Book 15 Chapter 60 - Finally Here

Xu Shengmo was extremely resentful.

The academy’s most powerful soul weapon was in Lin Xi’s hands, everyone was also waiting for Lin Xi to bring back great power that could resist Purgatory Mountain. Ever since the academy’s internal disorder began, Vice Principal Xia already slowly handed the academy into Lin Xi’s hands, yet right now, Lin Xi still hadn’t appeared.

Lin Xi not appearing wasn’t only as simple as just forgetting about this great battle… Many people would die here. Zhantai Qiantang, Hu Piyi, Ye Wangqing,and even he himself would die here.

Lin Xi was never a student he liked.

Back in Green Luan Academy, he felt like Lin Xi’s nature was too willful, lacking the hot bloodedness and passion a youth should have. In his opinion, Lin Xi would never become an iron-blooded high ranking officer, he felt that there was no way he would ever make any great achievements.

However, Lin Xi ultimately became a Divine General, going in the exact opposite direction of what he imagined, this leaving him extremely gloomy.

Now, when he thought about how he might die in battle because of this student he didn’t like, he felt even more gloomy.

However, as if in reply to his cursing, some strange colors suddenly appeared in the east’s skies.

The Black Flag Army was currently fighting against Purgatory Mountain’s red robed Divine Adjudicators, so none of them noticed the strange color that appeared in the east’s skies.

Xu Shengmo’s line of sight was completely filled by the surging metal stream. He didn’t notice this type of color either.

Right now, all of the surveying guards on Thousand Leaf Pass were focused on Purgatory Mountain Great Elder and those slave cultivators who seemed to no longer be human. They didn’t immediately notice these strange colors either.

The first one to notice it was still Ni Henian, as well as the cultivators hidden in Thousand Sunset Mountain.

Ni Henian’s eyes once again flickered with an expression of pleasant surprise and amazement. He sensed that the vital energy in the east’s skies was extremely strange, as if some cotton wadding that continuously took in and released water content suddenly appeared in the sky.

Gao Yanan and the others who were always waiting for Lin Xi also saw these strange colors.

They didn’t know what kind of thing it was that was floating over either. They only felt like these things were like gorgeous clouds, also like flowers that were flying in the sky, or perhaps like giant butterflies.

However, after these different colors, in the even further skies, they saw an expanse of golden light pass through.

As if it was through a type of mysterious intuition, they were sure who it was that came. Their minds immediately became moved.

“Should we go?”

Qin Xiyue was the first to remove the grass clothes she wore, looking at Gao Yanan and the others as she asked this.

“Let’s go.”

Gao Yanan didn’t waste any words, directly moving, starting to move through this forest like wind, rushing towards Thousand Leaf Pass’ entrance.

Great Mang’s Ceremony Army and Guard Army began to enter the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators’ formation, while Purgatory Mountain’s red robed Divine Adjudicators began to withdraw.

On the giant imperial carriage, the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who was wrapped within black smoke and black flames was waiting.

He was waiting for the Ceremony Army and Guard Army to completely die, exhaust a portion of the Black Flag Army’s strength, and then he would release all of the chains attached to this giant imperial carriage, release these already crazy slave cultivators without any humanity left who didn’t understand fear or pain.

Right at this time, he noticed the strangeness with the east skies.


A light sound of surprise sounded from his mouth, becoming the first strange noise of this battlefield.

“What is that?”

“What kind of things are those?”

More and more cries of surprise sounded from within Thousand Leaf Pass and on the battlefield.

This was especially the case with that Thousand Leaf Pass highest ranking officer, his cry of alarm the greatest. As powerful individuals continuously showed up one after another and the most powerful army appeared, under the pressure of the continuously changing battle situation, he was already like an easily startled little bird, completely losing his usual calmness, to the extent where he was already out of his wits.

Under these sounds, Xu Shengmo also finally noticed something.

He raised his head, and then his eyes instead widened with shock.

Those mottled colors that became closer and closer looked just like butterflies, yet he could also vaguely make out many feelers like root systems. Moreover, there were cultivators connected to these things, actually using them to fly, these things similar to Divine Wooden Flying Cranes.

Xu Shengmo’s widened eyes then narrowed again.

Then, he saw a large golden bird further back in the distance, following these butterflies. It looked like it was already extremely tired from flying, every flap of its wings extremely heavy.

However, more and more people could see clearly that this was a golden phoenix, a Yunqin Meteor Sky Phoenix unique to Yunqin’s Meteor Lake.

Xu Shengmo narrowed his eyes, muttering several curses.

The dark red masked stern high ranking officer released a deep exhale. He didn’t issue the command for the retreat of the Black Flag Army.

More and more people realized who it was that arrived.

However, because they were too shocked, too nervous, there was instead no one who immediately shouted out that name.

The Divine Elephant Army was at the lowest point by the foot of the mountain.

That was why the Divine Elephant Army’s people were the last to see these cultivators flying through the sky. By the time they saw them, those cultivators who flew through those strange plants and that Yunqin Heavenly Phoenix flickering with golden radiance were already extremely close to Thousand Leaf Pass.

That was why everyone in the Divine Elephant Army could even vaguely see the faces of the incoming cultivators.

The Divine Elephant Army leader Fen Mingning who sat on the White Divine Elephant at the very front was suddenly flooded with endless hatred. He straightened his body, releasing a tsunami-like roar of resentment. “Lin Xi!”

