water loss in his body made this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder subconsciously release soul force through his arms, finally forcibly blowing off these two burning ‘octopus’ from his arms.

By this time, Bian Linghan’s arrow also already arrived.

Bian Linghan knew that this was a true war of attrition. She clearly understood that her side still had greater strength, that her power might only be useful when facing this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder. As such, she didn’t hold back at all, releasing all of the power within her body out in one go.

Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder couldn’t evade her arrow. His left hand reached outwards, a short, copper colored chain appearing in his hands.

weng noise sounded.

The giant imperial carriage beneath his feet sank. The giant chassis uniformly sank an inch into the earth.

His left hand’s sleeves still completely exploded, the entire left arm’s palm blasted rotten. The skin from the back of his hand to his elbow also produced countless explosive cracks, drops of blood continuously seeping out from within.

His right side’s robe sleeves were also completely burned up, his right arm burned black.

That was why right now, his figure looked just like a short sleeved elder who had just been given a bad beating, extremely laughable.

“Teacher, do you still have strength to kill?”

Right at this time, Lin Xi turned around to look at the silent Xu Shengmo on the distant large rock, saying, “If you still can, help me kill another group of people.”

Xu Shengmo’s expression sank as he leapt off the rock, shouting, “Why wouldn’t I be able to? You are the one who can’t.”

All of the Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators’ legs were shaking a bit. When Lin Xi swept his eyes over them at this time, they understood clearly that the ‘help me kill another group of people’ was precisely to kill them.

It was clear that from here on out, Lin Xi and the others already prepared to charge, prepared to kill them, wishing to kill this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.

It was clear that Lin Xi wanted to make Xu Shengmo who didn’t have much soul force left to just exhaust the last of his soul force, and then have him withdraw.

Meanwhile, at this time, these Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators already didn’t have much confidence that they could survive Xu Shengmo and Hu Piyi’s two swords. This was let alone the fact that right now, there were still many strange Fiend Race cultivators who still hadn’t taken action yet at Lin Xi’s side.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder also didn’t have any confidence in surviving the surrounded assault of so many people.

Extreme fear made him unable to help but scream out viciously like grinding dead trees, “Don’t tell me not a single one of you dares fight against me alone?!”

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