Book 15 Chapter 61 - Divine General’s Might

When fresh flowers grew from the pools of blood and broken limbs, Ni Henian smiled.

In the past, when he faced Zhong Cheng in Central Continent City[1], he sighed with sorrow about how the current world of cultivators was far inferior to the splendor of Yunqin ten years before it was founded. However, now that this type of battle appeared, it instead completely exceeded the realm of Yunqin arrows and flying swords, becoming far more dazzling than any other time.

This was what he wished to see the most, which was why he smiled extremely happily.

He smiled as he said the word ‘interesting’, but still controlled his body to the point where not a single wisp of soul force flowed out.

From nothing to something, flowers blossomed one after another.

Most of the Ceremonial Army and Guard Army soldiers were looking at the pink flowers blooming beneath their feet, looking at the sea of flowers that flourished around them. They gripped their cold weapons, not knowing what was happening.

All Great Mang soldiers who weren’t cultivators immediately fell in this sea of flowers.

Those Great Mang cultivators who were still standing staggered, and then fell as if they were drunk.

The sweet and intoxicating fragrance of flowers even covered the strong foul smell of blood, spreading through Thousand Leaf Pass.

Many people in Thousand Leaf pass only realized that what appeared before their eyes was real when the flowers covered everything. When these Great Mang soldiers fell one after another, they knew that what they were seeing wasn’t an illusion.

“This is sorcery!”

That deputy officer next to the Thousand Leaf Pass general’s corpse shouted out again.

Then, he also died.

It was because Bian Linghan felt like he had thoughts of replacing that Garrison General, that he was going to release orders. Moreover, for Bian Linghan, at this type of time, still not ordering those heavy cavalry and heavy armored soldiers to stop was already enough for that deputy general to die.

That was why she shot an arrow high into the air. It carried a Heaven’s Lens Mermaid’s void image, and then it directly sent that deputy general flying out of the city tower, making him fall down.

“Don’t charge anymore. Your enemy shouldn’t be us.”

Right at this time, Lin Xi already turned around, saying this with a serious and grieving voice towards those Yunqin heavy cavalry and heavy armored soldiers who were still charging.

Close to half of these heavy cavalry and heavy armored soldiers already fell.

Within a brief few dozen steps of distance, close to six hundred bodies covered in metal had collapsed.

Scalding hot blood was still continuously spurting out from between the metal, the scene even more horrible to see.

Despite this being the case, before this sight, even when facing Xu Shengmo’s flying sword, these two armies still charged resolutely without end.

The eyes of the men in these two armies were already completely bloodshot.

However, when they saw Lin Xi walk towards them and heard Lin Xi’s voice, these two armies' footsteps suddenly became heavy, slowing down.

These were all iron-blooded, seasoned and fearless Yunqin soldiers.

However, when they heard the consolation of the high ranking officer they respected the most, when they thought that they were making him their enemy, these Yunqin soldiers could no longer remain iron-blooded.

More and more people stopped.

Many people among them even began to whimper, starting to sob quietly.

The only reason they remained fearless and valiant was because of the glory they sought. However, right now, they didn’t know what was true glory anymore.

Lin Xi showed Liu Xueqing a greeting from a distance.

This seriously ill Yunqin Statesman was the one most deserving of his respect.

Without this civil official’s stubbornness, even if he hurried day and night, there would be no chance of him making it back in time. That was why right now, he felt extremely blessed. In many books of history, the important figures of those stories would often arrive a step late after an important event already happened. Meanwhile, even though he rushed here extremely urgently, because of this so-called Yunqin backbone civil official’s help, he made it in time.

He showed all of these Yunqin soldiers and many soldiers in Thousand Leaf Pass a military salute. Then, he turned around to look at the dark red masked stern high ranking officer, quietly saying, “Leave this place to us, it is enough as long as the Black Flag Army is in charge of stopping the Divine Elephant Army. The Divine Elephant Army doesn’t have too many divine elephants right now, I know you can kill them all, but I don’t wish for too many to die… at the very least, I do not want too many of our men to die. I have a more suitable timing for dealing with the Divine Elephant Army… that is why if you all can choose not to fight, then do not fight, just stopping them is enough.”

This dark red masked stern high ranking officer knew that Lin Xi already changed from the initial state of uncertainty, wondering if he was going to even make it, to now already completely seeing the current state of the battlefield. Moreover, he had absolute trust in Lin Xi’s command, which was why he only made a few simple gestures and released a few shouts outsiders couldn’t understand at all, and then the Black Flag Army that originally already formed a formation immediately scattered like a tide. They first withdrew towards the mountain forest on the side, and then followed the forest, heading towards the Divine Elephant Army by the very bottom.

However, this dark red masked stern faced high ranking officer didn’t move.

“You aren’t going?” Lin Xi gave him a look, asking this.

The stern high ranking officer shook his head. “My battlefield is here.”

Lin Xi chuckled and said, “This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder is fake. That final giant imperial carriage also has a formidable figure, just that I do not know if the other person is a Purgatory Mountain Great Elder or Purgatory Mountain’s Patriarch.”

He was originally the most important figure in the eyes of all sides to begin with. Moreover, now that he appeared, bringing a group of strange cultivators who had never formally made an appearance in this world with him, the situation was immediately reversed. A single line was enough to stop the heavy cavalry and heavy armored soldiers. Right now, he possessed a wave of extraordinary awe that covered everyone here.