As such, everyone knew that Green Luan Academy’s most important person, Lin Xi, appeared.

Lin Xi indeed appeared.

He, Chi Yuyin and Nangong Weiyang flew at the very front. They quickly descended, landing not far from that dark red masked high ranking officer.

He heard Fen Mingning’s resentful roar, obviously understanding clearly why this current leader of the Divine Elephant Army would release this type of hateful voice. However, he didn’t pay it any attention at all, only facing the dark red masked high ranking officer, calmly and clearly saying, “Let’s have the Black Flag Army withdraw first for now.”

The dark red masked high ranking officer gave Lin Xi and the Fiend Race cultivators who followed Lin Xi a look. He didn’t speak any excessive words either, only coldly shouting out a single word: “Withdraw!”

The Black Flag Army began to withdraw.

It was an extremely orderly withdrawal, moreover killing while they backed up.

This type of killing speed was still extremely fast, all of the Great Mang Ceremony Army and Guard Army soldiers who rushed close to them still falling in large groups. Together with the fact that the name Lin Xi had always been a shadow looming over Great Mang soldiers’ hearts, these Great Mang soldiers were all extremely fearful. They quickly pulled open a set distance from the Black Flag Army.

During their initial shock, everyone began to notice that the young cultivators who followed Lin Xi were mostly green eyed and green haired, their appearances extremely strange.


That Thousand Leaf Pass highest ranking officer seemed like he woke up from a dream. He began to scream fiercely, “Lin Xi, you actually dare collude with the fiends in Great Desolate Swamp!”

“My Yunqin has faced Great Desolate Swamp’s Cave Barbarians as enemies for many generations, those who sacrificed their lives for the country too many to count. You actually secretly harbored disloyalty, colluding with the fiends! You deceived the people for undeserved fame after all! You are a traitor who has sold out your own country!”

However, the voice of this Thousand Leaf Pass Garrison General loyal to the emperor wasn’t able to continue.

It was because Bian Linghan, Gao Yanan and the others already appeared on a certain Thousand Leaf Pass city wall.

Bian Linghan loathed this noisy Yunqin high ranking officer, moreover felt like she couldn’t continue to let this Yunqin high ranking officer give out any more orders.

As such, she stopped for a breath of time, sensed the surrounding wind direction, locked onto that Yunqin high ranking officer’s position, and then fired an arrow towards the sky.

That Thousand Leaf Pass Garrison General’s voice that left many people fretful came to a screeching halt.

This major second ranked high ranking officer was actually already only a small figure in this great play, because only when this voice suddenly disappeared, did many people give him a look, discover that within his eye socket was a deeply inserted metal armor piercing arrow, the arrowhead sticking out from the back of his head.

A deputy general next to him subconsciously supported his body that was falling backwards. After discovering that this high ranking officer already became a corpse, this deputy general whose mind was already in utter chaos screamed out in horror. “Your Green Luan Academy’s people actually dare publicly assassinate a Yunqin high ranking officer!”

Gao Yanan, Qin Xiyue and the others laughed coldly, all of them feeling like this deputy general was extremely stupid.

Everyone else also felt like this deputy general was extremely stupid.

Lin Xi already even killed Di Choufei in Central Continent City, unleashed a great slaughter, even crushing a corner of Imperial City’s walls. Xu Shengmo already killed so many heavy cavalry and heavy armored soldiers. At this type of time, how could Green Luan Academy’s people still hold back in the slightest?

A trace of a true grave and nervous expression instead appeared in the eyes of this black smoke black flame shrouded Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s eyes.

Everyone knew that Lin Xi was searching for power that could face Yunqin Emperor and Purgatory Mountain, but who would have imagined that Lin Xi could actually find this group of cultivators from within Great Desolate Swamp?

“What are you all waiting for?”

A chafing-like demonic voice sounded again from the giant imperial carriage.

All of the Great Mang Ceremony Army and Guard Army soldiers became dismal and agonized. However, when they thought back to their families back home in Great Mang, they knew that only their own lives could exchange for their families’ safety.

That was why they released a grieved roar, not daring to show any more sluggishness. It was to the extent where many of them directly closed their eyes, frantically running forward.

“Leave this to me and Chi Su.”

The seemingly delicate Chi Shan walked up to Lin Xi’s side. After saying this, she looked at these charging Great Mang soldiers, saying with a somewhat pitiful quiet voice, “These are all also pitiful people.”

Chi Su understood her intentions, nodding his head. Since this was the first time he faced so many people, his hands were nervous to the point where they were shaking a bit, the wolf teeth club-like vessel almost falling from his hands.

Only after Chi Yuyin released a light cough, did he calm down. A wave of soul force poured in, bringing out several dozen pink colored, fine sesame-sized seeds.

Chi Shan who was similarly experiencing such a grand scene for the first time didn’t have stage fright, because when she thought about how she was saving people, the pressure would naturally be a bit less than killing.

The wide dark green robes she wore quickly swelled, as if they were almost about to bring her into the air.

Under streak after streak of faint green radiance, these several dozen pink seeds scattered outwards, landing between the stone cracks up ahead by the mountain paths. A breath of time later, they germinated, grew, and then sprouted tender vines, producing pink flowers.

The entire path in front of Thousand Leaf Pass filled with blood and broken limbs began to produce densely packed pink flowers.

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