His voice wasn’t that low. Forget about this stern high ranking officer at his side, Zhantai Qiantang, Hu Piyi, Gao Yanan and the others who already approached his body, and even the even further out Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators could hear him clearly.

In that instant, all of those Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators couldn’t help but pull back their bodies.

The body of that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder on the giant imperial carriage, shrouded in black smoke and flames clearly became rigid as well, this action noticed by many people.

“This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder is fake? What is the meaning of this?”

Everyone’s eyes converged towards Lin Xi. Nangong Weiyang was the first to speak. She and Lin Xi already understood each other well, but right now, she couldn’t understand the meaning behind Lin Xi’s words at all.

“Leather silhouette shows are something all of you understand… This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder on the giant imperial carriage is only a leather silhouette.”

Lin Xi suppressed his voice, only allowing those around him to hear what he said.

“His true body is still inside that giant imperial carriage he just came out of. If you shoot an arrow at that giant imperial carriage, you’ll understand.”

“Chi Mang, you can also let these Purgatory Mountain people see your archery skill… Partner up with Linghan and fire a shot at him!”

Qin Xiyue, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others who rushed up to Lin Xi and the others’ side as quickly as possible, still gasping for breath all shivered inwardly. They knew that it was precisely these seemingly ordinary and calm words from Lin Xi that often decided victory and defeat.

On that giant imperial carriage pulled by more than a hundred completely bloodshot mad slave cultivators, the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body twisted, no longer rigid, seemingly wishing to roar angrily.

While looking at this silhouette that was inside surging black smoke and flames, Bian Linghan and Chi Mang just couldn’t figure out how this figure was a leather silhouette.

However, Bian Linghan naturally wouldn’t question anything Lin Xi said.

That was why she didn’t hesitate at all. She received Big Black from Lin Xi, and then moved the three bowstrings. She only used enough power to blast apart that giant imperial carriage, releasing the arrow.

The Divine Elephant Army was still by the foot of the mountain.

The Ceremonial Army and Guard Army were easily defeated by the seemingly harmless Chi Su and Chi Shan.

The heavy cavalry and heavy armored soldiers in Thousand Leaf Pass stopped their charge. As such, the current battlefield outside Thousand Leaf Pass instead appeared especially quiet and vacant, so the arrow fired by Bian Linghan became especially clear.

A black streak of light drew out a great arc, passing over the heads of many red robed Divine Adjudicators, landing on that giant imperial carriage whose roof already flew out.

Since she wasn’t shooting at any quickly moving cultivator, only shooting at this type of massive target, even though Big Black was hard to control, for Bian Linghan, this arrow was still rather easy.

This type of easy arrow, for the cultivator inside, was instead extremely difficult to defend against.

It was because Big Black’s unique nature filled a cultivator’s entire perception with a dark night. Only when it truly descended would one be able to ultimately deduce where this arrow was going to land, there was no way to intercept it ahead of time.

This giant imperial carriage whose roof had already flown off, long banners scattering about, already had some openings. It looked like it didn’t have any human figures inside, yet it suddenly released an extremely shocked and furious voice.

Before the arrow radiance truly made contact with these long black banners, these thick black long banners that were heavy like steel, because of the fury and confusion of the one inside, began to flutter outwards.

After these long banners fluttered out along with the surging waves of energy, there still wasn’t any human figure to be seen, giving everyone an extremely strange feeling.

Then, under the collision of vital energy, these long banners were torn apart by shattered arrow radiance, falling down piece after piece.

Gasps of cold air immediately sounded from all directions.

Behind a long banner that was ripped down the middle was an aged figure.

This was a Purgatory Mountain elder whose eyes were like will-o’-the-wisps, his head of white hair covering most of his face, hands like dried chicken claws, yet he wore a set of Purgatory Mountain black robes covered in shocking amounts of runes.

The most terrifying part was that his body was extremely thin and skinny, thin to the point where it was as if there was only a layer of cowhide covering his bones.

That was why previously, when he was behind the long banners, even though everything inside the giant imperial carriage could already be seen clearly, they didn’t see him there at all.

Lin Xi said that the giant figure releasing black smoke and flames was only a leather silhouette he controlled, but everyone instead felt that this true body looked like the real leather silhouette.

In all of Purgatory Mountain, not counting Zhang Ping who was later favored by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch and promoted, there was only a total of six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders.

These six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders were just like Wenren Cangyue, existences who could kill all ordinary Sacred Experts, powers Purgatory Mountain Patriarch truly regarded highly, normally reluctant to use. It was to the extent where even when dealing with Li Ku, he still protected all six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders well.

In Purgatory Mountain, the pecking order was also more strict than in any other place in the world.

That was why that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who was crippled by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was the first to be sent out to fight. Afterwards, it was naturally those with greater status and strength who appeared and undertook missions later.

Meanwhile now, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder was already number two out of the previous six.

He originally possessed secrets even more astonishing than those Purgatory Mountain Great Elders from before. Even the most formidable opponents, when they focused their attacks on his leather silhouette, they wouldn’t be able to inflict any tangible damage to his real body. He could completely borrow this puppet to kill many powerful cultivators.

However, now, this deepest secret was actually directly exposed by Lin Xi just like this.

This was just like a secret hidden all the way in one’s underpants, yet it was directly ripped out by Lin Xi, exposed before everyone’s eyes.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, how could he not be furious?

However, mixed in this heaven overflowing anger was deep fear.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder was roaring furiously, yet he almost didn’t dare look directly into Lin Xi’s calm eyes.

1. Zhong Family’s most powerful person B12C63 

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